Cloutier’s contract

Hopefully my math is correct here…If the Kings do end up buying out Dan Cloutier’s contract, they will take a salary-cap hit of $1.05 million during the 2008-09 and 2009-10 seasons. They’ll be on the hook, salary-cap wise, for two-thirds of his remaining contract. He’s due $3.1 million next season, so that would be just under $2.1 million. Then that’s spread over double the time of the remaining contract, so that’s two years at roughly $1.05 million each year.

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  • SuperSonic420

    Well thats actually not bad at all. Its not likely the Kings will spend 1 mill up to the cap anyway. Speaking of buyouts, is McCauley all taken care of and off the books now? I think DL might have to start up a “buyout fund” associated with the cap, ya know, just in case. If Handzus doesnt back bounce next season with a vengence, he may very well be the next to be bought out. I think if he even improves a little over last year he should at least be tradeable.

    Rich, what is your impression a deal for Lubo could possibly go through? He really only had one bad season, its just that it seemed the wheels really fell off hard when they did. Could his struggles be from playing under Crawford, or is there really something we should worry about in the future with him?

  • Jeff

    Personally, I would avoid the 2-year cap hit, (not that it really matters since with the youth movement we’re not going to be near the cap anyway), and bury his a$$ down somewhere else (likely the ECHL), and let him rot for his last year. That way, come April, we’re done with him for good. Let him think about everything he said to the Vancouver reporter, the Super 8, instead of paying him while he could possibly play for and also be getting paid by another team.

  • SuperSonic420

    Checked out and got the info. We are still on the hook for McCauley at 667,000 for the next three years. So our total buyouts for the next two years, so far, is just over 1.7 million. The buyouts shouldnt effect payroll at all really, so I guess thats the positive side.

  • FrolovFan

    I dont mine taking a $1 million cap hit for Cloutier NOT to play!

  • anthony

    How much are they on the hook for McCauley.
    And for how many years.

  • kings99

    We just need to be careful in the F/A market for a while. These “hole fillers” are not worth the $$ when you aren’t going to win and there are kids that could play as well. F/A’s will work for us when we need a ringer or filling the holes get’s us a round further into the playoffs!

  • petey

    Wait a second, I’m confused. Usually the first post is some dribble from Anthony. So I will just say what Anthony is gonna say:
    What a stupid trade and extension by our genius GM Dean Lombardi. Just another in the line of stupid moves this guy has made.
    Now, let’s trade Lord Cammi and the 2nd overall pick in a 3 way deal that can get the Kings Malkin and the 1st overall so they can choose Stamkos. But even Lombardi would screw that up some how with drafting some guy projected to go in the 2nd round. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Yadda, yadda, yadda.
    Did I cover everything?

  • ryan oliver

    Yeah Petey, that about covers it.

  • ryan oliver

    There is no way that cap hit is going to effect the Kings. If they do go for a youthful roster,(and I hope they do), the only plugs they will need are one or two d-men. the cap hit will be nothing.

  • Matt George

    On a different note.

    I’ll be glad when we get drew but I gotta say … with three hours to go..

    this pre draft has been pretty lame .. no cool blockbuster trades..

    and as I remember last year it was pretty much the same thing…

    why oh why do i get myself so worked up.

  • anthony

    Petey & Ryan Oliver,
    Guess I proved the both of you wrong.
    Not the first time, I might add.
    You should be fortunate I’m a good sport.

    Now lets root for some good fortune today.

  • BringBackKingston

    does anyone know where one can watch the draft over the net?

  • petey

    Anthony, proved us wrong? Not the first time? Please explain to me, in all your wisdom, when the first time was.

  • JDM

    Jeff, I disagree. Cloutier being a physical member of any team associated to the Kings leaves his insidious stain of poor performance to bleed in to others. Take the cap hit! Be done with him once and for all. Once we buy him out the scab he has been occupying should heal over finally.

    Hey, 30 minutes to go!

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