Lombardi answers, “Who’s next?” (part 2)

Here’s where Lombardi talks, more specifically, about what he might be looking for in his next coach. First, he addresses the idea that, because the Kings are going deeper into their youth movement, he might be looking to hire someone who has experience coaching younger players…

“I’m open to anything, but I think it’s fair to say that when you talk about having experience with kids, I don’t know how many of us have really had experience, necessarily, with this generation of players. Clearly I think it’s safe to say that the ability to not only deal with young players but young people, that’s a two-pronged thing. Being up there in Toronto, at the combine and meeting the kids and meeting the parents, it just keeps reaffirming what I believe about the need to communicate with young people. It isn’t like when (assistant GM Ron Hextall) was out there and you just had to kick him in the (butt) and he did what he was told.”

To clarify, I asked Lombardi whether he thought that his next coach needed certain specific qualifications to make him “fit.”…

“No. Talking about the communication with young people, I do think that the challenges for coaches are changing, just like they are for GMs. The quality of an open mind…not to change your values or anything. You can’t have a coach questioning his values. He has to have what he believes in and stick with it. But he has to have an open mind to adjust, and that’s easier said than done. We’re dealing with an evolving game here, with the (salary) cap and everything. And then obviously a solid work ethic (is important). I know these are cliches but they’re not easy to find sometimes. That would be more important to me than a long resume or a track record. If he’s got those, all the better.”

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  • Paul

    Let me throw another name out there as a possible candidate. There’s 1 Canadian Juniors coach whose name comes up in discussions about almost every NHL job that comes open these days. It’s Peter DeBoer, current head coach of the Ktchener Rangers. If the Kings really want to embrace this youth movement, and want a coach who is used to coaching young players, they should give this guy a long look. Here’s his bio:


    Wikipedia page:


  • anthony

    I hope he’s next!

  • anonymous

    Too bad Andy Murray isn’t available. He’d be perfect.

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