On the assistants…

Just to clarify, all of the assistant coaches are still currently employed by the Kings. Dean Lombardi has indicated that he’s interested in talking to associate coach Mike Johnston about interviewing for the job. The other assistant-coach jobs, it seems, will be left to the discretion of the new coach.

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  • PSP

    The Kings have stunk up the joint since Nelson Emerson joined the coaching staff.

    Coincidence? I think not….

  • Eric K

    Incidentally, PSP, Nelson Emerson was hired in the offseason of 2006. Who else was hired then? I’ll give you a hint; his name starts with C, and I hear he’s unemployed right now.

    Nice try, but that’s a pretty big reach.

  • Anonymous

    1. It was meant to be sarcastic – I’ll add a smilie next time.

    2. He was on the coaching staff as early as 2003 as a coaches aide

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