Anatomy of a draft pick

Here’s the path the Kings took to drafting defenseman Colten Teubert with the No. 13 pick tonight…

The Kings acquired a 2008 first-round pick from Dallas in the trade last season that sent Mattias Norstrom to the Stars. That pick ended up being the No. 28 overall pick.

The Kings sent that No. 28 pick, along with the No. 17 pick they acquired by trading Michael Cammalleri to Calgary, for the Ducks’ No. 12 pick, which the Ducks had acquired from Edmonton.

The Kings, eyeing defenseman Colten Teubert, thought they could move down from the No. 12 spot and still get Teubert. They had a deal in place, with an unnamed team, to move down two or three spots but Buffalo, which held the No. 13 pick, was nervous about missing out on its targeted player. The Kings and Sabres talked, and the Kings agreed to trade the No. 12 pick for Buffalo’s No. 13 pick, plus a third-round pick in 2009, UNLESS the Kings and Sabres coveted the same player.

How did they resolve this? Each GM got out pen and paper and wrote down which player he wanted to draft. They agreed to make the 12-13 swap if they coveted different players, so that the third, unamed team wouldn’t swoop in and steal Buffalo’s targeted player. They showed each other the papers. The Kings wanted Teubert; the Sabres wanted Tyler Myers.

The Kings and Sabres made the swap. Buffalo took Myers at No. 12 and the Kings took Teubert at No. 13.

And it’s just that simple…

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  • Anonymous

    …and if that’s simply how that went down, then DAMN, Rich! That kind of behind the scene reporting is just another reason why Kings fans are so lucky to have you and this blog! And that isn’t even giving credence to Don and that fantastic job he has been doing with all of his interviews, as well!

    Its been said here many times, but “THANK YOU” Rich & Don! This kind of in-depth, obejctive hockey reporting we get here about the Kings is 2nd to none!!!

  • Goon Squad

    Yeah, thanks Rich. Your explanation filled in the gap for me, namely I couldn’t figure out why Buffalo would still want to trade up knowing that their guy would have fallen to 13 anyway. It was the threat of that 3rd team trading with us and taking Myers.

  • Aaron

    Why would they still make the trade then? They knew they could get their player without losing the 3rd rounder?

  • Moondoggie

    Oh…ya just gotta like this guy…..

    Colten Teubert is going to make a great King…..DL made several great moves to get this kid.

  • Paul

    First off, I LIKE Colten Teubert and I think he’ll be a great NHL player, hopefully for the Kings.

    But I’m starting to have a real problem with what Lombardi did to draft Teubert. In essence, he traded Matty Norstrom, Mike Camalleri, and a 1st round pick for Colten Teubert. Doesn’t sound fair to me. Plus I would have much rather had Tyler Meyers then Colten Teubert. It’s not every day that Zdeno Chara is available in the draft.

    On the Doughty pick, I give Lombardi an A+. On this pick, I’ll be generous and make it a D-.

  • David


    PLEASE SELL THE TEAM ASAP! You won’t have to fret too long, since the NHL will grant you a new franchise in Kansas City for your new arena there.


    DL’s been treating the Kings Franchise like it’s an expansion franchise with all of this stockpiling of draft picks!

    So DL traded Cammi to the Flames. I’m not sorry to see Cammi go, since I don’t think he got the “team” concept very well.

    What I do have a very big problem with is the ROI, a.k.a. return on investment.

    We moved up from the 28th pick in the first round to the 12th pick in the first round.

    THAT JUST DOESN’T CUT IT, DL! You’ve got to get more value for Cammi than that!


    There had to be a deal out there where DL could have secured a legitimate D-Man to help us out RIGHT NOW.

    Anthony’s been right all along…..Maybe by 2017 the Kings will finally be a contender!

    Bob Miller’s got to be thinking….. “I’m gonna be 100 by the time this team wins the Stanley Cup!”


  • kk

    David. save the capital letters for some other website. Yelling (either in person or print) only amplifies how far off base you are If you think there was a deal out there for a top 4 defenseman then please explain why no other team was able to do such a deal. As for cammi take your fingers off the shift button and think about what happens after this season. He had one more year on his arbitration award at 3.6. He’s an RFA next year and we will not pay him the 5-6 million he’ll want. So when he walks we have nothing in return. When that happens you’ll be typing in all caps about why Desn didn’t get value for MC before he flew out of LA.
    The job DL does isn’t easy. At least we’re not being schizophrenic. Like it or hate it we know where Dean’s going and we can still afford Kopi Sully and JJ

  • Chuck

    That’s classic! Write a hidden name and if they don’t match, we have a trade.


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