What to expect

With the start of the draft just over 30 hours away…

— The Kings are fully expected to choose either Zach Bogosian or Drew Doughty with the No. 2 overall pick, assuming they’re not overwhelmed by a trade offer for the pick.

— If the Kings jump back into the top 15 (or so) of the draft, they will have their eyes on another defenseman. This depends entirely, of course, on how the draft shapes up.

— If the Kings keep the No. 28 pick, they’re hoping to find that one of the centers they covet is still available.

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  • NMKingsFan

    Did anybody see the Hockey News mock draft where they had the Kings trading the #2 for the Islanders #5 and their 2nd and 5th rounders. The Kings would then pick Filatov and the Isles, Bogosian. This makes absolutely no sense as the Kings need D and the Isles need scoring. Plus, I don’t see Lombardi trading for more draft picks, he has enough already and they will be used to move up and/or acquire a player. THN tanked on this one.

  • Bob Bobson

    I think it is realistic to package the #28 pick + Cammalleri for a top 15 or top 10 pick. Have at it Dean !

  • mcpuck

    The Kings need to keep the #2 pick and choose Bogosian. The need a “stay-at-home” defensemen. This guy is big, a good skater, and focuses on the defensive aspects. The Kings already have too many defensemen like Doughty.

  • Irish Pat

    I read the same thing. There’s a mock draft at cnn/si.com and they think the Kings will select Filatov at #2. I think it’s pretty safe to say these guys aren’t doing their homework.

    I completely agree with your speculation of trading Cammi and the 28th to move up. If the Kings draft Bogosian I’d like to see them gun for Del Zotto, but if they go for Doughty (my preference) I hope they shoot for Teubert. If they can’t trade up I’m hoping they can draft Anton Gustaffson at 28. Who would you like to see the Kings get?

  • Moondoggie

    mcpuck…I’m with you…I like Bogosian, a big, stay at home, good skating defenseman that passes well. He’ll also provide leadership, something we know DL is high on.

    The other thing, package Cammi and the 28th to move up. If they can snag another big D, excellent, if not, a young gun. It seems unlikely they’d be able to Cammi to Columbus for their 6th but since we’re all dreaming, why not? If LA could then pick 2nd and 6th for Cammi and the 28th, I believe our defensive woes will be a thing of the past….

  • Bob Bobson

    Irish Pat,

    I am really pulling for Bogosian but Doughty’s campaign to be a Kings really is appealing. As Helene Elliot pointed out, how many draftees say that ? In the end I am fine either way. Pietrangelo is supposed to have the most potential of the three but I hear conflicting reports about whether he is physical enough.

    I agree about trying to get Colton Teubert. Since Norstrom left, we have been missing that shutdown guy. What I think would be interesting is if DL can trade up and somehow get Tyler Meyers. He is a high risk / high reward player that Dean seems to really like.

  • anthony

    More and more sources out there are claiming that the Penguins are offering Malkin for Lord Cammi and the 2nd pick. Purpose is to sign Hossa and Jordan Staal to long term contracts.

    You would have to be crazy not to take that deal.
    He’s a franchise player.
    I don’t care how talented Diughty and Bogosian are claimed to be. Neither come close to Malkin.

    Does anybody out there find any truth in this.

  • Irish Pat

    I’m iffy on Pietrangelo as well. From what I’ve read about him he seems to lack fire in the belly. Potential is great but it seems that guys that have that lackadaisical tag in any sport never seem to really break through. I’m not entirely sold on Myers either, but I wouldn’t mind if we grabbed him by moving up.

    I’ve heard the Malkin rumors too and I agree that Lombardi would have to be nuts not to trade the 2nd overall pick and Cammi if it’s true. I just doubt that the rumor has any creedence.

  • Duckhunter

    I play fantasy hockey on yahoo and they have a rumors section that they write, upon which you can respond, like we do on this site. I wrote months ago how we should go after Malkin, simply because they couldn’t afford to resign all the talent they have.

    I got slammed, and was asked to share the drugs I was on. It makes me laugh to think, at least it’s being talked about and it’s a possibility. As long as we keep Brown and Kopitar, this would be a wet dream.

  • Maverick

    There is absolutely no way in hell Pit is trading Malkin for the #2 and Cammy straight up…

  • JDM

    Say we do trade Cammi and the #2 for Malkin. Awesome, so we score all these goals but… our blue line still stinks. If not with the best defensemen available in the draft, how would you propose to bolster the blue line? Hickey is our only defensive prospect with any serious potential, and as excited as I am to see how good he gets, he’s the size of a golf ball.

    I’m flipped to most of the opinions. I think there just might be some truth to the Malkin rumor. I do see Pitts having trouble signing him next year (he doesn’t strike me as a particularly loyal person), and after his poor play really helping cost them their coveted cup for young Sid, combined with their record of drafting amazing, very near-nhl ready players, I can see them thinking that with Bogosian or Doughty they have a better shot at a cup in the coming years.

    However, even if Malkin were offered, I don’t know that I would take it. Yes, we need a second line center, and yes, Malkin would fill that hole rather nicely. But as I said in the other thread, I’m remiss to trade that 2nd pick for anything, partly on principle of the Kings not having drafted high enough in the last 10 years.

    Also… as good as Malkin is, I have gotten the impression that Pittsburg is more committed to Staal because of his defensive play than they are Malkin.

    Ah, rumors are fun aint they? Tomorrow the curtain finally comes up.