Lombardi ’50-50′ on trade

The Associated Press just moved this draft-preview story with the following tidbit from Dean Lombardi. I’m expecting to get him on the phone myself shortly.


With his staff “bunkered down around the mattress” of his hotel room, Lombardi said Thursday he was busy fielding calls from as many as 20 teams, and weighing whether to trade the pick or use it on one of a solid corps of defense prospects ranked behind Stamkos.

“Probably 50-50,” Lombardi said, regarding what he’ll do.

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  • Matt George


    Meaning “I’m not tipping my hand to you Mr Associated Press or anyone else for that matter.”

    Sounds good to me.

  • Anonymous

    PLEASE draft Doughty…

    The last time we had a shot at a stud of the style of a Ray Bourque…some bonehead of a GM traded it for a sieve named Ron Grahame…

    I’m still not sold on Bogosian’s hockey sense…and it will take me YEARS to forgive DL if he drafts him above DD… This move will also prove that DL is a bigger bonehead than the one who traded the pick away for an aging polar bear playing in nets..but then I do apologize to any polar bears I may have insulted with that last statement…

    Again…the wise move is to keep the pick and think Doughty… He actually WANTS to play with the KINGS and I don’t know of ANYONE who openly has said that over the last two or three seasons… He is the best defenseman of the draft…PERIOD!!! Still he needs to bulk up a little and get another growth spurt to be the ultimate pick…but I’ll be hapy with him at 2…

  • Joe

    ^ bingo!

  • NMKingsFan

    Exactly, just means he WILL or he WON’T make a trade.
    Lombardi’s no fool.

  • anthony

    More likely than not, it must include Malkin.
    Who else would you trade a 2nd overall pick for. Just a few other exceptions, in my estimation.

    This is very exciting.
    Now, there’s a genuine expectation for a trade.
    Now, I’ll be very upset if a trade isn’t made.

    Guys, which team do you think is grabbing DL’s attention the most.

  • txkingsfan

    Hey Cammy? Can you hear that? Listen!

    Na Na Na Na … Na Na Na Na … hey hey hey … Good-Bye!

  • TeamHasHoles

    I’d be semi-stunned if he traded the pick at this point. But anything can happen I guess.

  • Maverick

    If he trades the pick it had better be for Crosby because breaking up our core now and blowing a potential “Ray Bourque” all on a star center doesn’t shout Cup to me. We have the potential to be a dynasty with all this young talent. Do not waste it on an expensive showboat forward. I fully expect that DL is just having fun and will end up drafting Doughty tomorrow at #2. I just can’t believe he would be foolish enough to do anything else unless some GM develops temporary retardation and trades away half their team/depth chart for the pick.

  • Duckhunter

    DL is playing everybody. He’s not going to give clues on what he’s doing.

    BY playing both side of the fence, you keep everybody guessing, therefore you keep the leverage on your side.

  • kyle

    Dean only said that to tweak Anthony. It’s also nicer to say 50-50 than “bleep you AP”. Still, you gotta admit it’s a treat to see even a few Kings fans so rabid about draft day.

  • Moondoggie

    Go DL go!

    Don’t you just love talking about and being passionate about hockey and having all the hoopla be about the Kings….in June???? Go DL! Go Rich! Thanx again for all the feedback and keeping us faithful in the loop. I’m wearing out the Refresh button on my computer!

  • smarter than most but not all

    shut up about malkin everyone please!!

    like anthony said, hes the next jaromir jagr (im not complimenting you anthony) therefore they will ask for our entire top line in return and maybe a couple picks. so please, please shut up about it, and eklund hasnt been right about a trade rumor EVER so dont buy in.

  • anthony

    Message to Lord Cammi,

    Better put your Manchester Beach house for sale.

    It’s Been Nice Knowin Ya.

  • JB

    At first glance I hear Malkin and I say hell yeah take him but then you think about it and realize that our young Kings didn’t have a problem w/ scoring. It’s the team defense that’s killing us.

    Malkin has great regular season numbers and can step up his offense during playoffs (even that was sporadic) but defensively he couldn’t kick it up.

    Keep the pick and shore up our D. Our offense is fine for now.

  • Daniel

    Uuhhhgggg. Someone just lock me in a hyperbaric chamber for the next 24 hours. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Cammy while he was here and scoring goals…but I feel that he’ll do better on another team as long as a shut down defensman (OR ANY decent defenseman) comes our way… Just call it addition by subtraction…

    Good luck with the new team…and not TOO good while playing against us…

    And this coming from a guy who once suggested that Verne Troyer go into the Kings locker room during a team meeting wearing Cammy’s jersey and have him complain that it’s too tight for him…

  • JDM

    Yes, it is awesome to have so much buzz around draft day on our side for once. I’m eating up every sweet second. Been waiting for tomorrow since half-way through the season.

    DL is like a bar rat flirting for free drinks. By entertaining calls for the 2nd pick, it also opens the door for discussion of trades involving those other 14 picks. I don’t want him to trade number two. I think if it were me I’d pick Bogosian, but I’m very torn, because I think Doughty could be the best of the group now and in the future… but then again Pietrangelo, while maybe more of a gamble, is a very interesting dude with his size and shape. I’m not afraid DL will screw this up, if anything simply because there are so many really legitimate options. He drafts Doughty, I’m stoked. Bogosian, sweet. Pietrangelo, exciting to see develop.

    I do desperately want a good second line center, so really I would love to see DL bait a team with a 10-20 pick into trading it for Cammi and the 28th, and we use that pick to draft snag someone like Kyle Beech, or whoever the best center available is, Jamie Arniel, who played with Stamkos, or Hodgson depending on high he could move up.

    I like the Kings going with youth and would rather actually draft players than take someone else’s player who is either causing them problems or isn’t as good as he should be hence why they’d be willing to part with him in order to draft someone better.

    On a second round note, I hope we use the 32nd pick on Jared Staal, or trade it down a few spots to grab him, since he’s ranked like 46 or around there. Can’t go wrong with someone from that family. I hear that while he is not as far along in his game as the other 3, he has the potential to be as good as Eric.

  • Ross

    To hear something like this, what it sounds like to me is a big banner to the other 28 teams (not including TB) saying come at me with your best offer. To get anything even remotely as vaguely specific as “Probably 50-50” from someone as calculating as Lombardi is a pretty explicit message. I wonder though if that is in reference to moving down or trading outright or both?

  • Duckhunter

    JB and others that say the same thing, I agree, after my initial excitement of the Malkin rumor, I’ve come to my senses.

    We need D, not O.

    The cost would keep us from signing Kop and JJ and others we need. I’d rather stick with the kids we have.

  • anthony


    Not to worry.
    When you see Malkin & Kopitar as your (1 – 2 punch) centerman, you’ll have a change of heart.
    And don’t forget to add Brian Boyle to that list.

    I don’t care how strong the other teams D-Men are. You won’t be able to stop both of them at the same time.
    The kings will be averaging 4-5 goals a game.

  • anthony

    Hey Rich,
    How’s that phone call coming along.
    I’m close to wetting my pants here.

  • Paul

    If the Kings trade Cammi, Kopitar, Brownie, the #2 pick, or any of the rest of the Kings young “core”, it’ll just prove that this Kings administration is no different then any other this team has had.

    The Kings have had a long, depressing history of trading away young talent before they get a chance to fully develop, and that talent goes on to win championships at other teams. The Kings history is littered with DOZENS of great players that got traded out of L.A. before they got great.

    Dean: If you want to prove to Kings fans that you’re different and you REALLY want to build a winner here, then DON’T make any stupid trades!

    And here’s a novel idea: If you MUST make a trade, how ’bout bringing a goalie in here that won’t allow 10 goals a night? Get us a veteran who can give the Kings a fighting chance at a playoff spot! They can hold down the fort until Bernier, Quick, and/or Zatkoff is ready to take the next step.

  • WhoThePuck

    Hey Rich,
    Quick poll based on the Malkin rumour would be nice.

    I can’t think of why we wouldn’t trade Cammi and a pick for Malkin.

  • voice of reason

    Anthony–you don’t really think the Penguins would give up Malkin for our #2 and Cammy do you? It’s not going to happen.

  • kyle

    Anthony’s right…look how Crosby and Malkin ate up the Red Wings’ defensemen. Scoring 4-5 means little if we can’t get our goals against numbers down. Having said that (and apologies for the snark) Anthony does have a point in that it would be hugely entertaining to have two such talented centers, but it’s going to mean a huge cap hit just to keep Kopi and Malkin, and it’ll mean a big hit on draft day when we’d have to give up more than just one pick just to get Malkin. I don’t want to go there.

  • Paul

    @Anthony: From all the rumors I’m hearing, Kopitar would have to be included in any deal for Malkin. No way I make that deal! Kopitar has more heart in his little pinkie then Malkin has in his whole body!

  • Goon Squad

    anthony said:
    “Now, I’ll be very upset if a trade isn’t made.”

    Yes, you will. “We could have had Malkin,” you’ll say over and over and over and over again. “Instead Dumbardi got another Hickey who won’t be ready for another 16 years.”

    But you will also be very upset if a trade IS made. Over and over and over and over again, you’ll say, “We could have had a defenseman who could have stepped in immediately and been an all-star, rookie of the year, playoff MVP, but instead Dumbardi got an unmotivated, overpaid, playoff underachiever.”

    The common denominator is you don’t like Lombardi, so no matter what he does you’ll be convinced it’s wrong. If there’s anyone out there who thinks that anthony can ever truly be happy, I have a bridge to sell you.

  • Captain Material

    This from an article on TSN:

    “”You guys make up more stuff than I can ever imagine,” Ottawa general manager Bryan Murray told reporters on Thursday. “I heard a rumour last night that Pittsburgh was moving one of their star players. I talked to their manager today to see if I could be included in the discussions and they kind of laughed at me.””

    If PIT had offered Malkin for Cammi and the #2, we’d all be buying our ‘Gino jerseys right now instead of speculating on this blog, because that deal would have been way too good to pass up.

    I know scoring is not our problem, but a player of that calibre for that little return is a no-brainer.

  • Duckhunter

    Ya I know Anthony, the thought is tantalizing, but if I’m not mistaking, Malkins looking for a 10+ year contract at 8-10 mil a year. Thats a lot of many to throw at one guy. If it doesn’t work out, your screwed because nobody will trade with that big contract.

    I like the thought though.

    How about if they throw Orpik in as well. I can dream right???

  • JDM

    Paul, you said it best. Twice.

  • Jon Glazer

    Remember, DL says he wants to get younger. I predict we’re giving up our pick for somebody else’s first rounders in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Next year we’ll exchange those three picks for a first rounder in 2014. Eventually we’ll end up with Scott Thornton’s first born son.

    All the while DL will preach patience, and Tim Liewicke will keep his job.

  • what can brown do for you?

    The only reason I can think of that DL didn’t pull the trigger on Malkin (if it is true), is that he may want to be sure of who the Lightning pick.

    Maybe there’s word they may pass up Stamkos???

    Just a thought, because if Malkin is the player that is holding him up, why wouldn’t he have pulled the trigger already?

  • Sam McMaster

    Anyone who thinks Pitts would trade Malkin for just Cammalleri and the #2 pick is undeniably delusional. It’s gonna take Brown, Frolov, or Kopitar to add to the mix….so you really think Dean would be crazy to not do that deal?

  • JB

    Anthony you need to catch up on your TIVO. There was a team out there that had a great 1-2 punch w/ Malkin and a great young goalie (hopefully Bernier will be as good someday).

    We have to play Detroit, Anaheim, Dallas and San Jose, all teams with great shut down D-lines.


  • what can brown do for you?

    Well, the one reason I see some validity is because the article on thefourthperiod.com mentioned that PIT wants to resign Hossa…much like it would cost us down the line to have Malkin, the Pens probably can’t resign Hossa and Malkin, so there is the possibilty that they shop Malkin. Also in the article, it said “a player believed to be Mike Cammalleri,” not “Mike Cammalleri”. So maybe it is Brown or Kopitar. If it is Cammi, do it, if it is Brown, I’m not so sure, if it is Kopitar, don’t do it. Brown is the only person there I would have trouble with the decision.

  • TeamHasHoles

    I think it’s time for your nap anthony… who really cares what will make him happy?

  • 28 KINGS

    “Internet GM Anthony wrote: I don’t care how strong the other teams D-Men are. You won’t be able to stop both of them at the same time.
    The kings will be averaging 4-5 goals a game.”

    Is that goals for or goals against? Who’s going to stop the other team from scoring 4 to 5 goals a game. It sure won’t be Malkin. You whine everyday about the Kings need a good defenseman , yet you want to do a deal that would prevent us from getting a possible franchise dman.Keep dreaming man.

  • Anonymous

    There is a chance that Malkin could come because Pittsburgh still has to have money to getoee players. Look at their line up, with Crosby, staal, gonchar, Whitney, and possibly fleury with millions of dollar contractsm they won’t have room if they sign malkin to a 9mil. Contract for.a whole team. I think that knowing the situation, pittsburgh would be lucky if they got our pick. They will pay the price if they sign him.

  • anthony

    28 Kings,
    You’re absolutely right.
    I do remember stating (quite often) that we need a good solid D-man.
    But that was before the prospect of acquiring a player like Malkin.
    His caliber is very rare.

  • JDM

    I wouldn’t trade Brown, even for Malkin. Brown is replacable ONLY by another player of his style. Without him, where’s the grit? Where’s the toughness? Hell, I wouldn’t even swap Brown for Malkin straight up; that’s how important I think Brown is to our future success.

  • Anonymous

    There is a chance that Malkin could come because Pittsburgh still has to have money to getoee players. Look at their line up, with Crosby, staal, gonchar, Whitney, and possibly fleury with millions of dollar contractsm they won’t have room if they sign malkin to a 9mil. Contract for.a whole team. I think that knowing the situation, pittsburgh would be lucky if they got our pick. They will pay the price if they sign him.

  • Anonymous

    Do the math on PIT and you’ll know they need to make a trade, whether its now or a year from now:

    Crosby 8.7
    Malkin 8.7 min.
    Fluery 5.6 min.
    Staal 5.0 min
    Hossa 7.0 min

    Total 35 Million on 5 players is the best case scenrio, you have probably 21 million left for 16 other players and we all know how much decent defenseman cost. Also factor in that PIT probably can’t spend to the cap or they’ll lose money. Every GM in the league knows this, so Malkin or whomever is not going to yield the same value. The Kings can afford to resign their young talent and a guy like Malkin…and I agree we need D, but realize that whomever we draft isn’t going to make an impact for a couple seasons, so we’ll need to address our short term problems through free agency, whereas, Malkin would make an immediate and substantial impact….not saying this trade will happen, but if you had a chance at him without breaking up our young core and other ways to get D, then you would be stupid not to.

    Any which way it turns out, the Kings will be a better team tomorrow.

  • Bob Bobson

    Boy, saying he is 50/50 on a trade is as close as you can get to saying nothing.

  • MstrB

    Nice to see Eklund cited the 50/50 comment you posted Rich with out give you credit.