Lombardi answers, “Who’s next?” (part 1)

Here’s more from Lombardi, talking about the natural assumption that the Kings might already have a new coach in mind…

“People can think whatever they’re thinking, but we haven’t done any research or anything like that. I think we were solely focused on the right fit here, but I think it’s safe to say we realize the importance of this hire and I’m not going to hurry it. I guess one indication that we don’t really have anybody in mind is that I don’t see myself rushing to get someone here this week. I guess if I had somebody in mind, I’d be on the phone signing him right now, but I’m not anywhere near something like that. I mean, whenever you fire someone, a coach or whatever, the thought is always in the back of your mind. `OK, who are we going to get to replace him?’ But in terms of us already finding someone and saying, `This is the guy who would fit,’ no. We’re not even near that.”

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  • PSP

    This smug rant just reeks of arrogance. The smartest man in the room has spoken!

  • metalmaster

    Here is an interesting read from a Shark fan who has
    some interesting commentary about the smartest man in the room.

  • KingFan4ever

    This is all sounds oddly familiar to me…. Joe Torre becomes available and suddenly Grady Little “resigns” as Dodger manager…

    And if there is a clamour from “some other people” in the organization to “get even younger” in the 2008-2009 season, I wonder who those some other people are? And why did it take this long for “those people” in the organization to chime in about it.

    There’s certainly something fishy going on in the background…..

  • Bob Bobson

    Maybe ownership got tired of losing money and is trying to go on the cheap in terms of both players and coaches. This follows along DL’s previous statements that the coach does not need NHL experience. It can be assumed those coaches can and will demand more moeny.

  • jack handy


    nice find and a good read.

    the similarities are… well… shocking i guess.

  • -J

    Only time will tell what any of this means, but here’s my speculation/observations-

    Tort’s was the coach of the USA WC team, a rather young, developing USA team that had a pretty good run this year.

    Brown and O’sullivan, cores of the Kings O, played very central roles in USA’s WC team.

    Most people speculated that Crawford would be gone if the team struggled at the beginning of the year. Not waiting on that contingency and firing him now is a good move as it gives the organization much more time to find a replacement.

    For those of you who critized the return on the Fast trade- Marc Andre Bergeron- albeit not a star, still an NHL proven defensman- garned only a 3rd (http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=240294&lid=sublink07&lpos=headlines_nhl)- a 5th for a prospect doesn’t look so out of line in comparison.

    “get even younger”- anyone over 25 is tradeable for a draft pick/young prospect/player. No one would be surprised to see Cammilleri (of course) in play, but i think this statement may mean that Visnovsky and possibly Frolov (really the only two other vets that can bring a significant/impact young player in a trade) are expendable.

  • andre norway

    the only player that is available is cammy because he has 1 year left on his contract and he doesnt want to be in LA. He want to go to a canadian team. If anybody think you can play in NHL with a team with players only under 25 your crazy.