• Anonymous

    My vote goes to Jim Fox.

  • What the

    Brilliant, We are playing for the number one draft choice again. No way we make the playoffs now. Now we trade camallary for draftpicks and a prospect.

  • anthony

    My top choices are,
    -Kevin Dinnen of Portland Pirates AHL

    There’s something about successful AHL coaches jumping into the NHL, ala – Andy Murray, Bruce Boudrea,


  • Anonymous

    Is Dave Tippet under contract for next season?

  • bob

    Andy Murray was an AHL coach?

  • brianguy

    Mary Belrose? didn’t we try that already? guess you guys don’t remember 94 or 95… talent wasted, no playoffs, then it got ugly.

    I’d say my #1 choice is Lewis and #2 Tortorella. I believe Torts is possibly the best coaching talent available but also see him as a higher risk. Lewis should be the longer term/safe choice. Torts has a Cup to his credit, but then so did Crawford…

  • Tom K

    Quenville hands down great coach class act. Took the Av’s into the 2nd round when they most likely should not have even been in the playoffs. Tortorella is the exact same as Crawford, one hit wonder

  • goodguy

    Dave TIPPET!

  • Daniel

    Looks like Matty Norstrom is retiring, too. Kinda symbolic.

  • Matt George

    Guys i would LOVE Tippet but I’m pretty sure Dallas has him locked up with a contract extension.

    I really don’t care who they hire now.

    Bowman would be the only inspirational thing at this point and that has about a snowballs chance…

  • Daniel

    No Melrose (see brianguy.) No Lewis. Torts would bring fire and accountability. What about Peter DeBoer? I have a feeling DL heard something about his interview in Ottawa recently and wants in on the action. Anyone have any good examples of CHL coaches and success in the NHL?

  • Maverick

    Word on the street is it will be Dave Tippet, apparently he never signed the contract extension that was offered to him by the Stars and he is a former LA King Assistant coach that has expressed interest in returning to SoCal, all three seasons he was with the Kings we made the playoffs šŸ˜› Something to think about.

  • anthony

    Melrose 2nd in votes?
    Are you kidding me!
    Stick to broadcasting.
    Hockey is no longer your thing.

  • Anonymous

    Bill Peters (Spokane Chiefs), Peter DeBoer (Kitchener Rangers) or Craig Hartsburg (Sault Ste. Marie). We need a fresh new face that can fire up these kids and is excited about the opportunity. I realize Hartsburg coached the ducks, but he has gained more experience since.

  • tron

    I say we go after patrick roy or bill peters.

  • Matt George

    I’m also a wee bit interested in the timing of this.

    They told season ticket holders they had until June 13 to renew accounts.

    This news falls down three days before that deadline… I wonder if AEG is noticing a stark decline in renewals and felt they needed to send a message.


  • ryan oliver

    There aint no coach in the world that can turn this team into a playoff team. Get a guy in that will make them play hard every game, because the work ethic definatly has to imrove over the last few years. Also a coach that doesnt give the D a green light to jump int he play. That hasnt exactly worked out well either. Who cares, Kings suck, Dodgers suck. I’m mad. WAAAAAHHHH

  • Mike

    I would like to see Mark Morris or some new coach get a shot.
    Enough with recycling all the same old coaches over and over again.
    We are a young team, let’s go grow with new hungry young coach.

    Oh and LGK (LetsGoKings) blows major arse. Be prepared at all times
    net wits.

  • Crawford

    For those of you who think it’s going to be Tippett, I guess Dallas would need to fire him first. He signed a one-year extension back in December…hes under contract for next season.

  • fiveholio

    I second the Dineen idea

  • lakingzfan

    Joel quennville has always took a team with less than awsome talent to the playoffs. That is what this team and more importantly the fans need, the playoffs! All this debate is likely for nothing though, because I doubt DL would fire MC without a replacement already penciled in!

  • KingFan4ever

    With all do respect, all those people who voted for Barry Melrose need their heads examined. He has been out of coaching for so long plus he has proven he is a better analyst. He is deluding himself if he thinks he can coach in today’s NHL. Perhaps the Tampa Bay bolts think otherwise but let them deal with that headache.

    My vote is for John Tortorella who is known for his drill sargeant like, fiery temperament. He has also won a cup. (although the last coach did too and it didn’t mean squat…)

    I also like the idea of giving Morris a shot but I think you still need a veteran NHL coach to lead these kids. Morris did coach most of them in the minors though….

    But for God’s sake, stop pining for the mullet!!!

  • metalmaster

    Joe Torre since he is doing such a great job with
    Dodgers. Realistically Quenville is probably going
    to be the guy. Deals well with young players and is
    a good communicator. Tortarella will wind up in SJ

  • Jimmy Crack Corn

    Paul Maurice vs. Marc Crowford = Six of one, a 1/2 dozen of another.
    I think maybe Lombardi will go off the reservation for a replacement and surprise us all once again.
    It’s good to see some actual changes taking place. I hope it translates into improvements on the ice as well.

  • Maverick


    You are right. It seems he did sign a one year extension in December and then just three months later they approached him with an additional 3 year extension that he has not yet signed. Weird that the Stars didn’t even wait for the ink to dry on the old one before trying to offer him another extension.

  • JDM

    I voted for Torts, but I kind of wish that first post about Jim Fox isn’t a joke. For a few years now I’ve felt Fox would make an interesting coach. Obviously out of the question and a looooong shot, but he certainly does care about this team as much as anybody, and he’s a no bs kind of guy, something the next coach must be whoever it is. Really Quenville, Torts or Morris are all great candidates and I’d be excited to have any of them behind the bench. Maybe bring in Morris as an assistant coach? Best of both worlds?

  • HarpoForCoach

    The Kings should consider hiring Mark Hardy as head coach. With 11 seasons as a player and 8 as a assistant coach with the Kings, he has earned his stripes with the organization.

    Remember, it was Hardy, not the interm head coach, who had the sack to stand up to Sean Avery and throw him off the ice during practice in 2006. That has to count for something when it comes to players respecting their coach and busting their ass for him.

    How about a guy who could inject this kind of attitude and toughness into the Kings’ soft defense:


    With an improvement of 17 points last year, the Blackhawks are a young team on the rise. They thought enough of Hardy to extend his contract, so he must be good with younger players.

    DL could do worse than take a good look at a defensive minded guy that spent almost 20 years here — considering that we need to develop JMFJ, Hickey, and Doughty/Bogosian during the next 2-3 years.

    If not Harpo, please no retread head coaches!

  • Goon Squad

    OK, first let me be clear – I’m not saying Melrose would be a good idea. Having said that, most of you bashing him don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. If the mullet was ever going to return to coaching, he should coach a last place team made up of hungry, young, impressionable players. I guarantee you he’d get that team into the playoffs. At the time (post ’93), I tended to blame him for giving too much ice time to guys like Shuchuk. But looking back, he didn’t have a whole lot of young talent to work with. Again, not saying let’s hire him, but those of you bashing him may be very surprised at his results if/when he gets another shot somewhere. Am I the only one who remembers how thrilled, and how competitive the guy was coaching a young stars game a few years back?

  • Tomo

    I’m surprised Tortorella is leading this pole. Wasn’t the first name that came to mind, that’s all. I just hope we don’t hire Dave Lewis.

  • HB King Fan

    Mark Morris, I am starting to think he could be exactly the right move. Great with the youth, likely honest and open. Not a recycled coach, will drive the work ethic. Also he is not a “Hollywood” type guy, he will stay focused here in LA.

  • Excellent job.