• Anonymous

    I love this pick, this is exactly what we needed. We got our nasty guy we wanted.

  • JP Martin

    i like the picks we have had … one offensive defencemen with an under-rated defensive game and a very physical nasty defencemen plus more picks for us and have unloaded one player that most of us are content to let go. this has been a great draft day!!!

  • DP

    Great first day.

  • Daniel

    Awesome! He is a bad-ass! Kings just got their toughness.

  • PuckHead27

    I had a feeling when they traded down to 13th that they were going for Teubert.

    Wow, Doughty and Teubert!! Nice!

  • Paul-Cat


    Now that Doughty and Teubert have been picked, is there anything you can share with us from your meetings with Dean and the scouting staff about them or how heavily the Kings wanted Teubert. Is this something you saw coming?

  • MacSwede

    Is he worth cammy?? is he??

  • Joey

    He’ll be worth Cammy if he becomes a Kings regular and is on the roster for more than one year. Dean seemed pretty convinced he wouldn’t be able to re-sign Cammy. Goodness knows we need players that will keep the puck out of our net.

  • Chuck

    These two picks (Doughty and Teubert) alone, made the Kings draft. Everything else is gravy! Offensive D-man with good defensive capabilities, and a bad-as_ stay-at-home d-man with a nasty streak! Our back-end is stocked now!!