Wudrick comments

Here’s what Kings third-round pick Geordie Wudrick had to say in a TV interview a few minutes ago:

“I feel absolutely honored. This is by far the most exciting day of my life. I’ve been through a lot this year. My best friend passed away earlier this year. This is a great honor to be drafted by the L.A. Kings and I’m just thrilled right now.”

“Just growing up, I was a Canucks fan, but … I’m going to enjoy beating them. The L.A. Kings were my No. 1 choice going into the draft today, if I could have chosen. It’s going to be a great organization in the next few years. They’ve got a lot of guys. Kopitar is a great player. Going into camp is going to be absolutely fun and a great chance to play alongside all these great players they drafted this year and the past couple years.”

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  • Jonny

    I Like this kid. Big size, big personality. This kid seems hockey smart, and extremely confident. I like it Deano.

  • Bob Bobson

    Another Kings fan. Nice !

  • Lessonszyx


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