Worth a shot

I forgot to mention a couple days ago… Dean Lombardi said he placed a call “to Darryl Sutter, the general manager, to ask about the availability of Darryl Sutter, the coach.” Lombardi and Sutter are close from their time together in San Jose. Alas, Sutter is staying in Calgary…

(Seriously, it’s a joke. Lombardi and Sutter talk very frequently. Both knew it was never going down.)

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  • 28 KINGS

    Glad he at least gave him a call. Did he call Melrose?

  • Bob Bobson

    Well, you cannot really blame DL for trying.

  • Paul

    I think it would be a GREAT idea for the Kings to bring in a Sutter brother. They have a history of success in this league.

    I’m sure Daryl would have mentioned this to Lombardi if he didn’t know already, but Daryl’s brother Brian recently resigned as head coach of the Red Deer Rebels of the WHL. Brian won the Adams as coach of the Blues in 1991 and has coached the Bruins, Flames, and Blackhawks.

    I would be VERY happy to see the Kings bring in a Sutter!


    Then how ’bout Bruce Sutter? At least he knew how to close…/ oh..never mind!

  • TeamHasHoles

    If he’s such a good coach, why has he coached so many teams? He obviously wears out his welcome… as for the Adams Trophy, the list of Adams winners is littered with unemployed coaches. It’s nothing more than markup on a resume’

  • Paul

    @TeamHasHoles: You’re joking right? You don’t want a head coach with a proven NHL track record, who is #17 in NHL history for total victories, and has won coach of the year? REALLY? And why did he coach so many teams? Because teams wanted him? Scotty Bowman coached 5 NHL teams. You gonna tell me he wasn’t a good coach, or “wore out his welcome”? And NO, I’m NOT saying Brian Sutter is as good a coach as Scotty Bowman! I’m just refuting the point about coaching multiple teams somehow means you’re a bad coach.

  • More likely, Deano was discussing a trade for one of their overpriced defencemen. Sutter needs to clear out some deadwood with Giordano returning. Warrener or Eriksson may well be AEG-bound.

  • Anonymous

    Deano probably misses Sutter telling him what to do. Sutter was behind many of the trades that occured when he as coach of the Sharks.

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