No more No. 101

It seems the Kings also gave up their No. 101 fourth-round pick to Buffalo in that swap of third-round picks. So the Kings aren’t scheduled to pick again until the start of the fifth round. The draft is seven picks into the fourth round right now.

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  • David


    PLEASE SELL THE TEAM ASAP! You won’t have to fret too long, since the NHL will grant you a new franchise in Kansas City for your new arena there.


    DL’s been treating the Kings Franchise like it’s an expansion franchise with all of this stockpiling of draft picks!

    So DL traded Cammi to the Flames. I’m not sorry to see Cammi go, since I don’t think he got the “team” concept very well.

    What I do have a very big problem with is the ROI, a.k.a. return on investment.

    We moved up from the 28th pick in the first round to the 12th pick in the first round.

    THAT JUST DOESN’T CUT IT, DL! You’ve got to get more value for Cammi than that!


    There had to be a deal out there where DL could have secured a legitimate D-Man to help us out RIGHT NOW.

    Anthony’s been right all along…..Maybe by 2017 the Kings will finally be a contender!

    Bob Miller’s got to be thinking….. “I’m gonna be 100 by the time this team wins the Stanley Cup!”


  • James Flagg

    What happened to pick 92, acquired from TB for Ryan Munce ? Was it tosed into another deal ? Can’t find any info…..

  • Paul-Cat

    That pick went to San Jose it appears. No idea for what yet though.

  • Paul-Cat

    Is Anthony now going by David??

    What more did you expect for Cammy. He underperformed this past year, he is in the last year of his contract and will probably be seeking $5 million per year and he didn’t want to be here.

    We use that pick to get a highly touted d-man with a tough edge to him.

    Let some time pass before you start casting your doubts. So far, so good as far as I’m concerned.

  • DellaNooch

    Welcome to the delusional minority opinion David…I think the intelligent majority is pretty happy with this draft so far…if cammy had come out publicly this summer and said he wants to get an extention in place now, his value would have been higher, but he didn’t, and which GM wants to give up the farm for a one year player coming off of his worst season? Make no mistake, he will be an UFA next summer and Calgary will have to pay more than 5 million a season to get him, it’ll be more like 6 million when the bidding war is done, especially if he stays healthy and plays on Iginla’s line, thus putting up career numbers.

    With that, I’m confused about the picks too, we had fifteen, how many did we get rid of, and for what? Can you get us a recap Rich?

    Also, thanks Rich for all your hard work, this has been the best draft experience as a result….like I said before, Rich Appreciation Night at the Skybox, opening night, who else is buying?

  • -J

    Anyone else getting tired of the armchair GM ‘i know better, should have gotten this for that when i know absolutely nothing about what was out there’ thing around here yet?

    Everyone’e entitled to their opinion, but seriously, some of you just grasp for anything to b!tch about.

    In one draft DL has taken our D-core from a weakness to one to envy around the league. Moving Cammi allowed them to get the player they targeted, dump a player they had serious doubts would stay beyond next year, and also immediately opened a spot in the top 6 for one of the younger forwards (probably purcell or boyle) that figure more into the longer term youth plan.

    You complain about ROI- Cammi was traded for 17th overall (which was then traded to move to 12th)- Tanguay, a better, more established player, went for 25th overall. You need to compare ROI to market value, because it is far more telling than your opinion of what his worth is.

    At this point, like it or not, it is very clear what direction the team is headed for the next couple of years. If you don’t like it, i suggest you find another team to follow for the time being, or you’re going to be continually disappointed.

  • David


    What kind of name is that BTW?

    I’ve been in the “Intelligent Delusional Majority” for 35 years now. One trip to the Finals during that span. WAHOO!

    I just love finishing dead ass last in the Western Conference and wouldn’t be surprised if that happened again next year.

    Why doesn’t DL just trade our entire roster for draft picks for the next five years and then bring up everyone from Manchester for the upcoming season?

    He’s completely gutted the Franchise, so why not finish it off?

  • voice of reason

    David–just because you have been a fan for 35 years doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about.

    Take a look around the internet and you will find people hailing the Kings as one of the biggest winners in this years draft. Two or three years from now this team has the potential to not just be good, but scary good. We have two potential franchise defensemen in Johnson and Doughty, and then a skilled puck mover in Hickey, and a punishing shutdown player in Tuebert. What more could you possibly ask for?

    Not one media outlet is saying the Kings got hosed on their Cammy deal. The only people who share that opinion are a couple of Kings’ fans who enjoy complaining for the sake of it.

    This team is going to go thru some growing pains the next couple years, but the end result is going to be terrific. Not to mention how much sweeter it will taste after watching this team grow together.

  • Paul-Cat

    “Gutted the franchise?”

    What the hell are you talking about? He traded one young player? Kopitar, Brown, Frolov, O’Sullivan, Jack Johnson, Bernier, Brian Boyle, Moulson, Purcell, Simmonds, HIckey and on and on and on.

    If he had traded any of these guys I would have said he is gutting the franchise. Our best players are our young players and by stock piling picks he is stabilizing depth should we be unable to financially afford them when we need to sign them long term.

    I think after thirty-five years you should proud that we are finally moving in the right direction instead of this senility setting in!

  • -J

    If by gutting, David, you mean signing our most electrifying player (brown) to a long term contract, trading mediocre/journeymen players for an up and coming elite defensman (Johnson) and burgeoning two-was forward (O’sullivan), building through the draft, trades, and college signings a team that can grow and age together so they can, hopefully, peak at the same time and compete for years on end, rather than do quick patchwork and be mediocre, than by all means DL has gutted the Franchise.

    In your 35 years of kings fandom, how many times have they rebuilt the team? Look where the patchwork got them- 1 finals trip. Look around the league at teams that have had continued success- most build from within through acquiring a strong, young core, precisely what DL is trying to get done here.

    I’ve been a fan for >20 years, but i don’t let that blind me to what’s going on. Instead, I’ve embraced the rebuild as another facet of hockey that, as kings fans, we really haven’t gone through before (though i’ve followed closely other teams that have). There is much more to the enjoy about the game than just wins and losses- as fans, some of us choose to learn something through the rebuild process and enjoy watching the team grow and others choose to nitpick DL’s every move and continue being disgruntled fans.

  • 28 KINGS

    David you seem to be stuck in the WIN NOW, screw the future mentality that has always followed this team. For the first time in the clubs history we have a chance to do things the right way,build a team with our own drafted guys, instead of trading them away when they struggle. I bet you would have traded Brown 2 years ago as he struggled to find his game, for some way past his prime player like Bill Guerin. The Taylor/Lieweekly era of quick fix/trade picks time is over.

    And I think you over value Cammi’s worth. It’s pretty obvious reading DL’s quotes regarding the trade. You would not have gotten guys like Sutter or Webber straight up for him without throwing in a 1st and another player.
    We also saved 3.5 million in cap space, which could be used to land….A DEFENSEMEN.