Live from the draft party

Here at the Nokia Theater, which is really a beautiful venue. The fans are starting to filter inside, with Jim Fox doing a fabulous job working the crowd. It’s a nice setup on the stage, where Jim, Bob Miller and Luc Robitaille will start hosting around 4 p.m. Lots of chatter and speculation about whether the Kings will be able to trade back into the top 15, but nothing yet and no indication that the No. 2 pick will be anyone but Drew Doughty.

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  • Carey

    What have you heard about the Cammalleri for Stoll trade?

  • anthony

    Wish I was there sharing the experience.
    Must be having a blast.

    On another note, Why isn’t Lord Cammi traded yet.
    I was expecting him to be dumped by now.
    Disturbs me greatly that he’s still around.
    Now I’m hoping that a trade will be anounced from the table. Or else.
    DL can’t be serious about wanting to this puck hog

  • ChrisH

    TSN’s Darren Dreger says the Kings and Oilers are in trade discussions involving Cammi and Jarret Stoll.

  • Tito Jackson

    Anyone find an online host to watch the draft live?

  • Pat McGroyn

    Jarret Stoll??? Great, just what we need on the Kings…another victim of Rachel Hunter’s Cougar attacks!!!

  • Arron

    Cammi just traded for the 12th overall pick in a three way deal.

  • dominic lavoie

    3 way deal – Kings lose Cammy – get #12 from Anaheim through Calgary!

  • Jimmy Crack Corn

    Hey Rich, its ON!!!
    Where you holding up? I’ll buy you a beer (even though though they’re free). Just announced the 3 team swap. OH $h!t

  • SuperSonic420

    WTG Dean, good start to the draft!

  • Pat McGroyn


    I cannot find anywhere online to watch the draft, however there is a live radio stream at

  • Tito Jackson

    Many thanks Pat

  • Anonymous

    Still struggling to watch/listen anywhere online. What happened to the feed from Anyone know?

  • 28 KINGS

    And the pick is…Doughty!