• Fletch

    I vote for John Anderson of the Chicago Wolves –

    “Anderson is currently the Head Coach of the Chicago Wolves of the American Hockey League. He is the franchise’s all-time coaching leader in wins with 371 and holds the club mark for postseason victories as well with 80. John also lead the Wolves to the Turner Cup/Calder Cup four times in the past eight seasons. His team was crowned league champions in 199798, 199900, 200102 and 2007-08.”


  • Anonymous

    Tippet will be the next coach.

  • anthony

    Thanks for not including that loser Melrose.

  • Reaper


  • Anyone but Quinn. AEG/Deano will likely conduct a dutch auction for the job, and Quinn might take short money at this point in his life.

  • Fletch

    Quinn will never work for the Kings again in this lifetime.

  • Anonymous

    When you least expect it, expect it. Say hello to the next coach of the LA Kings….

    Dave Tippet.

    July 1, 2008

  • Fletch, I would burn my gold jersey if they hire Quinn; I just would not put it past AEG. Other than Luc, they do not have any institutional memory of the Quinn fiasco.

    Anderson is a real possibility if Johnston is not hired.

  • Anonymous

    That loser Barry Melrose got 2nd most votes in the last poll, and should have been included on this one. He’s the only coach who got us anywhere even remotely near the Cup.

  • Anonymous

    These idiots who keep talking about Tippet….in case you haven’t heard, the guy has one more year left on his contract with Dallas.

  • Cob

    Who the heck keeps voting John Tortorella? He’s not right for this team, he’s pretty much like Marc Crawford.

  • Chief

    Think of the trades Melrose did with Kings after 93′. You want him back?

  • Anonymous

    Uh…that was Sam the Disaster McMaster that made them…not Barry…

  • Nick in 318

    What about Tony Granato?

  • Anonymous

    Tippet is not signed for next season.

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