Kings visit Bogosian

As part of Dean Lombardi’s North American tour to visit draft prospects, he met with Zach Bogosian this week. Here’s a short story from the Peterborough Examiner, with a couple quotes from Bogosian and the assertion, from Bogosian’s father, that Bogosian wouldn’t mind playing for a West Coast team.

Kings visit Bogosian

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  • deano

    I love all the hype surrounding the draft and all, but Doughty is hands down better than Begosian. Doughty is a bolt of lightning up the ice. He can skate, pass, shoot, qb the pp, and has an exceptional high hockey IQ. His performance at the WJC’s was dually rewarded with a gold medal while being voted top defenseman for the tournament. Oh, and he’s dying to be a king.

    I know that meeting all the potential draft picks is part of the process, but Lombardi will be branded a fool for not picking Doughty. The majority of the Kings fans want Doughty, and Lombardi owes the fans this bone.

    Also, enough about Doughty being a smallish defensemen. Doughty is only one inch shorter, and practically 20lbs heavier than Jack Johnson. With all that skill and size, he will be a load to handle.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t go wrong with either Bogo or Doughty…I don’t believe the hype that he always wanted to be a King fan…I’m sure that was his agent telling him to say that. He is a Devil fan.

    I prefer Bogo though, I love his size. We need some bigger defenseman, I know he is not 6’3, but at least he is over 6 feet unlike the defenseman on the current roster

  • diehrdkingsfan38

    get this boy signed!

  • anon

    Neither Doughty nor Bogo is ‘hands down’ better than the other, although you can make a case for either. They each bring their own talents to the table, however, so comparing them isn’t really even fair.

  • davidS

    i believe that in this year’s draft, given basically equal
    talents and abilities to choose from in defensemen, lombardi will go for size.

  • redeyesandtears

    I think Bogo is a bit better than Doughty right now. And I don’t think theres any question about that.

    But I wouldn’t take Bogo 2nd though. I question how his game (and the knock on hockey IQ) will translate to the NHL. I still see Brad Stuart in him, a #3-4 dman upside.

    I still like Piertangelo the best at #2. Today, I think Piertangelo is tied or behind Doughty. But I don’t care who’s the best NOW. I care about how they project 7 years from now. Pietrangelo could be the next Lidstrom. I wouldn’t mind Doughty at #2, I just prefer Pietr.

  • Paul

    I gotta say, for a team that’s crying poverty, does anyone else find this globe trotting by the GM and his staff a little annoying? I know they’re scouting the draft, but can’t they watch film and meet all these kids at the NHL combine?

    If you’re going to send your entire staff flying all over the continent, don’t complain to us about how much money you’re losing.

    And regarding Doughty vs. Bogo, Doughty is supposed to be “most NHL ready”, but I’ve heard numerous reports that he’s a bad puck handler. If that’s true, that won’t sit well with Lombardi. As we saw last year, he likes puck moving defensemen and isn’t afraid to go “outside the box” to get one.

    If you guys were mad last year (I loved the Hickey selection), how mad would you be if he picked someone other then Doughty, Bogo, or Stamkos if he’s still there for some crazy reason?

  • Big Rob in Dallas

    Whomever we pick will more than likely play in Manchester next year. I originally thought we should pick Doughty but then learned that he is smallish. So I thought Bogo was the way to go but now I think we should go with whoever has the best offensive skills. I would *think* we can easily trade for a stay at home d-man. Its much, much harder to trade for someone like Lidstrom. So I guess I am back to hoping we pick Doughty for his supposed upside. Plus, he wants to be a King and hopefully not to be close to the beach. Visnovsky, Hickey and Doughty would be 3 quick but small d-men. We would definitely need to pair them with some grit.

  • OCKingsfreak

    redeyesandtears – I have always read that it is Pietrangelo who has the question about hockey sense and not Bogosian. I never read anything but great things regarding Bogosian and/or Doughty, not to mention that ISS and Central Scouting has Pietrangelo ranked 5 and 6 respectively, Bogosian ranked 3 and 2 respectively, and Doughty ranked 4 and 3 respectivley. While Zacks offensive ability is slightly less than Doughty, he is 9 monthes younger, much more physical, is built more proportionally and more inline with the Kings needs IMO.

    Paul – The draft Combine is this week and I am sure Lombardi and staff scheduled the interviews around it.’s coverage starts Friday morning with our third annual NHL Combine Blog.

  • 28 KINGS

    “Paul said:

    I gotta say, for a team that’s crying poverty, does anyone else find this globe trotting by the GM and his staff a little annoying? I know they’re scouting the draft, but can’t they watch film and meet all these kids at the NHL combine?”

    Not at all. That’s what a good GM and his staff does, see things with their own eyes and talks one on one (more than a few times) with players and coaches, not watch a few clips of a game that maybe the kid didn’t do so well. Do you think the Red Wings staff just watches tapes of guys they might draft? Maybe if Dave Taylor and his staff showed this much dedication towards the draft, we might have drafted better guys.

    The Kings have never cried poverty, they’ve come out and said they’re losing money. Big difference.

  • redeyesandtears

    OCKingsfreak, i’m well aware of the ‘consensus rankings’. So I’m clearly bucking the trend in my views.

    10 years from now, #2 pick isn’t going to mean much difference between #5 overall.

    Ray Bourque went #8th overall, and was the 3rd or 4th defenceman selected in that years draft. Same story with Phaneuf. IMO, Pietr is going to be following this trend.

  • redeyesandtears

    Actually, the reason behind Bogo having a higher ranking in those mockups, is probably because he’s a bit better than Pietr now. I’m not denying that, as I’ve already admitted that.

    Who will be better at the NHL level? I’m still sticking with my conviction that Pietrangelo will end up being the best defenceman from this draft.

  • -J

    Paul- I don’t know where you heard Doughty has bad puck handling skills, but i would seriously question the credentials of anyone saying that. Guys with bad puck handling skills don’t quarterback Canada’s top power play unit at the WJCs. Having actually watched him play, I would say puck handling is one of his strengths.

    I think Bogo or Doughts would both be good pickups and at this point I’d be hard pressed between the two. I’d lean towards Doughty though, cus i think he’s been consistent and shown he can handle pressure at the highest levels of competition- something Bogo really hasn’t had the chance at yet. Doughts was ranked 2nd overall by ISS last year and has only moved down slightly (to 3rd) a year later- he’s endured the intense scrutiny that comes with being a top ranked pick for so long and his consistent ranking shows that ISS’s scouts have little doubts about his game.

    I think its funny that some people knock Doughty’s size (6’0″, 213lbs). Lidstrom, undoubtedly the best D-man in the league the last several years, is only 6’1″, 189 lbs. There’s much more to playing D than size. It’s like that old saying, size doesn’t matter, it’s how you use it.

    The one guy I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lomardi making an outside the box pick on or trading up for is Tyler Myers. I, and alot of others from what i hear, think he’s got tremendous upside. It’ll come down to if he can work his speed and positioning up to the pro level so he can actually make use of his size.

  • Anonymous

    Who is Lomardi?

  • bill

    The second commentor bothered me. To think Doughty is the only option is downright uninformed. Bogasian moved up the draft lists because he is gifted offensive is as solid as a tank and hits like one too. He is bigger and will always be taller than Doughty. Doughty is closer to being ready with his huge experience in World Junior and his solid play in every phase. HE MOVES the puck with carries and passes BETTER than ANYONE in this draft at the position! But you cannot overlook what Bogasian can bring because he also gifted offensively, and projects as a very fine defensive player. Where the KINGS pick in thsi THICK darft they will get a fine player, but to hear whannabe “experts” hear talking about the 2nd and 3rd ranked players like the have scouted them,need to back off with their lack of true understanding, because you look like little kids ignorant to the knowledge but willing to argue the point, when the two guys are SO evenly ranked it is difficult for the teams to choose one over the other.