Armstrong at Dodger Stadium


Derek Armstrong threw out the ceremonial first pitch this afternoon at Dodger Stadium. Thanks to the Dodgers’ fantastic staff photographer, Jon SooHoo, here’s some pictures from the day. Armstrong met with Dodgers catcher Russell Martin, a Montreal native and a hockey fan, and manager Joe Torre…

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  • Darius

    Does Armstrong not know how to smile?

    He looks ridiculous in these photos, like a 15 year old nerdy wannabe badass.

  • Mel

    Thanks for the pictures!

  • js

    I think I saw pics of Army on once.

  • madA

    JS- was he hanging out with Pumpy?

  • Dennis Slater

    By strange coincidence, or not, Kings P.A. Announcer David Courtney announced the game today.

  • js

    madA: Nah, he was hanging out with Oompa Prompa.

  • Maverick

    Why is he wearing those retarded glasses and trying to act like a badass?

  • MstrB

    Throwing from the grass?! Where’s the pride? Throw it from the mound!

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