Kings draft Justin Azevedo

With their first pick of the sixth round (153rd overall), the Kings drafted center Justin Azevedo from Kitchener of the OHL. Azevedo is listed at 5-7, 183 pounds and is 20 years old.

Azevedo was the OHL’s leading scorer, with 124 points (43 goals and 81 assists) and was voted player of the year by media. He played in the same league as No. 1 pick Steven Stamkos and John Tavares, the consensus No. 1 pick in the 2009 draft. Interesting pick.

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  • Anonymous

    What do you think about this pick Rich??

  • Anonymous

    I know he is small, but this guy is a proven winner. He is a goal scorer..It is a steal at this pick.

  • Daniel


    I love this pick. Yes, he is small and has been over-looked the last couple drafts but he can step right in at Manchester now and hopefully, after gaining more strength and experience, up to the Kings in a year or two. Here are some other awards he garnered this year:
    Red Tilson Trophy for the most outstanding player in the OHL
    Eddie Powers Memorial Trophy for being the top scorer in the OHL
    Ed Chynoweth Trophy for being the top scorer of the Memorial Cup
    CHL Player of the Year
    CHL Top Scorer Award
    Wayne Gretzky 99 Award for being the most outstanding player in the OHL playoffs

    Not bad! I like winners!

  • Matt R

    Maybe I’m missing something here, but how is this guy a 6th round pick when he led the OHL in scoring? He outscored both Stamkos and Tavares. I realize that he never scored more than 69 points in the OHL before last season, but does that matter that much? Someone please explain this to me!

  • Rich Hammond

    Thanks…brain cramp.

  • Rich Hammond

    Matt…I’m not a scout or GM, but I would deduce that the questions about Azevedo would deal with both his size and his age, since he’s 20.

  • Maverick

    He dropped because of his size, age, and linemates… His linemate was none other than Mikkel Boedker so his stats are a little inflated. But this is a really good pick, this guy may blossom into a dominant second line center. A+ pick.

  • brianguy

    great gamble… I love it. LOVE it

    awesome grab in the 6th — this pick is definitely “Luc Robitaille”-esque and it would be great to see him make it to the NHL especially with the Kings. I just can’t believe he survived that long. definitely best player available

  • Anonymous

    Actually, Mikkel Boedker played in Kitchener but was NOT Azevedo’s linemate (powerplay – yes…Boedker played point with the man advantage). He did however play with Matt Halischuk (scored game winner for team Canada in Juniors) and Nick Spalling…both very, very, good hockey players. I have seen Azevedo play a lot and hope succeeds in the NHL. Is the biggest sleeper in the draft in my opinion.

  • Chuck

    Size matters in the NHL. The kid leads the OHL in scoring and drops to the 6th round, as a reward. Great pick DL. I hope Azevedo sticks it to the rest of the league, for letting him fall so far.

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