Kings draft Garrett Roe

With their seventh-round pick (No. 183 overall) the Kings drafted Garrett Roe, a left winger out of St. Cloud State University. Roe is 20 years old and listed at 5-8, 162 pounds.

The Kings have traded their second seventh-round pick (No. 185) to St. Louis…which is where the pick started. In return, the Kings got a 2009 seventh-round pick.

This SHOULD be the end of the Kings’ draft. We’ll see what happens, and I expect to get Dean Lombardi on the phone sometime this late morning/afternoon.

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  • Anonymous

    Interesting another smallish 20 year old. It will be interesting how they will do in Manchester(Assuming Roe will be there next season)

  • Tompa

    Awesome coverage Rich, I am very pleased with this draft.

  • Reaper

    Kings got STL’s 7th next year for their 7th this year that we got for Aubin.

  • Paul

    Thanks for the EXCELLENT coverage of the draft Rich! It was TOP NOTCH!

  • James Flagg

    Great job Rich…some questions for DL:

    What is the chance to bring Voinov over this year to play major junior ? Assume he had to have some level of confidence that he could eventually get this guy to North America, since he spent such a high pick for him……

    Why did he feel he needed to trade up in round 3 to get a guy (Campbell) that was not even ranked by Central Scouting ? Did they think another team was on him that would have grabbed him before the next Kings pick at 81 ? This pick may ultimately tell us what we want to know (or don’t want to know) about the Kings player evaluation ability, and their ability to game the draft….’Stockpiling’ picks means nothing if you waste them…..

    That said, I hope everyone we drafted today comes through….Go Kings !

  • scsuhuskyfan

    Roe will enter his sophomore season at St. Cloud State this year in Minnesota. He led all freshman scorers in the nation last season with 45 points and despite his smallish size, he is a pest on the ice for opponents. Kings have a good late round selection here.

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  • Nick Voigt

    I attend St. Cloud State and watch Roe every weekend. He is not that small. He is 5’9″, 175. He is a shorther version of Alex Ovechkin. He parks himself in front of the net. He hits people that are bigger than him all the time. And he makes the opposing teams so angry that they take penalties just to get shut him up. He wants to be as good defensively as offensivley. And you see the numbers he iis putting up. Believe me that this is a great pick.

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