Czarnik’s plans

Robert Czarnik intends to attend the University of Michigan this fall.

CORRECTION (part 2): The Kings traded their first fourth-round pick, No. 92, to San Jose for the Sharks’ fourth-round pick in 2009 (not 2008), plus a fifth-round pick in 2010. Yes, really, we’re already talking about 2010 picks.

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  • Jeff Fields

    According to the draft board, Tampa has 117

  • typicaljs

    did they trade that 117th to tampa or was that really their 2008 4th round pick ? booo on the lack of reporting on trades and pick switching going on. Thanks for trying to keep us updated though rich.

  • Anonymous

    Let the stockpiling of picks continue. The next trade will be for our 5th rd pick for a 2015 4th rd pick. Do it Deano…The fans are in no hurry to see a contender..We will be ok to wait until 2020

  • SuperSonic420

    Red Berenson’s least favorite NHL team – Los Angeles Kings.

    Sounds like another guy that is going to get a ton of experience with a great Michigan program. And just as he’s hitting his stride in his soph/junior year, the Kings will swoop in and sign him away. Hope he is another Cammy (potential/talent wise) and not Tamberlini. I guess we’ll see in a couple years.