The draft is, finally, done

The NHL draft is done…seven rounds, 211 picks.

If you just woke up and want a quick-and-easy recap of what the Kings did, you can click here. Or, the NHL website has the ability to sort all picks by team, round, position, etc.

Again, there will be quotes from Dean Lombardi later, once things wind down in Ottawa.

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  • nykingfan

    Nice job Rich thanks

    This seems to be a great draft for the Kings. Obviously its early and everyone looks great draft day, but I have to say this is the best I’ve felt about the Kings in 30+ years.
    DL gets an A+ from me…subject to change to an F if it isn’t what it seems to be.
    He made the Kings strength shift to D…thats a winning formula.
    Great job DL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tami

    Great job Rich. Thank you for updating us on Day 2. I think the Kings did amazing this draft. We got a nice mix of players and pretty much solidified our young D prospects. It seems like all the picks have a good eye for the game and are great character guys (Lombardi’s favorites). Great job, I’m one happy Kings fan today.

  • KingFan4ever

    What the Youth piece in place, the Kings need to now develop a philosophy and an identity they can work towards. It’s pretty evident that Crawfish failed to do that or what he pitched to DL and what he tried to implement where two different ideas.

    Now bring in a coach that will effectively develop this young talent and turn it into a team we can really be excited about. (Winning would be great too)

    And for once, the organization should make winning a stanley cup THE ONLY GOAL. No more excuses. No more defeatest attitudes. Young, old, talent, no talent, every year means competing to win the cup. It’s ok to be realistic, but being happy just to make the playoffs sends the wrong message to the players and empowers opponents to roll over them.

    Winning is everything. Losing sucks.

  • Aaron


    Do you think some trades may still filter through now that the draft is over?

    Any chance of Visnovsky being moved today? Or has that ship sailed for the time being?

  • Ed


    Thank you!!! Above and Beyond what I expected for the coverage of this draft.

    A heartfelt thanks.


  • PolarBearOne

    Great job keeping up with this feverishly fast Day 2. Thanks for all the hard work keeping us fans up to date.

  • John doe

    Why the hell does everyone want to trade Visnovsky?? One bad season? Every player had a bad season…losing makes every player look bad.

  • Anonymous

    Rich, can you find out if they got the kid that they said blew them away????

  • Buck

    Rich is King!

    After all of these years, I didn’t realize drafts could be fun!?!?

    Thanks for the awesome coverage!!!

  • alonzo