Trade clarifications

Just to tie up the two remaining loose ends…

The Kings traded their No. 179 pick (sixth round) to Chicago for the Blackhawks’ sixth-round pick in 2009.

The Kings traded their 185th pick (seventh round) to St. Louis for the Blues’ seventh-round pick in 2009.

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  • Anonymous

    What does everybody think about Hossa hitting the free agent market?

    He would be a little pricier than what we would’ve had to pay Cammalerri and he would be ample replacement for what we lost in Cammalerri, plus he seems like he has good character, etc.

    Good/bad idea???

  • EGH

    our 6th and 7th round picks this year will be higher than their 6th and 7th picks next year. Couldn’t Lombardi at least pull off 5th and 6th round returns?

  • Scott 67

    This looks to me as though we may have too many players and needed to defer some of those picks until next year. I believe there is a limit on how many players we can have in the organization. Not too many 6th and 7 rounders make it to the NHL any way.

  • Maverick

    The payment was suspending them a year in an even deeper draft than this year. Now we have two of each in a deeper draft year.

  • Bob Bobson

    If the Kings go younger it makes no sense to then sign Marian Hossa. He will want to go to a contender and the Kings are even LESS likely to make the playoffs now with an even younger roster. The rebuild continues but it continues well under Dean Lombardi.

    Thanks for everything Rich !

  • nykingfan

    I don’t think the Kings do much in F/A market…especially with the high end players. They’re going all in on young. I like it. They’ll have the cap $ to sign Sully and still have room to sign Kopitar and Johnson long term.
    I wonder if DL forgoes his mantra of letting the players develop in juniors or AHL, and let them compete for a job in training camp? If that’s the case, you can assume that Bernier will be in goal.