Luc and oil

I have to admit, I haven’t really been following this story with Luc Robitaille and Onco Petroleum, and it really doesn’t have any relevance to the Kings but it seems to be a very persistent story up in Canada. So I figured, especially since it’s a slow week, that people might be interested in seeing what it’s all about…

Ex-NHLer’s name added to lend star power

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  • Daniel

    Thanks Rich. This kinda stuff is actually important, especially since it involves the President of Business operations for the Kings. I know right now it is just guilt by association but this line makes me worry a bit:

    “Robitaille said he hasn’t had any recent contact with William (Boots) Biaggio III, a California tycoon and hockey entrepreneur who also resigned from the Onco board.”

    Being that Boots, Luc and AEG are all friendly, I am starting to worry about ethics in the upper tiers of management. Hopefully it is just nothing.

  • beingbobbyorr

    But Robitaille said he only attended one board meeting and knew little about the company. . . . “This past year I wasn’t involved. I really had no clue about what was going on,” . . . . “They wanted me on board to use my name to talk about the business. But I never had time to really be involved.” . . . . Robitaille said he had no expertise in the oil and gas business when he joined the Onco board.

    Evidently, Luc was out sick the day Tim Leiweke was lecturing the AEG staff about the hazards of speaking frankly to the media.

    But in a news release from the company last November, Robitaille is quoted as saying Onco’s gas fields in the Tilbury area are “an important discovery that we expect will place Onco well ahead of typical junior oil companies. . . . . “It’s a real Canadian Cinderella story.”

    But, obviously he attended the Spin Doctoring seminar and the How-To-Fake-Expertise symposia.

    And people wonder why I keep calling him Teflon-boy, in the wake of his meteoric ascendancy to the Kings top business post. “MBA? I don’t need no stinking MBA!”

    I love him as a player & a person, but this corporate meat-puppet impersonation of his is fraying the edges of his legacy.

  • PowrrrPlay

    well, back to hockey then. the realtor named is a terrible hockey player. Does that help legitimize your posting of the story?

  • Goon Squad

    Exactly what beingbobbyorr said.

  • historyguy

    Yaaaaawwwwnnnn…when does game 6 start?

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