One more on Voinov

It’s a little uncertain to me how his first name is accurately spelled. It’s either Vjateslav or Vyacheslav. Call him Double-V for now. Here’s what Central Scouting had to say about him:

“Vjateslav is a talented and skilled defenseman who needs some time to develop. He is strong in the defensive zone and is able to make good decisions with the puck. He needs to get stronger and to improve on his first-step quickness.”

This past season was either the first or second of his three-year contract in Russia. Not totally sure which. That’s a question for Lombardi at the end of the day.

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  • Shakes

    i say we turn it up a notch and call him Quad V.

  • Frolov Fan

    Not a big fan of this pick. We are short in defenseman but we got 2 great ones in the first round.I was really hoping for Deschamps here. Redline and Mckeens had alot more negatives listed on Voinov. I am a believer in Lombardis drafting ability so I will give him the benefit of the dought.

  • anthony

    Should’ve chosen Dechamps.
    He was ranked as a to 20 forward.

  • Bob Bobson


    Thanks for everything you are doing on this blog. It is a haven for Kings fans everywhere. I have also noticed more and more newspapers have reporter blogs similar to yours…just not quite as good. Not sure who started this but regardless, I think it is a great boon for hockey fans everywhere !

  • Shakes

    @ Bob Bobson
    in keeping with the Quad V’s theme, “Bob Bobson” may be the first person to comment to have his first name in his last name. Bob.

  • -J

    If he had been playing in NA last year, he would have been a 1st round pick, no doubt.

  • anthony

    Sh_t, now Anaheim took the Dechamps.
    He’s kinda like an Oscar Moeler, a first rounder that slipped to #2.

  • DellaNooch

    I like what TSN.CA said about him, he never gave up in the Summit Series even though Canada kicked them to the curb…I must say that his pic is horrible…he does look like a chick…and I’m also surprised DL drafted a Russian…as for nicknames, what about V-Force

  • mask0425la

    Rich, the common spelling is Vyacheslav, although I guarantee that he’ll go by Slava (if he makes it) as did Fetisov whose name was spelled Viacheslav. It’d be great if he had more in common with Fetisov than just the name!

  • mask0425la

    BTW, his last name can be loosely translated as “Man of War” (voina means war in Russian). He sure sounds that way from the scouts’ reports.

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