Interview refreshers

For those who might not have been checking the blog on a daily basis over the past few weeks, Don has done a series of great interviews with some of the top prospects in this year’s draft. I figured this would be a good day to post links to the interviews with the top four defenseman prospects, since the Kings are almost certain to get one of them. Even for those who saw them the first time, it’s a good refresher!

Zach Bogosian

Drew Doughty, part one

Drew Doughty, part two

Alex Pietrangelo

Luke Schenn

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  • anthony

    I don’t care about this right now.

    RICH, what’s this news about Malkin being offered to LA for His Highness and the #2 pick.
    And what’s this news about DL not accepting.

    Another lightning to strike.

    Why the hell isn’t he doing it.

  • JP Martin

    because the goal is to build from within … we need defense and giving up the 2nd pick and camalleri isnt really good leverage just for malkin plus the added baggage of how much he will be worth. we need to sign the core of this team now which are our homegrown youth. this is why this deal isnt happening ….

  • JDM

    Hypothetically, to take on what Malkin would want to be resigned (7-9 mill), would put strain on signing Kopi to the (5-7 mill) he’s going to want and deserve. Consider if Bernier tears it up, once he’s in his mid twenties, he’ll want some big money too. All this and you have to consider JJ getting 3-5 at some point in his career. Brown’s nice contract won’t last forever. Who knows what it’s gonna take to keep O’Sullivan on the team. If the Kings are going to spend over 6 mill on a player that isn’t Kopitar, I want it to be a defensemen whose worth it. Other than that, I want that cap number to stay low so when we need to resign all our core players, we can.

    I’m willing to sit through a rebuild. I don’t know if I could take the Kings sending away all the talent we’ve built from within… again… a la Dave Taylor. Those days are over, let’s keep it that way.

  • anthony

    JP Martin,
    I agree with you 1000%.
    But we’re not talking about a top 6 forward or even a top line forward.
    We’re talking about Malkin. The future Jaromir Jagr.
    Players like that don’t grow on trees.

    If it’s (rumor) true & DL Turned it down.
    I’ll never forgive him.
    He’ll go down as the worst GM ever.

  • Fletch

    Once again, Anthony forgets to take his ritalin and we all have to suffer the consequences.

  • Bob Bobson

    Anthony, you are going off the VERY bad assumption the Malkin to LA rumor is correct.

  • Maverick


    The $10 million dollar man doesn’t guarantee a cup. I seem to recall the Kings having the greatest hockey player to ever touch the ice on their team and I see no Stanley Cup Championship banners in Staples although I do see a 99 banner up there… Teams that win the cup are the ones that have the broadest range of talent. Alexander Ovechkin is an amazing player and can almost single handedly drag his team deep into the playoffs but I assure you he cannot win the cup all by his lonesome.

    Also, the reason you are not hearing about this deal is because it is NOT for Cammy and a pick… It is for much more than that. Giving away major parts of our core and future just for a star player that will cause us trading away more of our core just to sign will not give us the best chance in the post season. As far as I recall, the Pens don’t have the cup since he has been there either and they have Crosby, Staal, Fleury, Whitney, Letang, and a whole core comparable to ours.

  • Josh

    According to a source…

    “offer on the table between Ottawa and Kings, Spezza and OTT’s first round pick for Cammalleri and the Kings first round pick”

  • Matt George


    i dont want to read “youth and rebuilding from within” cited as a reason to NOT get malkin.

    once again, he’s TWENTY ONE

    you want to seriously know why we won’t get malkin?

    he doesnt play soccer!

  • Josh


    The Rumours are Rampant. The Malkin talk is at a fevered pitch. Malkin to LA Kings for Kopitar, Brown,and two first rounders. I just don’t buy it. While I do believe Malkin could get moved at a draft, I would be more likely on board at the next draft in Montreal. There is no real reason for the Pens to shop Malkin “right now.” That doesn’t mean the calls aren’t being made however…That is certain.

  • Ziggy Stardust

    Do any of you realize that maybe it takes more than just Cammalleri and the #2 to acquire a Hart Trophy candidate?

    How pleased would you be if they dealt Johnson, one of Kopitar or Brown or O’Sullivan plus the #2 pick for one player?

    Because that is what Pittsburgh is likely to be asking for in return and there is no way the Kings should give up three core players you can build around for just one player. Malkin is an elite level talent, but he needs to be surrounded by a pretty good group of players to be successful.

    He isn’t going to lead the Kings to success on his own. Gretzky, Robitaille, Kurri, Sandstrom, Blake, McSorley, Zhitnik, Granato, Hrudey, etc. couldn’t do it for the Kings in the 90’s and the same would apply if the Kings were to set themselves back by acquiring a player like Malkin.

    And if you really believe all it would take is Cammalleri and the #2 to get Malkin, then you are dumber than I thought.

  • John

    The thing is Anthony, it’s Malkin for the #2, #32, Camy & Hickey. Much steeper then your deal! TOO STEEP in fact!

  • Paincorp

    Don’t want Malkin. Don’t need Malkin (and his future salary).

    Jason Spezza for Cammi however? That one is interesting. Could we get a good defenseman with Ottawa’s pick at 18? I want Doughty, but Spezza is a monster and at 25, he’s got some quality years ahead of him.

    I’m just not sure if I want to bankrupt our d for another year to get him. maybe I just answered my own question.

  • Matt George

    Well really the bigger story is that Malkin is even being shopped after he said he would take less money to stay in Pitt.

    Personally I think the GM saw in Malkin what I saw in him during the playoffs. A dude who almost gave up.

    All the reports coming out now say the GM is desperate to keep Hossa over Malkin. Why? Because Hossa is more dependable.

    Cammalleri and the #2 is plenty for Malkin.


  • anthony

    Now I read another Eklund Rumor;

    His Highness and the #2 overall pick
    Jason Spezza and Ott. #1 pick

    This trade I would pass on. Doughty or Bogo are worth more than Spezza who always dissapears during the playoffs.

    My head is spinning.
    Gosh, will my practice suffer this week.

  • Anthony’s Mom


    Exactly what qualifies you as an NHL GM?

    You make yourself out as a fool with your whinny rants. Let DL do his job and you do yours, watch and support the Kings. That’s all, simple.

    Now go to your room.

    Go Kings!!

  • Aaron


  • Brian Murray

    Brian Murray told Team 1200 that he called the Penguins to ask about these Malkin rumors (as, obviously, he’d like to get in on the action). He was told that the rumors were false and that Malkin isn’t on the block.

    Take that for what you will…

  • 77 Hockey Sticks

    Anyone who thinks Cammy and the 2nd pick for Malkin would not be worth it is wrong. Even though we need D, having Malkin and Kopi centering our top two lines would help attract FA D men. Also, If we had the # 1 pick, we would take Stamkos, and that would only be a prospect who you would hope turns into the player Malkin has already become. If we did get Stamkos, and he did develop into a top NHL player, we would be faced with the same salary issue as if we had Malkin. Malkin is only 2 years into his NHL career and is already at the top tier. Basically if Malkin was available as in the draft we would take him. It would be like getting a number 1 pick with a guarantee that he will become what you hope for from any pick.

  • kyle

    The timing of signing Hossa has nothing to do with Malkin’s performance during the playoffs. Hossa’s unrestricted now. Malkin’s got a year on his current contract (at approx. $950K). If the Pens sign Hossa at his going rate they may not have enough cap room for everyone next year.

  • Daniel

    Please stop posting Eklund rumors. Repeating anything he says is like knowingly spreading herpes. It’s gross and irresponsible. Stop it.

  • Ed


    If you and Don can stop being reporters for a minute and be a fan. Who would you like to see the pick at #2? Who would Don like to see Kings pick?


  • BringBackKingston

    I think something has to give with Pit. Whether that makes the Kings good trading partners depends on which players are involved.

    from a salary cap perspective and RFA/FA status Pit will be hurting.

    Here is who is under contract this coming season with how many years are remaining after next year:

    Name CAP HIT AFter ’08-’09

    SYKORA, PETR 2,500,000 1
    GONCHAR, SERGEI 5,000,000 1
    WHITNEY, RYAN 4,000,000 4
    SYDOR, DARRYL 2,500,000 UFA
    GILL, HAL 2,075,000 UFA
    CROSBY, SIDNEY 8,700,000 4
    MALKIN, EVGENI 3,834,200 RFA
    STAAL, JORDAN 2,200,000 RFA
    that’s a total of $30.8M towards the cap

    Here are their RFA and cap hit last year:
    FLEURY, MARC-ANDRE 1,294,750

    Here are their FA and cap hit last year:
    HOSSA, MARIAN 6,000,000
    LARAQUE, GEORGES 1,200,000
    DUPUIS, PASCAL 880,000
    MALONE, RYAN 1,375,000
    ROBERTS, GARY 2,500,000
    RUUTU, JARKKO 1,150,000
    EATON, MARK 1,600,000
    ORPIK, BROOKS 1,037,500
    That a total of $15.7M

    Something has to give. Either they are letting some of their FAs walk or they are trading Malkin, Stall, or Whitney. Let’s say Fleury and Orpik get $3M each and Hossa re-ups for $6M that’s an additional $12M and brings their cap figure to over $42M. There’s not enough room to sign their left and right winger FAs.

    Pit will either be trading for picks or current players who have a low cap hit. There is no way they are trading for cammy who would result in another high cap hit.

    what if we bring our ’09 1st round pick into play?