Draft update

Here’s what I know…

— It’s probably 94 percent certain that the Kings will choose Drew Doughty. Dean Lombardi has not said so explicitly, nor will he, but I wouldn’t say something like that if I had serious doubts. I’m leaving a five-percent margin of error, in case the Kings get overwhelmed by a trade offer tomorrow, and a one-percent margin of error in case they discover tomorrow that Zach Bogosian can stop pucks with his teeth and score on 80-foot slap shots.

— The likelihood of any trade, at this point, is fairly low. I really believed that the Kings would be able to package Cammalleri or Visnovsky, but it doesn’t seem that the trade market in Ottawa is as strong as some anticipated it would be. There seems to be a willingness among some teams to wait and see how free agency shakes out.

— A Kings move back into the top 15 of the draft is possible, but not probable, at this point, given the trade market. Lombardi did comment on this point, and said, “I’m not sure I can get (a pick) high enough that I just don’t sit. You put your lines in the water and see what happens.”

Again, I’ll admittedly hedge my bets on the last two, because as I write this, there’s still about 17 hours until the draft, and anything could happen. But that’s what is out there at the moment.

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    I <3 Rich Hammond.

  • socalking

    What do you all think about this one

    Kings package Hickey, Cammi, Dallas 1st, and Kings 32nd


    Atlanta for their 1st

  • Josh

    No doubt I would take Doughty.

  • Anonymous


    Replace Cloutier and Tukonen for Hickey…get a gun and don a ski mask and DEAL!!!!

  • jom

    As I expected all of this trade talk is just that…talk. The pre-draft and pre-trade deadline stuff is always blown out of proportion. Too bad they can’t get something for Cammy or Lubo (especially the latter) but that’s the way it goes.

    On the pick: I still think Bogosian is a better fit for the Kings but I’ll leave real evaluations to the people who know what they are doing. Not us moronic fans.

  • SuperSonic420

    Wont happen socalking, Atlanta needs D-man as badly as we do, and will probably keep that pick.

    I was hoping the Jackets would be interested enough in the 2nd pick they’d be willing to give up the #6 and 19th pick and possibly pick up Pieterangelo, Schenn, or Tyler Myers. With so many picks I wouldnt mind picking up on a flyer in the first or second round on this guy http://www.hockeysfuture.com/prospects/kirill_petrov Should be an interesting day if anything else.

  • Aaron

    Rich, are you in Ottawa???

  • Anonymous

    I’m thinking Tikhonov at 32 for some reason…and perhaps Gardiner at 28…IF there isn’t an upward swing of picks to come…

  • Daniel

    Uh, non-draft related but we can now cross John Anderson off the coaching board:

    For all you haters out there who, who may dis Mr. Lombardi for not hiring Mr. Johnson, keep this in mind – I forget who said it, maybe Morris, maybe Lombardi, but they called out the Chicago Wolves and their recent success cuz they stock their team with older guys. It’s not a real development affiliate. It’s a minor league team that has been doing it’s darnedest to sell tickets. They would never have a team full of 20 y.o. like the Monarchs recently had. The Wolves actually grew out of the void the Blackhawks created for being horrible for so long. Ummm, oh no, I think I just inadvertently and tangentially started a thread on how the Ducks got the Cup before the Kings did. Ugh. Damn 1967.

    Pick Doughty and trade up for Filatov. Go Kings!

  • BringBackKingston

    Rich, any word on if anyone from “ownership” will be sitting at the table with DL and crew? If so, who is it? I ask because in the Capitals draft video from a couple of seasons ago there was someone from “ownership” who was there so last minute trade offers could be run by him. DL has already said he has run some trade offers by “ownership.” I would guess that if no one from “ownership” is there then DL is sticking with the who his first choice is. If there is someone sitting with him then we might see some excitement.

    BTW, if anyone hasn’t seen the video it’s a good inside scoop of what happens on draft day. It seems that come draft time the GMs have a pretty good idea of what other GMs are going to do.

  • Eric K

    socalking: way, way, way, WAY too much. if hickey becomes a quality NHL defenseman at all, we gave up too much.

  • Kevin

    If I were DL, I would draft Doughty and then offer the following to Calgary:

    Flames Get: Cammi+Armstrong+Calder+Dallas 1st round pick + 2009 1st round pick

    Kings get: Phaneuf,+ 2009 1st or second round pick

    This would be beneficial to both teams. The Flames would get a scorer (Cammi), A tough Veteran (Armstrong), and a player who fits perfectly into their scheme (Calder) and the Kings would have a franchise Defenseman to pair with whoever they pick up in free agency.

  • JDM

    Doughty will be a very welcome addition. Who knows, having him and JJ might be enough to lure a guy like Commodore. Ideally we find a teacherly type shut down defensemen in his mid twenties who can take pride in helping along Hickey, JJ and Doughty.

    I’m really getting more interested with what happens in the second round though, especially if Doughty is a near certainty.

    Huzzah! Only 13 hours to go!

  • typicaljs

    I can’t sleep.

    Doughty at #2. Bogosian may be cut but he’s still not the hockey player that Doughty is. But like someone said earlier either way I don’t think you lose. It will be verrrry interesting to see if Cammy + Vis. + a prospect or two can get us into the top 10 or 15 again to make another splash. It will be even more interesting to see how many of the picks DL tries to swap for picks next year.

  • TweenerSongs

    Cammy AND Vis AND a prospect or two, to get into the top 15???

    Man, you guys are something else, sometimes. Hey, why not just throw Hickey in there, as the ‘prospect or two’? Maybe we could even get Schenn! Can you imagine? OMIGOD!!!

    Now, don’t you feel stupid?
    People, like it or not, Cammy is close to being an all-star. Had a bit of an off-year, but who knows? perhaps a new coach brings the best out of him and he pots 40 this year. Guess what? That makes him a consistent sniper and an all-star. Add almost-all-star Visnovsky (to whom the same may happen this coming season, which wouldn’t surprise me) and THEN add a prospect or two. . .for a chance at perhaps choosing someone who MAY end up as good as Visnovsky or Cammy or the original prospect we trade?
    no, thanks.

    One of them and our 2nd (low first-round) pick — maybe adding another low/mid-level prospect — would get us a lot higher in the first round, I have to believe. I mean, let’s be realistic and reasonable. we’re not talking about a bunch of Sidneys or Ovechkins here (save for Stamkos. . .maybe, and even that’s a reach). Why trade anyway? We have good players in these two, who both had lousy seasons (along with nearly everyone). Patience, man.

  • Paul

    For everyone who thinks DL will draft Doughty (and yes, I campaigned for Doughty all year, but changed my mind) because Doughty is “more NHL ready”, remember that DL doesn’t like to bring young players along quickly.

    I now believe he’ll draft Bogosian because he’ll think Bogosian has more upside then Doughty.

    Plus, just think of the uproar if he drafts Doughty then leaves him in Guelph in the OHL for another year. Kings fans will be demanding DL resign….like some aren’t demanding that already (Anthony).

    If it’s not Bogosian or Doughty, it’ll be Filatov because DL has a deal for a defenseman in his back pocket.

  • dominic lavoie


    I just want to thank you – again – for continuing to be a resource for otherwise news starved Kings fans everywhere. I probably refresh this page between 10-20 times per day because I know I can count on you to stay on top of the issues and give us the inside scoop on what is really going on. You are the best!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Paul, I’m not so sure that DL wouldn’t bring up Doughty this season…that is, if he holds his own in training camp. DL has already stated that this year he’s going with the YOUTH. He’s been throwing it out there, maybe to prepare us as fans…I don’t know. Many of these pro scouts are saying that Doughty is one of the rare D-MEN that could possibly step in to the lineup right out of the draft. Who knows, maybe that is something that is attractive about him, a player we can get in the fold NOW.

  • Jimmy Crack Corn

    Hey gang! Anyone else going to the Kings draft party this afternoon???

  • Daniel
  • -J

    I know Lombardi has a well documented history of avoiding russians in the draft (really only ever drafted one russian skater) but I wouldn’t be surprised (and would be happy) if he goes against the grain this year to pick up one of these two guys with the other 1st round pick (might need to move up of course): Filatov and Vyacheslav Vojnov. Most of you are probably familiar with Filatov, a English-speaking Russian who DL visited in Russia. Some of you might not know that many scouts say that if he had played in the CHL the talk would be whether to take Stamkos or Filatov. You also might not know that he actually has a pretty solid two-way game, and takes pride in the d-side of the game. I think this is best shown this past U-20 WJC where, as a 17 year old, he was the tournament +/- leader and was second in points.

    As for Vojnov (or Voynov), this kid has been playing as a defenceman in the RSL since he was 16! (In case you’re not familiar with the RSL, this is pretty much unheard of). He’s already played for Russia’s U-20 WJC team twice, at 16 and at 17. He’s not huge by any stretch, but you’ve got to remember that on the larger European ice surfaces, to play at the top Russian level, you have to have good mobility and positioning. To be honest, I haven’t watched him play as much as the guys from the CHL, but i think his credentials speak volumes to his defensive capabilities. If you look at a guy like Nik Lidstrom, sure he’s strong, but he’s not big at all. He plays huge, however, b/c of his excellent positioning and how well he reads the play- i’ve got to believe that for a 16-17 year old to be playing in the RSL and make Russia’s U-20 squad as a major underager, he is excellent in both these departments.

    Just saw over at TSN that Emery and Cloutier were put on waivers and Mason was traded to the Blues for only a 4th round pick. I can already hear the complaints coming on how DL botched that one.

  • andre norway

    I hope DL will pick Doughty and then we will see if he can trade up for a higher draft pick.
    The only teams cammy will go to is a canadian team on draft day it will say toronto or vancouver. Toronto is rebuilding and may not trade away their pick but they also need a scoorer. Vancouver is also in need for a scoorer and they have the 10th pick so cammy to vancouver for the 10th pick.
    DL please bring back Blakie so we can get rid of anthony

  • Kyle

    Vojnov is a good call. Fits DL’s chararcter/skill profile.
    If DL really wanted to go outside conventional wisdom, he’d take Viktor Tikhonov (even though he’s a forward). Yes, he’s that Tikhonov’s grandson. His dad was also a coach if I recall. Think about the other young guy on the Kings who comes from a “dad’s a coach” background–those kids tend to be smart, teachable players. Even if Tikhonov’s not as good as Kopi, he’s exactly what Dean would look for in a draft choice. He is a skilled and physical (for his age) player as well. Compared favorably with Filatov in the last championships.
    Just a thought while we kill the last 5 hours before the Draft Party!

  • -J

    If he decides to take a chance on Tikhonov, I sure hope DL doesn’t use a 1st, 2nd or 3rd- at 20 he’s an overager in this draft and 2 full years older than Filatov.

  • Duckhunter

    I don’t know if Doughty is going to be as ready as people think.(not that hes not a good player) The thing that most every rookie says about his first year is how fast and physical the NHL is. Just ask JJ or O’SUL. O’SUL made a great adjustment last year and JJ did better, but is still learning and tweaking his game. Only reason I,m saying this, is because I don’t think we can or should expect much out of him next year.(Doughty)

    As for Lubo we need to give him a break!!!!!. Guy has one off year and everybody’s ready to hang him. Not right folks. If we do trade him as some wish, who’s playing D. Are we going to put 2 OR 3 Dallmans out to start the season. If we don’t keep Lubo and bring in some kind of impact defenseman, it’s going to be a long year.

  • lblocal

    Has anyone seen this reference? Does it carry any weight?

    Big Bogosian well-prepared for NHL battles
    John McGourty | NHL.com Staff Writer
    Jun 19, 2008, 9:00 AM EDT

    “I started skating when I was 2,” Bogosian said. “My dad’s best friend, Mark Morris, was the Clarkson hockey coach for 12 years and he’s now head coach with the Manchester Monarchs in the AHL. Mark got me started in hockey. My dad taught me competitiveness and hard work and Mark taught me hockey.