Brian Burke, on the Kings

Thanks to J.P. Hoornstra, our Ducks beat writer, for passing these along. Ducks GM Brian Burke had a conference call this morning and had the following to say about Kings-related draft topics…


On Doughty vs. Bogosian:
“More guys would say that Doughty’s ready to play right now. Bogosian’s got more upside, but he hasn’t become the player he’s going to be and Doughty has. He’s ready to play.”

On who Kings will pick:
“I don’t want to speak for Dean (Lombardi), he’s one of my best friends, but that’s certainly the betting money here in Ottawa, is that Doughty’s going two.”

On if Kings will trade:
“I’ve talked to Dean, he’s told me they’re picking (at 2). (Atlanta at) three, they’re picking. (St. Louis at) four, they’re picking unless someone blows them out of the water. I don’t sense they’re urgent to move. I’d be very happy if I got to go up a pick.”

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  • Bob Bobson

    “I’ve talked to Dean, he’s told me they’re picking (at 2). (Atlanta at) three, they’re picking. (St. Louis at) four, they’re picking unless someone blows them out of the water. I don’t sense they’re urgent to move. I’d be very happy if I got to go up a pick.”

    Unless Burke is playing some sort of game, so much for the #2 and Cammalleri for Malkin rumors. I wonder if DL will be upset at Burke for potentially revealing his hand. He usually keeps everything so secretive.

  • anthony

    Burke isn’t a credible source one can rely on.
    Obviously, he would like nothing more than to see the Kings completely botch this draft. And DL is capable of doing that.
    I take his words like a grain of salt.
    Can’t wait to see him land in Toronto next season.
    Hopefully Chris Shlonger tags along with him.

  • Tompa

    Thanks for the updates Rich. I’m checking this site damn near hourly to see if there’s any news. Any information passed along is great.

  • Matt George


    try minutely

    between here and


  • Anonymous

    Anthony–what leads you to believe that DL is capable of botching this draft? At least more capable than any other NHL GM?

  • anthony

    “Botch”. I might have used the wrong word.
    I just don’t want him to do what he did last year.
    Use his top pick to draft a player ranked in the 20’s

  • Cupla

    In response to Bob,

    There are no Malkin to L.A. Rumors. The rumor was that it was offered and turned down. This took place before the Crawford firing (if at all).

  • Anonymous

    I beg to differ on the Malkin to L.A. Rumors. It’s all over the internet this morning.

    Pittsburgh would be crazy to trade Malkin to us for the #2 Pick & Lord Cammi. I would think they would want way more than that.

    If this was actually offered to the Kings and DL turned it down, he should have his head examined after first being fired!

  • danny

    i just saw this rumor on another website.

    Edmonton defenseman Joni Pitkanen has been another fixture in the rumor mill. The latest gossip has the Kings offering Mike Cammalleri for the talented but oft-injured Pitkanen, who’s believed to be seeking $5 million per season.

  • voice of reason

    Anthony, who cares what a guy is ranked? If Hickey becomes an absolute stud you’re going to be grateful that Lombardi snagged him before anyone else did. Can’t we wait just a little bit to judge him?

  • jom

    Just because a rumor is all over the net only means, in most cases, this has already been discussed and the teams have moved on. What it comes down to is that 99% of the time if a rumor is out it won’t happen…

  • Rich Hammond

    Thanks, jom, for inserting a little sanity into the situation…

  • Anonymous

    Let’s take a poll:

    Who here believes that no matter who the Kings pick with #2, even if STAMKOS was to be available, that Anthony will be certain that DL screwed up the pick?

  • JDM

    Good point jom,

    But then again, it’s all for fun right? Tomorrow the either blinding light or vaccuous gloom of reality will show itself. Last day to fantasize!

  • rjc76

    I beleive that.

  • Duckhunter

    All I know is,that all this speculation about something big happening is giving me an anxiety attack. I’m expecting something big now. What happens if we just pick in our spots and get good young players, are we all going to be disappointed or happy with the new young talent.

  • Maverick

    Malkin in any trade for the #2 is not plausible. Malkin for Cammy and the #2, while a good value, puts the Kings in the exact same position the Pens are in now. Jack Johnson up for contract, Kopitar up for contract, and Malkin will be up for a contract, and Sully is up for an extension… It just doesn’t make sense, Bernier and Hickey will demand more money in the coming years.

    If you can get Malkin with a roster player, a prospect or two, and the Dallas pick and any other picks below then do it but the Kings are giving up too little (if that makes sense) if the Kings trade Cammy and the #2 because then they have to take on Malkin’s $9 million multi-year extension, Kopitar’s $5-6 million extension, Jack Johnson’s $4-6 million extension etc… This time next season they are trading away half their team.

    Not to mention the Pens would never make the trade for Cammy and a pick. They are in need of more than 1 blue chip defensive prospect. It is likely that they are asking for the #2 pick, Cammy, and Hickey. A deal is possible but not with the same parameters people have been throwing around here. It would take an act of God to have Shero shell out a deal good enough to capture the attention of Lombardi enough for him to call ownership about.

  • BringBackKingston

    Duckhunter, if DL just made picks and the team gets quality prospects then that is a job any GM would be pleased with. That of itself improves the team’s future, which is the GMs job. If DL is able to swing a deal or two to improve the team now that is icing on the cake.

    Personally, I only see Cammy being traded to a team that is having problems signing their own RFA. Basically, it is an exchange of headaches with draft picks/prospects used to make the trade more even and conditional picks if the guy signs with his new team. No way one of the teams drafing 3-20 gives up their pick for cammy (who any GM must consider at this point to be a rental player given that there is only 1 year left on this contract and his outrageous asking price) and the #28 pick. If cammy is traded and doesn’t sign with his new team, that works out to be just a swap of draft picks. Having cammy for one season isn’t worth dropping more than 5 spots even if the team is a playoff contender.

  • Kevco

    A big trade, or no big trade, pick this guy or that guy, I just want to be at Staples in MAY watching hockey being played in Kings jerseys! I don’t care if we put pigs on the ice, let’s make the playoffs. Either way someone will complain that if had made this other pick we’d be better.
    The last time I checked I was being ask to play so it’s just for fun and the big hit on my checking account for season tickets!

  • nykingfan

    Anthony…How many players were drafted before Luc Robitaille? It’s safe to assume he wasn’t in the top 20. Out of those players picked ahead of him, where do you think Luc ranks with them now? Since he’s a sure fire hall of famer…I’m confident that he probably ranks at or near the top looking back.
    The point is, who gives a crap where a guy is ranked. it means absolutely nothing. Think Kopitar…..Where would you rank him now in that draft class?

  • Anonymous

    Anthony-Burke and Lombardi are friends and like it or not because there is a Duck/King rivalry among fans and players the same cant be said of GMs. Saying Burke isnt a credible source? If Burke isnt a credible source then no one in the league is a credible source. Sometimes you would be much better off by not posting…please consider that an option.

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