Nervous moment

Even though, by this afternoon, everyone was fairly certain the Kings would draft defenseman Drew Doughty with the No. 2 pick, there was a nervous moment for Doughty just before the draft started.

Sitting in the stands with his family, Doughty watched as Kings GM Dean Lombardi and Calgary GM Darryl Sutter had a long conversation and shook hands. Doughty thought the worst.

“I kind of buried my head in my hands,” Doughty said. “I said, `Oh, no.’ I really wanted to be a L.A. King.”

Doughty, who grew up as a fan of the Wayne Gretzky-era Kings, was concerned that the Kings had just traded their No. 2 pick to Calgary. Doughty was quite relieved to learn that while the Kings did trade a first-round draft pick, it was their No. 28 pick and had nothing to do with him or the No. 2 pick. A few minutes later, Doughty became a King.

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  • Daniel


    Thanks for your coverage. Being at work, and with no online webcast (??!?!?!?) it was nice to see your updates. I’ll be checking in from bed tomorrow morning.

    P.S. did anyone else notice how rosey Bettman’s cheeks were? Been catching up on the NHL Networks repeat of the 1st round and it’s pretty crazy. I wonder if he hires his own make-up girl. Or guy.

  • JDM

    Awesome coverage today Rich. Loved the constant updates. How likely do you think it is that Teubert can jump in to the nhl? Is he at least headed for Manchester?

  • JDM

    Hey, it worked! At first I thought you’d locked me from commenting for my long diatribes =P.

  • SuperSonic420

    No Manchester for Teubert next season. He will be 19 and have to go back to juniors if the Kings dont keep him.

  • Maverick

    Just wanted to say Rich that you and Don have done an absolute fantastic job with the blog. We appreciate everything you guys do for us. Thanks for keeping us up to date and giving us the inside angles.

  • Paincorp

    How nice is it to have a high draft pick that actually WANTS to be a King??? I’m so high on Doughty right now, just for the simple fact that he wants to be here. Does anyone here truly appreciate how refreshing that is???

    Everyone of us as Kings fans should truly relish in it. Most kids with any skills dream of being on a Canadian team or the Red Wings, or Rangers, or Devils, etc. etc. How many players (and please go back as far as you can remember) that we have drafted, hell that have EVER been drafted, can you name that have publicly come out and said “I have always wanted to be a L.A.King!” I’ve been a fan for 28 years now and this is the first one I can EVER remember saying this.

    It’s about damn time. Maybe he’ll be the one to start a trend.

    Bigtime welcome Drew! You’ve made this Kings fan happy and proud today. I’m looking forward to having you on the blueline THIS season.

  • silver

    Thanks for all the updates! After years of no off-season news it is great to be able to come home & check the rss feed.

  • Nick M.

    I’ll be there the first regular season game D Doughty plays as a king and I will cheer my head off.

  • Goon Squad

    When I heard about Doughty’s stated preference of playing for the Kings, I have to admit I was totally unimpressed. But after reading Lombardi’s comments regarding the search for a new coach (namely, he wants somebody who wants this job and will campaign for it), I now feel like it’s a really cool little icing on the cake that Doughty committed that way when he really didn’t have to. Why not give an extra look to a guy who wants to be here.

    I like Bogosian roughly equally to Doughty. Did anyone else get the feeling Bogosian seemed much less enthusiastic about where he ended up going. He looked disappointed and I don’t think it was just about going 3rd instead of 2nd. As a Kings fan, that feels really good.

  • Jimmy Crack Corn

    Just got back from the draft party (and a few downtown drinking establishments afterward). Congrats to DL & the Kings for a successful 1st day at the tables and for a good PR event @ the Nokia, A great time was had. Looking forward to rounds 2 thru 7 tomorrow, hopefully without a hangover.

  • Moondoggie

    Great job again Rich…Thx for all of the inside reporting, you have once again outdone yourself. See y’all tomorrow after an outstanding first day!