Lombardi, on a possible trade

Here’s what Dean Lombardi told the Canadian Press today. It’s pretty consistent with a) what he said after the Crawford firing and b) the exact same thing that’s said by every GM every year before the draft. They’re keeping options open, etc., etc. An enterprising reader could probably go back 12 months and find almost-identical quotes. So we’ll see what happens. Quotes like this speak to how fluid the situation is…

“On the first front, I figured I had two legitimate offers for the pick outright that I presented to ownership last week. But it was very clear the direction they want to go, which is more committed towards putting together a solid nucleus.

“As far as moving down in the draft, those are still options. That still has to remain in the equation. And I would suggest that that could go right up until we make the pick. I think the deal outright for the pick, you’re probably in or out for sure the day before.

“The one where you’re moving moving down, as I’ve done in the past, can sometimes not happen until right up to making the pick. I’ve had one legitimate proposal that deserves consideration in terms of moving back.”

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  • darby

    So, in GM speak: “Call me! But it’ll cost you.”

  • JDM

    While I can see moving down if DL thinks Schenn or Pieterangelo are just as viable as Doughty or Bogosian, I must say that it still erks me. We spent so many reasons picking at around #11, that to give up the number 2 pick when we FINALLY have a high top ten as a frustrating move. I do like Pieterangelo though, and if he does move down I hope its for him, which really wouldn’t sadden me that much, especially if we get a good player too… but it still bugs me on principle.

  • anthony

    Trading the 2nd overall pick away and move down?

    What player(s) or pick(s) could the other team be possibly offering?

    And which team is he talking about.

  • anthony


    I like Pietrangelo too.
    He’s got the highest ceiling out of all the D-Men.
    Sky’s the limit for him.

  • Marc Nathan

    In this draft 2 = 3, 2 = 4 and 2 = 5 … it’s a big crapshoot past Stamkos, and most experts feel that on pure talent alone, it’s a Russian forward (Filatov) that probably comes in 2nd in terms of skill. So, it makes sense that DL has to look at options that involve moving down. Principles… before personalities šŸ˜‰

  • Kris

    The rumors for the #2 pick are ridiculous. Everyone keeps saying “the #2 and (insert player here)” for a big name player. But if the Kings trade Cammy or Brown or Frolov, WHO IS GOING TO PLAY WING ON THE TOP TWO LINES?!? I keep hearing that blasted Malkin rumor. Again, who is he going to play with him? Cammy will probably leave, but should they not wait until the trade deadline when teams get desperate (i.e. Nashville of two seasons ago or Pitt last year) and just fleece somebody’s young talent for a rental player?

  • Paul-Cat

    In that same article, the Penguins are mentioned as one of the teams that might be involved as they don’t have any picks in the first three rounds.

  • anthony

    Could the Pens be offering Malkin to LA for that pick.
    I’m sure LA would have to give more than that.
    This makes for an interesting Friday.

  • ugh!

    As long as Dean doesn’t trade down too far to not pick up one of the top 5 defenseman (I include Myers in that class), then go for it. But all five of those kids have too much potential to just pass up without grabbing at least one of them.

  • JDM

    You said it a little better than me Marc Nathan. Though I like Pietrangelo a lot, I think if it were me I would take Bogosian. He strikes me as more of a leader type personality than Pietrangelo. I could be totally off-base though, not having actually met these guys.

    This really is going to be an exciting draft. So many possibilities… which brings me to one no one has mentioned, a 3-way trade. With all the GM’s in one room, this tends to happen a fair bit on draft day if memory serves me correctly. I could see something like 2nd overall, 32nd overall and Cammi to Columbus; Novotny, 6th overall and 19th overall to Florida; and Florida sends the 6th overall and Bouwmeester our way with a conditional 2nd rounder in 09 if we don’t resign Bouwmeester.

    Just a crazy thought for a ‘shocker’ type move.

  • Mark

    No way he’s moving down. To move down would be outside of the top 10 and he’s not going to do that. I see him taking Doughty. He’s exactly the kind of defenseman that is needed in the new NHL. And with Hickey having a very mediocre season last year and now perhaps somewhat of a question mark Doughty seems like the Lombardi type of choice.

  • Duckhunter

    JDM or anybody else please tell me a little about this Bouwmeester kid. Am I going to be happy if he comes our way or is he just a short term plug?

  • JDM

    I answered in the other thread, but to add on Duckhunter, if we can sign Bouwmeester, he is somebody you would want to keep, not a short term plug. He’s a young guy, I believe 26 or 27. I can see Florida getting rid of him not because FLorida doesn’t like him, but more likely Bouwmeester is getting sick of Florida. Aside from Nathan Horton they are still relying on old Olli Yolk-inen. We may have finished below them, but I think the Kings are in a much better place than the Panthers overall, so I can see Bouwmeester coming here.

    I should also add that I have not heard anything about this trade except for what’s posted on the other thread. Crossing my fingers though.

  • Duckhunter

    Thanks JDM just saw your response on the other post.

  • Joey

    Wait a second. Am I reading this right? Dean Lombardi said that he had “two legitimate offers” that he “presented to ownership last week.” I thought ownership was staying out the hockey decisions. At least that is what Dean has said that in the past. Why is ownership even involved in this sort of thing?

  • JDM

    To those who want the Kings to add some toughness, would you want them to draft a player like this guy?


    Someone to back up Brown. I like guys who muck it up, and it’s nice (although maybe meaningless) that he is supposed to be a decent guy, not a d-wad. Personally I miss Avery’s style of play, and if this guy plays like him with an offensive upside, I’d love to have him.

    Thought I would open up discussion past just the 1st round guys. Let’s not forget so quickly that the Wing’s won with two very late round picks leading the way.

  • Anonymous

    Joey, I’m just guessing here, but it probably has to do with the type of salaries that would be involved. Yes, I’m sure Dean makes the decsions, but AEG still writes the checks. If, for example, Pittsburgh was offering Malkin…the Kings organization would have to figure out how to pay the guy. Dean would need ownership’s approval on bringing in that type of salary.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Wayne Simmonds can be Brownies “back up”. Not that Brown can take care of himself.

  • JDM

    Of course brown can take care of himself. I meant to have some toughness on the ice on the 2nd/3rd lines where it is desperately lacking. What type of player would you draft with the 48th pick, assuming we still have it by then?

  • Cup4la

    Gotta disagree with you Marc. 2 and 3 are a step above 4 & 5 at this point. Keep coming back.

  • Daniel

    Joey – I had the same reaction. Lombardi has been referencing ‘passing things by ownership’ lately and I find that frightening. It’s not like he is asking to spend near the cap or take on a long term contract. They are a mid-level payroll and going lower. What is he passing by them? The only thing I can imagine is that they have a mandate – ‘try to succeed at this (specific) payroll level.’ In other words, just like every single year since AEG took over. Oh well, the illusion was fun while it lasted. Someone please prove me wrong on this.

  • anthony

    How can you trade with Florida and move down.
    Florida doesn’t even have a 1st round pick. They traded it away for Tomas Vokum.

    Trading our 2nd overal pick for Bouwmeester straight up, is giving up too much.
    If I were DL, I’d hang up the phone after telling Jaques Martin to bite me.

    I’d throw in Lord Cammi and also ask for Nathan Horton.
    Then I would listen.

  • Duckhunter

    JDM, great article. I can talk about physical play all day long. Many people misinterpret what I mean when I talk about the Kings needing to be more physical. It doesn’t mean we need a goon or a dirty player. We just need more people with an edge. Brown is a perfect example, he brings his hitting game without drawing penalties and fighting. Matter of fact, he draws numerous penalties because of his play. I guarantee you people play differently when Browns on the ice, because their focus on him instead of the game.

    I would love to see this Paquette kid go to the Kings. Exactly what the Kings need, a smart, physical, hard working individual.

    You are one of the few people I’ve heard that feels the same way I do about Avery or his style at least. People don’t realize, when you can take the other teams best player out of his game, you therefore become one of the best players on the ice. Sound funny, but it’s true. Avery was also a great point man on the PK, and dropped the gloves when needed. Your whole team can’t be superstars, you need multiple role players as well, and these types of players are needed to be successful.

  • DellaNooch

    I’m agreeing withing Marc on this one, there are 5 players that could possibly go number two depending on which team actually selects at that level. The Kings aren’t letting anyone know who we will take. The teams below us might feel pressured into a trade because we would take the pick they really want, and perhaps we would get our guy 2 or 3 spots lower but also get something else, like a prospect, young d man, or another pick….that’s not to say I’m advocate a trade, I’m not, I think Doughty at number 2 and we have a great defenseman for many years to come…I’d only give up the number 2 in this draft in packaged deal for Malkin, but that’s about it…and you got to think PIT is debating that trade, they simply can’t keep Fluery, Malkin, and Crosby on the same team, it’ll will take up half their salary cap for those 3 players.

    My trade:
    To Kings
    To PIT
    1st pick in this draft
    1st pick in next year’s draft

    PIT solves their salary problems, gets a scoring winger for Crosby, and a ticket to the Tavares Sweepstakes… perhaps we still have a D problem, but we have Malkin and Kopitar as our top two centers…it would be nice, but probably won’t happen.

  • decker89

    In regards to DL’s conversation with ownership…

    I read it more as Dean confirming with the ownership that they are indeed on the same page as far as building for the long term. My guess is that the proposed trades would have yielded the Kings immediate upgrades and possibly put the Kings in contention meanwhile those same trades would have depleted the young core that has been built.

    Dean probably just needed to know that ownership was still behind him and his long term plan because if they were not, those proposed trades would have been Deans chance to put a contender on the ice next season.

    Alas ownership is still with him on the original plan, and as Dean said, it sounds like they are looking forward to an even younger team.

    He’s not asking permission, he’s just looking out after his own self. I’m sure that’s pretty standard at this level.

  • Maverick

    If Pit was looking at our #2 pick Staal would likely be the first to be thrown into the offer over Malkin, it would take a lot more than Cammy and a couple of firsts for Malkin, they would be asking for our #2 and better roster players like Brown, Kopitar, and Frolov then our 2009 1st after that. I think a more reasonable offer would be Staal and a defenseman like Letang for the #2, Cammy, and a pick.

    The fact is though that none of this is viable because the Kings need defense and the Penguins are in the same boat, they are losing FA’s this year and need more youth in the back so they will not give up Letang or Whitney and we will not deal unless they are in there. Either that or a kid named Crosby enters the discussion and now we are really in fantasy land…

  • JDM

    Well said decker,

    I see his comments really as his form of job security. There would be no point to him making a bunch of moves that tick off ownership and get him fired. If he wants to help the team and create a solid franchise, he can’t do it without the support of ownership.

    I imagine if you broke down the conversation it would look like this:

    DL – Hey, I don’t want to make these trades, but I wanted to let you know they are there. They aren’t what you want… right?

    AEG – Correct. Thanks for letting us know. Carry on.

    If DL wanted to make one of the trades he probably would have gone to management and said “I’m gonna make this trade, here’s why”

    He’s most likely being pre-emptive and diplomatic. He was trained as a lawyer after all. Rule of law number one, don’t ask a question you don’t already know the answer to. Hopefully by making AEG feel like they are making good decisions, it allows DL more leeway down the line to do something that AEG wouldn’t necessarily agree with.

  • the Big F

    There is something about Malkin I do not like. I get the sense that he is not much of a team player. I can’t cite any specific incidents or events that make me think this; it’s just the feeling I get from watching the Penguins’ run through the playoffs.

    If I were the GM, I can only think of three names that would really make me sit up and listen in regards to the #2 pick (none of them are ever going to happen, but if I were only getting one player back, this is what it would take)… Crosby, Ovechkin or Phaneuf. Anyone else would have to be part of a multiplicity of players coming my way.

    Again, if I were the GM, I would take Doughty. It would take a lot of convincing for me to do otherwise. The other three lack a certain intangible that I think separates him from the pack… he WANTS to be a King. When has a kid this high on the board ever said that? To me, Drew Doughty is the obvious choice.

  • B.

    Apparently the Kings were offered Malkin for #2 and a player. Any truth to this Rich?


  • Daniel

    Well, my point was that he has been using ‘passed-by-ownership’ more recently. I don’t recall him prefacing any hockey decisions with those terms until the past few weeks. You may

  • Anonymous

    I hope you’re right about DL and AEG. I don’t know enough about either Bogsian or Doughty, but reading their scouting reports, they both sound very good. Also, I would love it if we could get the Jacket’s #6 pick too, but it doesn’t sound like they want draft picks. Probably the best we could give them would be Vish and Cammi. It could result into Myers, Schenn, Pieterangelo or Filatov. I would green light that deal.

  • Matt George


    HEY AEG!



    talk about going with “YOUTH”? he’s like 21 for cryin out loud … i still love lubo despite the last season but hey… lubo and cammy for malkin…sure… and we keep the no 2 pick.

  • danny

    if we can get malkin for cammy and the number 2 pick you do that in a heartbeat im sorry. whoever we take with the #2 pick might be a total bust you neved know. of course to do that trade you have to lock up malkin first then for years you will have a 1-2 punch of malkin and kopi thats scary. i promise you free agents would wanna come here if that happened.

  • Sam McMaster

    The Kings could have played Cloutier down the stretch and been guaranteed the number 1 draft pick in Center Steven Stamkos. Instead they sit Cloutier on the bench and lose out on the pick and say they are happy to pick a defenseman instead. Sure, they could have had bargaining power up the yingyang and traded the #1 pick for players and a lower pick to get the D they wanted, but they said they had a plan. Now there is a lot of talk about trading for a Center in Malkin in exchange for their #2 pick? What is wrong with these people? And every time Lombardi says he went to ownership to talk, I have a picture in my mind a la Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz of him pulling back the curtain and revealing Anschutz and Leiweke sitting there … watching a soccer game.

  • Anonymous

    As long as we could sign him to a long term deal, 2nd overall for Bouwmeester straight up is not an overpayment. I dont think so, hes already a #1 pairing defenseman that logs tons of ice time and is still fairly young. He is proven, while all these kids are not. He could play now, not 2-3 years from now. He is one of the only rookie defenseman to step right into the NHL in recent years. And we’d still have our late round pick or possibly trade up with our other number of picks.

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