Initial Lombardi answers

It’s going to take me a while to transcribe stuff, because I also have some non-Kings duties tonight, but here’s what Lombardi said, paraphrased…

— The move was made now because the Kings did some evaluation in terms of where they’re going. Lombardi indicated that there’s going to be more of a move toward youth for next season — and that others in the organization have encouraged him to go “even younger” with the roster — and he believed, based on that, that a coaching change was in order.

— Lombardi said there was no particular thing, or concern, that led him to make the change. He attributed it mostly to a “gut feeling” and a combination of factors.

— He does not have a replacement already in mind and does not expect, at this point, to make a hire before the draft. Lombardi seemed more open to the possibility of hiring a coach before the development camp.

— There are no pre-qualifications to be the next Kings coach. It doesn’t have to be someone with NHL experience and it doesn’t have to be someone with a “reputation” for coaching young players.

Lombardi went into deal on more of these topics, and I will post the full comments as soon as possible.

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