Today’s story

No big news out of Ottawa this morning — thankfully, no rumors of Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier and Jari Kurri all coming out of retirement to play for the Kings — but here’s a link to the story that appeared in this morning’s Daily News (and other papers).

Kings begin busy offseason with today’s draft; Doughty appears to be their pick

Still every reason to believe that Doughty will be the pick.

I’ll be heading down to the draft party this afternoon for a full report on the draft…

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  • Irish Pat

    Ah, June 20th… Merry Christmas everyone!! Or should I say Merry Kingsmas? Okay, maybe not. Should be a fun day today and tomorrow. Can’t believe I’ll be getting up before 6am on a Saturday.

  • Anonymous

    Cloutier Waived !!!

  • kingskicka$$

    Per TSN…

    The Clout’s buy out process has begun. See the Emery article.

  • JamesMir11

    Hey rich thanks alot for all the updates. This is the only legitimate website that provides me with everything that I need to know about my favorite hockey team. Let’s go Kings, and let’s hope that our pick is a good one and that the trades are equally as well.

    But, I have a question. Does anyone know the status of Erik Ersberg and whether Deano is looking to sign him?

  • KingFan4ever

    Dear Mr. Lombardi,

    For once, in the history of the Kings organization…..Stick with the plan. Draft Doughty at No. 2.

  • brianguy

    I was thinking there might be a trade, but…I’ll take him. he’ll make us a much better team next year if not this year, and in the long run. congrats Deano you got this one out of the way under your belt without killing us all.

  • nykingfan

    Big day for the Kings franchise. I have confidence DL and the scouting staff know what they are doing. Sorry Anthony…
    Interesting show on NHL Network last night. It was all acess with St. Louis Blues before and during last years draft.
    During the draft they went through the Blues reactions to the picks before their 1st rd pick and when Hickey’s name was called…the reaction from the Blues staff was “Smart pick”.
    I’m not saying they’re right or wrong, but apparently they didn’t agree with the projections either. Think about that before you criticized DL for that pick.

  • Eric K

    I would be extremely satisfied with Doughty.
    I would be even more satisfied if I never had to see Cloutier in a Kings jersey again.
    I would be most satisfied if we could get another top-notch defenseman in this draft (AKA top 15).

    Did I mention I am absolutely wired right now? To be honest, I’d be all right if we don’t trade away Cammo or Lubo, because I think they both are potential keys to a future playoff run. But if we lose one to get a younger stud D-man, so be it.

    See you all after the draft. GO KINGS!