Open forum

Seems as though there are a lot of questions out there, and a good time for an “open forum” in general. Good ahead and post any questions you think I might be able to answer and I’ll start getting them tonight. Thanks again for the massive numbers on the blog this weekend…

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  • Tim

    Rich any word on signing Patrick O’sullivan before July 1st and are you worried about a team like Edmonton offering a huge deal?

  • Captain Material

    It really doesn’t seem like to me that we got good return value for Cammalleri. Has Lombardi said anything that would address that concern among fans or explain why that would be a misconception?

  • tc

    I may be on my own here, but it sure feels like the Kings once again did not get value for a commodity. I can’t believe all Cammalleri was work was moving up a few spots in the draft. Am I totally missing the boat? Has their been a transaction by Lombardi where he got more than market value, because I don’t see it.

  • Sydor25

    Is Lombardi going to sign Rob Blake to a 1 year deal? What are the chances that Brad Stuart will return to LA?

    I think that Lombardi has already answered that the value the league had for Cammi and is was way lower than some Kings fans believe. He has had one great season and already wants to test the FA market after next season.

  • Anonymous

    What are the chances we see Tuebert or Wayne Simmonds in a Kings jersey next season?

  • chazz

    Any word on a new coach, and who do you speculate it might be?

  • Sully

    What do you think the chances are of both Doughty and Teubert cracking the opening night line up? If Teubert doesn’t make the team out of camp, would he be required to report to his junior team for next season?

  • Ryan

    Is Brad Richardson slated to play for the Kings or the Monarchs next year? Aren’t we a little heavy at center on the 3rd and 4th lines?

  • Joey

    Is it me or are the Kings now lacking even more scoring punch. Who will be their top six? And from what you saw in your private meeting, how many players or moves did you hear about that actually happened? Thanks as usual.

  • Bob Bobson


    Dean stated he is looking for free agents who are willing to sign short-term deals. How realistic is it to attract good free agents when they know they are not part of a younger core ? Also, do you think that the Kings now need to try to sign older defensemen that can help bring along all the younger defensemen ?

    Thanks for the blog !

  • JDM

    Thanks for all the open forums Rich. I love that you do them so frequently. Without this blog I’d be going through crippling Kings withdrawal.

    -Does getting Tueburt and Doughty change DL’s focus on FA?

    -Do you think he’s done trading for a while?

    -Any thoughts on the Kings plans for Ellis?

    -After the first round, what do you think was DL’s best draft pick or move?

    -Are you the most awesome Kings reporter ever? Wait, rhetorial question. YUP!

  • BringBackKingston

    any word on how guys who finished the season with injuries (like Johnson, Blake, Frolov) are doing?

    And for those who are saying DL didn’t get a good return for Cammy, Tanguay (and a 5th round pick) was traded for a the 25th overall pick and a 2nd round pick in ’09. Tanguay has a better track record than Cammy. Cammy for the 17th pick is a fair trade.

  • Q1: Funny but Andy Murray would be a perfect coach for this team. Any chance of him returning.

    Q2: perhaps next to bad drafts, the Kings inability to develop or trade for quality goalies has to be another weakness. What do you expect the Kings to do short and long term for netminders.

    Thank you – great job!

  • dominic lavoie

    I would love to know what Lombardi thinks of Richardson. Was this done because the center he wanted was off the board? What does DL like about him?

  • Kevin

    Is Lombardi not aware that when free agents are looking at teams to sign with, it’s probable that those players will want to know what coach they’d be playing for?

    Why on earth is he waiting until AFTER the free agent period to focus on finding the right coach?

  • 41st year

    Hey Rich,
    94% on Doughty was very impressive, how did you know?

    With all the changes can you give us an update on potential line combinations and parings for next season, and beyond?

  • Rudy


    Thanks for all the hard work and information you bring this site and all Kings fan. I am curious as to your reaction to the draft selections and moves compared to your experience on the day you spent in the “war room” when Lombardi and staff were evaluating draft selections.



  • CUP4LA

    Did Lombardi comment on the rationale behind the Richardson trade? What does he see in this kid?

  • Jet

    BringBack is right. Cammi is a one year rental. #17 in this draft is as good as it gets.

  • Anonymous

    Considering how much he’s had to say about him in the past, I was surprised DL wasn’t in on the Jokinen sweepstakes. Does he now see him as damaged goods, or was the price simply too high?

  • BDTR

    Hey Rich, you and Don are an absolute godsend. Thank you for putting SO much effort and time into this blog. I’ll just rapid fire a couple questions, feel free to answer whichever ones you’d like that aren’t repeats:

    -Where is Dean projecting Brad Richardson to play, and playing what type of role? If he hasn’t said anything one way or the other, what do you feel will happen with him?

    -Any word on O’Sullivan’s negotiation status?

    -What type and how many UFA’s do you expect the Kings to sign? How much do you think the market value is for a guy like Commodore?

    -What’s the word on Rob Blake?

    -Hypothetically, if Brad Stuart wanted to return, would Dean be interested in his services?

    -Other than Purcell, Boyle and Moulson, which prospect should we expect to see in Kings jerseys this year, and which prospects will getting their first tastes of the NHL and building up their frequent flyer miles from Manchester to Los Angeles?

    -Do you have any idea who the Kings may want to assign to the Ontario Reign?

    -Where do you see Hickey, Martinez, Doughty and Teubert playing this year (or most of it)?

    -What do you think the Kings’ lines may look like next year? Who will play with Frolov? I understand that we’ll have a better idea a week or so after July 1st, but a rough guess would be great.

    -Have you heard anything about Calder and Handzus this summer? Are they training hard?

  • Paul-Cat

    Hey Rich,

    As always you are appreciated beyond measure. OK, I have a couple of questions.

    The first of which is can you let us in on what went down in your meetings with DL and his scouting staff that you are able to reflect upon now that the draft is over. Were their names you remember them mentioning that they ended up getting (excluding Doughty).

    Second, if you assume Johnson, Harrold, Blake and Lubo as our four, who do you specifically see filling out our defensive corps. Are there names you can see them going after either via trade or free agency. I can’t help but think that in order to give the new coach a chance, our defense will have got be a lot stronger than it was last year.

  • Shakes

    dude, how much does this site/Rich rock?

    ducks suckingly yours,

  • -J

    The Kings also got a 2nd round pick in 09 for Cammi.

  • Dubs

    quick question – when is the development camp?

  • B.

    Hi Rich,

    Great job covering the draft. This is the best coverage of a Kings draft we ever had. Thanks for all your hard work.

    1) Vancouver papers are quoting the Vancouver GM -saying he offered Lombardi the 10th pick for Cammalleri and a prospect. Do you have any idea who the prospect was?
    2) Can you ask Lombardi about the trade for Richardson and the logic behind the trade instead of taking a prospect at 61.
    3) It would be great if you or Don could line up an interview with Futa and Yanetti, and have them describe each of the players drafted and the logic behind each one.
    4) Do you think there is still a strong likelihood that Visnovsky gets traded before July 1?
    5) When you observed the Kings draft meeting I recall you said the talked about several forward prospects for the late rounds Did the Kings get those players.
    6) In an interview before the draft Lombardi talked about a player at the combine that blew him away in the interview Can you ask him if the Kings ended up drafting that player.

    Thanks again for your great work.

  • Quattro

    It seems to be accepted as gospel that Lombardi was shopping Visnovsky. Do you believe this is really the case or is it just rumour and internet babble? Do you believe that if Lombardi traded a player he had just signed to a extension just before his NTC kicked in, it would permanantly discredit him and the Kings in all future contract negotiations?

  • Ciccarelli

    I haven’t heard anything about the signing, or nonsigning of the following european prospects: Constantin Braun, Valtteri Tenkanen, Johan Fransson, and Niclas Andersen. Could you find out from the team whether they were signed or let go? I think the deadline was 6/15/08 to do so, but that may have changed with the lack of the exchange agreement with the eurpean leagues. Will we see these guys at prospects camP?

  • BringBackKingston

    One more: can you confirm what position Richardson plays? He’s listed as a center, but I understand he has been or was in the process of being converted to a right wing by the Avs.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Anonymous

    There have been rumors of a possible avery return what do you think about this. We all know the history with him and the locker room, but DL has stated about the toughness area. What he brings to a team is some emotion, outside of brown I feel that he could bring that needed element to the team if he controlls himself a little more

  • Irish Pat

    The NHL Network ran an hour long special focusing on the pre-draft combine. The host (I think it was James Dolan) asked Lombardi some questions and Lombardi mentioned that one of the kids he interviewed blew him away during the interview process. Dolan(?) asked him who the kid was and Lombardi, of course, said he wouldn’t tell him and they both stared at each other and laughed awkwardly. My question: Who was that kid and/or did we get him and what set this kid apart during the interview process?

    By the way, I hope you don’t get sick of thank yous. You rock and you really enriched the experience of being a Kings fan this weekend. Thanks Rich.

  • over winded comments


    Thank you! To both YOU, RICH HAMMOND, and the Kings Or-gan-eyes-za-shun for making the draft, and the off-season, that much more enjoyable..

    All in all.. DL appears smitten to drafted YOUNG Russian hockey players…

    My question(s): With so many draft picks, and feeling so good about the draft: Why didn’t the Kings trade up, to not only get #12(13), but number 05 as well?

    FilAtov WAS available.. What happened?

    And, why did the NYI get PETROV one pick before the Kings?

    WTF.. what if.. #2 Doughty, #5 Filatov, #13 Teubert, #32 Voinov, #61, #63, Kirill Petrov.


  • Kenneth

    hey rich! thanks again for the effort you put forth in the blog!

    a few questions…

    1. with the drafting of doughty and teubert and the growth of our other d-prospects (i.e. hickey, martinez), where does that leave peter harrold?

    2. it’s fairly assumed that if blake gets resigned it’ll be a 1-year deal but how much do you estimate he’d either WANT and/or he’ll GET?

    3. any chance nagy get’s resigned for another 1-year?

  • Mark


    many props to you and Don for all the hard work done in the last week. this blog is the first site I go to to check on anything Kings related.

    thanks for the prospect camp dates. the calendars have been marked.

    request: as I am sure I speak for many others, I do not completely agree with DL’s reason for delaying the search/hiring of a new head coach until after the FA signings. maybe he sees/knows something that we don’t, of course, but I think that he should offer us a much better, and easier to understand (please, do we need the buzzwords?), explanation in order to reassure us…

  • JamesB

    Was this draft very tight in terms of rankings in the top 10? I’m trying to figure out how The Islanders get the 40th pick and and conditional 2nd and 3rd to drop from the fifth to ninth pick whereas the Ducks get the 35th and 39th picks for dropping from 12 to 17.

  • DP

    Curious to know if proposals and players materialized that they did not cover in their many hours of meetings heading up to the draft? Or did things go pretty much as planned?

    What happened during round 2 that got their draft central table in heated debate?

  • Nick

    Why add Richardson when they are trying to clear spots for the kids?


    Now you have Moulson battling possibly Richardson and Ellis battling Zeiler. Already a few too many forwards…No way Brady Murray gets a shot and it’s tough to sign a UFA goal scorer to help replace Cammy…

    Zeiler’s one way deal kicks in, Ellis is a one way right?

  • geeblenob


    First, to echo the comments of a gazillion others, this site really IS amazing.

    I was under the impression that this was a supposedly very deep draft. I assume this means that a 2nd-rounder this year is worth more than a 2nd-rounder next year, a 3rd-rounder this year is worth more than a 3rd-rounder next year, etc. Thus, the Kings trade of a 4th rounder this year to San Jose for a 4th rounder next year AND a 5th rounder in 2010 makes sense to me. However, why do you think the Kings made the straight up trades with Chicago (a 6th rounder this year for their 6th rounder next year) and St. Louis (a 7th rounder this year for their 7th rounder next year)? Is it that perhaps the Kings have too many prospects right now? Otherwise, these are rather mystifying trades.

  • Anonymous

    to geeblenob and others wondering why DL shifted many picks to 09- the 09 draft is generally considered to have better top end talent and depth than 08. Also, with so many picks this years, it’s possible that they got what they wanted from each round, so better to save the pick than use it on an unwanted prospect.

    Thanks for the the great site rich-

    here’s my ?’s- DL has historically avoided russians in the past, only ever drafting 1 russian as GM. Did he give you any insight into why now take 2 russians in this draft? Also, although he’s only 18, Voinov already played 2 years of pro hockey in russia’s top league- given his experience, he might be ready to make the jump to the nhl immediately, but if not, DL’s comments in the “Lombardi, on the Russian’s” post leads one to think these guys would then be sent to juniors. Unless I’m mistaken, since neither are CHL property, they can play in the AHL, which would seem to be preferrable for Voinov (not sure for Loktionov). Do you know if this is case?

  • Pat McGroyn


    You’re forgetting about Tom Preissing on the blue-line next season. I expect a solid season from him and certainly count him into the plans for the top 4 D-Men next season.

    Great questions, everyone!

  • ChrisH

    Great job on draft weekend Rich.

    Ray Emery – is he an absolute 100% no go?? Wouldn’t he be worth a one-year contract?

    When this year’s draft prospects were asked which team had the most intimidating interviewers it was LA and some other team. Has DL ever commented on that?? (re. is it cuz they have lots of guys doing the interviewing, is it the style they use to see how the prospect reacts, etc.)

    Has DL ever commented on the league contracting to make it a stronger league? I imagine the commish wouldn’t allow anyone to comment but DL seems pretty outspoken. The facts show that some of Gary’s moves into non-traditional markets has been a disaster (Phoenix, Nashville, Florida, etc.). The majority of league revenues are derived from the Canadian team’s success – all 6 teams sold out every home game all season and ticket prices are wayyyyyyyy more expensive than tickets for U.S.-based teams and the Canadian dollar is almost at par with the U.S. dollar so that plays a huge role in the bottom line of Cdn clubs since they pay out their salaries in U.S. dollars. Instead of going to say Hamilton or Winnipeg that would sell out every game we are looking at Las Vegas and Kansas City – yeah, that’ll be wise!!!

  • Pete

    With all the talk about trading Vish during the draft, what happens now? The announcers made it clear that Dean was shopping him. Since there weren’t any takers, who will this play out now?

  • Hey Rich, great work over the weekend on the Draft coverage…probably the best draft coverage I have seen from anyone this weekend. I live in Denver, and Avalanche fans wish they could have someone like yourself Rich. King fans aren’t lucky…but we are lucky to still have you reporting and giving us interviews. Keep it up.

    Anyway my question is…Could you explain the process of hiring a coach? Does Dean make the calls or are unemployed coaches send in their resume? Just want to know how the process works…


  • pat


    Dude. Get a grip. How active do you think the Kings are gonna be in free agency? Not very is the answer. We’re going young. You’re not one of those guys who thinks we ought to pursue Hossa and every other free agent on the market are you? Lombardi probably won’t do much other than re-sign Blake. We don’t need a coach for that.

  • EncinoMan

    Did you get a feel or any insight from DL about any specific players he was targeting in the draft that he was disappointed he didn’t get?

  • Aaron


    With the buyout of Cloutier, do you think it is a foregone conclusion that Ersberg is give a qualifying offer? Could he opt to return to Europe or is there any concern a team could throw an offer sheet his way?

    Where do you see Erbserg fitting in? I would imagine he is penciled in as LaBarbera’s backup at this point.

  • Big Rob in Dallas

    Did Frolov have to have surgery for his groin? I remember hearing there was that possibility. Is he expected to be 100% for training camp?

  • JamesMir11

    Hey Rich, thanks for the blog, just like everyone else.

    My question for DL would be:

    What’s the status on Ersberg and is it in his plan to sign him to a deal?

  • lunchboxap

    hey rich,
    Dean stated he would like to get younger on the back end, did he mean in the future or this upcoming season?
    also, if we are looking for some veteran d, saying we re-sign Rob Blake, would it be smart to sign another vet d, such as Bret Hedican, or Commodore? if so, do you think that is in Deans plans?

  • lunchboxap

    Hey Rich,

    Dean stated he would like to get younger on the back end, did he mean in the future or this upcoming season?
    also, if we are looking for some veteran d, saying we re-sign Rob Blake, would it be smart to sign another vet d, such as Bret Hedican, or Commodore? if so, do you think that is in Deans plans?

  • philbert

    Just curious, where is DL’s (and the rest of the kings front office) physically located? Is it at Toyota Sports Center or at Staples Center?

  • Noel

    Hey Rich

    Great site, I’m addicted to it.

    Just wanted to ask what do you think our D will look like next season.

    I figured




  • AmaysnKingsfan

    Hey Rich I don’t care if everyone else already said it but this a a great site. I have saved it to my home page and look at it everyday. I have a coupla of questiona for you.

    i live in the IE and am not sure if i can get the daily news, there is a newspaper called the daily bullentin and i find your articles in it if i subcribe to that one will any money get back to the daily news for it? And if not can i special order the Daily News in my area as a sign of support for this great site.

    And kings related: How does one go about getting an interviem with DL? Do you apply for an NHL coaching postions or does he call you? And did you put in your apllication or recieve your phone call yet :)?

    Once again thanks for all the work you and Don do, You guys are like my web Bob Miller and Jim Fox and earn just as big a place in my Kings heart as them. The Kings haven’t had a good team in a while put they have always had the best media guys IMO and we can’t say it enough thank you

  • Anonymous

    In one of Lombardi’s post-draft interviews he mentioned that a couple defensemen in Manchester might have a chance to make the big club next season. I was wondering if you knew who those guys are, or who you think might have the best chance of a promotion.

  • Hrudio

    Thanks a million for all your hard work on this draft, Rich.

    Question: Do you think the fact the Kings have kept all their assistant coaches (at least for now) is a sign Dean Lombardi wants to go with a rookie NHL head coach, rather than a retread, since a veteran NHL coach would presumably have more leverage to bring in their own staff? I imagine whoever gets hired will have some latitude to bring in his own people, but is Lombardi committed to maintaining the assistants from this past year, or at least most of them?

  • elbarto124

    In regards to the coaching search, I am sure DL is looking for someone who is a developer type coach. Is there any chance he interviews Kopitar’s dad for the position. I mean it would be way out of left field, but look how good of a job he did with his son. I mean Anze has a lot of natural talent, but some of what makes him great was instilled by his Dad’s coaching as well.

    I know European coaches don’t get a lot of play here in the NHL but Robbie Ftorek was decent enough, and Ivan Hlinka would have been better I feel over time if given more of a chance.

    I am sure it’s a longshot, just curious if his name ever comes up, even as an assisstant’s role.

    ps. I want to echo all the sentiments from the other users to you and your staff for this great site. This has been the source of Kings info since I have found it last July.

  • typicaljs

    Justin Azvedo, Does he have the skills to make it next year if he works hard and learns to play D, or is he going to take a couple years in manchester to try and figure that out ?

    How much younger are we going to get ? How many Rookies, both on defense and at forward ? Bernier’s pretty young…what about him ?

    I’m fine with the team getting younger and tanking it next year against a very strong pacific division, and my other question is yeah where does he see richards and why did he make that trade versus take another prospect ?

    Would DL be willing to tell us any of the players he hoped would fall to him or he wanted to get but wasn’t able to, such as Gustaffson or another center/winger they were hoping fell to them.

    Why Voinoiv, a third right handed defenseman, over Deschampes or however you spell that forward who was ranked in the first round that we passed on with the 32nd pick?

    Thanks rich, your site is awesome and had the best draft coverage available during the draft.

  • MacSwede

    How near in the future can you see kings get it all together? Do you think the core we have now with Kopy, Sully, Brown, Frolov will have their highest peak at the same time as Doughty, Hickey, Johnson, Bernier? Or is there a risk that the “new” young talents will take too much time to develop so our “current” core will be getting older and going the other direction? (Sorry for my Swenglish, hope you understand what I mean)

  • MacSwede

    Another question..

    Who do you think will play in Manchester next year of the young talents: Bernier, Doughty, Hickey, Teubert, Voinov, Czarnik, Campbell, Wudrick, Loktionov, Azvedo, Roe? It will be interesting to follow these guys..

  • david

    Hi Rich thanks for your great work

    I am wondering now that Dean has drafted Doughty do you think that there is any pressure on JJ to preform better them Doughty

  • Anonymous

    Can you see Rob Blake take on a role as player/assistant coach???

  • Jon

    First, thanks for the great work, Rich. You really are the best!!

    Who blew Dean away at the Combine?

    Please tell us it’s someone he was able to draft!!!

  • CBGB

    The Kings declined a trade for Cammalleri to Vancouver for the 10th pick. GM Gillis was Cammy’s former agent. Which now begs the argument: Did DL want Kyle Beach? Which “prospect” do you believe DL was not willing to part with that ultimately cost him the 28th pick.

  • Brian

    Why did the Kings trade the 61st pick to Colorado for Brad Richardson? That is a pretty high draft pick for a potential third line player. What role or what is the upside the Kings see with Richardson?


  • Eric

    Hey Rich,

    I like the questions about Richardson, and I really like the questions about Frolov and his injury/recovery.

    The one other thing I’d love to know from Lombardi/Futa/Yanetti is if they might have had a couple other guys targeted in the draft that got snatched away from them by another team. It sounded like there was some “debate” at the table, and Lombardi admitted that they maybe could have improved on a couple things; so I’m wondering who they really liked, and thought they could get, but then missed out on.

    One last comment: it looks like Klemm has signed with a German club. It’d be nice to have a few vets down with Manchester this year. Looks like those vets will be young vets…

  • Anonymous

    Rich – thanks as always. No question to ask, but a couple comments, mostly about what others have griped about the perceived little value received for trading Cammalleri.

    If you read DL’s comments the trade centers on two aspects: First, DL felt that Squid was a 1 yr asset who was going to test free agency. His value was best NOW or at the trading deadline next February 09. If Cammalleri got hurt or had a sub par season 08-09, his value later might not be the same as June 08. 2nd, DL was having difficulties finding trading partners at the draft in his efforts to move up from #28 to #11-14 where Teubert was projected to land. DL surveyed the landscape and went to 2 people he knew well – Sutter in Calgary and Burke in Anaheim. He convinced them on a 3 way trade, which I believe was the only one (or the few) at this draft. Cammalleri was an asset that had to be flipped. DL got the best he could for a skater who had a hurt/sub par 07/08 season. What Cammalleri needed was a change of scenery (Calgary). What DL needed was pick #12/#13 (Teubert).

    The last thought is about Visnovsky. At $5 mil + per season he is hard to trade and takes up enormous cap space. Other teams are shying away from the price tag because Lubo is also signed for something like 4-5 years. So, either Lubo Cookie plays his way into his value…or he gets dealt before late Feb 09.

  • Darren

    Did any of the players that were discussed in the meeting between the scouts that you sat in on, get drafted by LA?

  • KingsMissLappy is reporting the Rangers are likely to pass on Avery, and the Kings might be willing to take him back now that Crawford isn’t behind the bench. Have you heard anything about this? Seems to me the guy is a cancer that you don’t want to expose to a locker room full of youth, no?

  • Crash Davis

    Rich, I do have a few questions after all:

    Having covered the Kings for a number of years, especially in the Dave Taylor era, what are the differences your see in the infrstructure of DL’s Kings’ organization? Specifically, how are areas like training staff, scouting, coaching and office staff different than DT’s days? In that regard, do you sense covering the team on a close basis that the Kings have moved from the “old boys” network to a more progressive one where, more and more, everyone is “on the same page.” It comes across from the scouting interviews that DL expects his guys to “burn the midnight oil” just like him. True?

    Lastly, what has DL introduced that the previous Kings administrations never did (or didn’t)?

  • Bob Bobson

    Not Kings-specific but :

    1) Do you think there is concern from GM’s such as David Poile about the salary cap floor coming up ?
    2) The Hockey News thinks visors may be mandatory next year. Have you heard anything similar ?
    3) Any comments from the Kings goalies about the potential for new goalie equipment rules for the 09-10 season ?

  • Anonymous

    Why do you feel the Kings are intent on trading Lubo? Is because they are trying to “get younger” or does Lubo and his contract not fit into the plan anymore?

    Also, with his contract, can they get a good return for him or is it more just to clear cap sapce?

  • old man

    Just want to say thank you for all your hard work. You must get very tired. Life is so boring with out Hockey.

  • Anonymous

    What UFAs specifically do you think would be a good fit and are likely targets of DL?

    You don’t have to name them all — I just want to get an idea what the organization might be thing?

    Ryder seems like he may be a good fit here — under less scrutiny, etc.

  • Michael


    I’ve actually been a bit surprised hearing Dean mention Fro as part of the team’s nucleus. I’ve always thought Dean wasn’t a huge fan of the enigmatic Russian. He did mention to a few of us after the Breakfast that he enjoyed seeing the comraderie and almost brotherhood of seeing guys like Johnson, Fro, Sully and Kopi and guys like Moulson, Boyle, Purcell all hanging together this season. He hated seeing pockets of Slovaks and pockets of Canadians and pockets of Americans all together. I was surprised to read that he paid attention to the fact that Fro was a guy his teammates liked.

    My question to you is: How much do you think Fro is a part of this team? Knowing what Dean feels about Wingers and their importance (or lackthere of) in comparison to goaltenders, centers and defensemen, how much do you think Dean values Fro as a part of the core? He certainly brings an element to the team that no one else does with his puck protection, scoring & forechecking ability. Finally, in your gut opinion, do you think Fro will be re-signed or traded before his contract runs out?

  • AEG = Another Example of Greed

    Rich, not to pile on but you seriously rock. Thank you from one hockey-starved fan. And now, on to the questions:

    – are the Kings pleased or disappointed that 85% or so of season ticket holders renewed after last season’s meltdown and subsequent price hike?

    – what is the contract situation of the current asst. coaches and wouldn’t they be looking for other jobs knowing the penchant of a new coach to bring in his own guys?

    – if Mike Johnston is promoted, wouldn’t he be faced with the same difficulties that Dave Lewis had in Boston in attempting to transition from good-guy asst. to bad-guy head coach?

    – have you tried to find out more about the murky legal/moral effects of AEG’s $7 million loan to Boots del Baggio to help his Nashville bid and probable franchise relocation to AEG’s KC arena?

  • Victor

    Hey Rich great job as always.. I just wanted your opinion if you think management really believes we are going to be as bad as we were last year or do you think setting the bar low is a way to keep our expectations low

  • Tom Webster

    – Lombardi seems to be going to ownership more lately or at least mentioning that he is doing so. Knowing that means involving Anschutz and Leiweke’s obvious lack of hockey acumen, I am understandably wary. Or is this the same it has been for 2 years and DL is just getting assurances from above that his way is the correct way (not that Phil and Tim would know anyway)?

  • Dave


    Just read a report on that quotes a rumor out of a Vancouver radio station that says the Cloutier buyout is not official and that he is possibly still injured. If he is still injured from last season, the Kings would not be able to complete the buyout and would be required to pay his full $3mill salary next year. Is this true? Any word from the Kings on this report? Thanks!!

  • Big Daddy Joe

    Rich, You think Gillis will put his money where his mouth is and sign his former client, Mike Cammalleri, to a multi-year $6 million contract this time next year?

  • Jonny

    Hey Rich, I hope I’m not too late on this. What’s the deal with Parse lately? I remember him being close to NHL ready, but I haven’t heard or read much about him since? You have any info on where he’s at in his development?

    Keep up the good work!

  • Jerod


    I don’t understand the rush to bring back Stuart, he turns the puck over constantly and is prone to being out of position – granted he just gained valuable experience with the Wings, but his shortcomings were masked by being on an excellent defensive team – on top of the fact that he’s bounced around the league – what’s with the huge interest in bringing back Stuart?


  • Anonymous

    Is it me or is Dan Cloutier the second coming of Jason Vorhees??? No matter how we get rid of him…he always seems to come back… OR is that comparison insulting to poor Jason???

  • Anonymous

    What did you think of the draft party?
    What were some of the highlights? and/or disappointing moments? What was the crowd reaction like?

  • JDM

    Is there any chance of Ersberg (assuming he is resigned) straight up taking the #1 starting goalie spot? I know people cite his inexperience, but just in the 12 or so games he played at the end, I saw more consistency and reliability in him than Labs has ever shown me in even just 3 or 4 consecutive starts… spread out over 2 seasons (he never seemed to recover after missing a slew of games for a ‘family related emergency’), which brings up another, perhaps past-due question – what was that emergency? Perhaps knowing what that was would shed some light on why he hasn’t been the same goalie since.

    Back to Ersberg – Why not give him the number 1? For me, it seems better for the team as a whole to have them playing in front of the same goalie night in and night out.

    If we want our defense to be consistent, don’t they need some consistency in the style of play in net, even if said goalie is a little green around the ears? Isn’t communication between the d-men and the goalie and that relationship just as important as pairings and system?

  • Ken Weiher

    Looking at the Monarchs, and the open spot in the top 6, I see Purcell, Parse or Moller as perhaps the most likely to make the team. Who do you think would have the best chance? Is Moller still too young?

  • Jerod

    EJ Hradek told me that LaBarbara’s “family emergency” had something to do with his girlfriend being extremely sick. Kinda of surprised me though, I figured it would have been something more severe. Maybe it was though.

  • david

    Wich player in the training camp will suprise the most in your opinion,tnx for all the work for us Slovenians

  • Jet

    Can DL take a look at Wellwood? he is a little soft on D, but has an accurate shot and can set up his wingers.

  • Jimmy Crack Corn

    Wanted to say THANKS (again) and GREAT WORK on the draft coverage.

    In reference to the Richardson trade, I’m curious as to how a deal like that transpires? Did Colorado approached Dean to get the ball rolling or vice versa? Does Colorado specifically offer that 1 player or several to choose from? Is Richardson a player Dean has had an eye on (“his type”)? Do GM’s keep a data sheet of other teams prospects for these types of situations? If not, how do you suppose the Kings make that deal if they don’t have a lot of background on said player? Do they look at stats and roll the dice? Dean seems to be more deliberate and a well researched kind of person but theres a lot of factors to consider to make on the fly decisions at the draft table.

  • Ru

    Kyle Wellwood….Yeh or Neh?

  • AJ

    I’m not sure you’re taking anymore questions, but I’m curious on your opinion on Lombardi versus Taylor. It seems as though you’ve had an indepth look at the franchise, so could you offer an opinion on the differences under the hood?

    On the outside, their philosophies were not that different. They both sought after character players, both built from within, and both emphasized scouting as the cornerstone to the franchise. As excited as I am about our prospects now, I remember being just as excited at our prospects when seeing Grebeshkov, Steckel, Brown, and Frolov in the fold. What do you feel is the reason why it fell apart and why, even after accumulating so many good prospects, did the team never really succeed.

    About the only main differnece in philosophy I see between the two is Lombardi seems to be more defensive minded then Taylor, who seemed to choose best player available. Is this where Taylor failed?

  • Anonymous

    Why the rush to trade Visnovsky all of a sudden? Wasn’t he just signed to an extension before last year? Granted I didn’t watch many games last year, but has his stock dropped that far in the eyes of the organization? He had a bad year last year, but he is still young. Why isn’t he being included as part of the future? Isn’t he one of the better persons to rely on to help groom the new crop of defensemen?

  • lblocal

    Sorry if you’ve already answered this question.

    What is your individual opinion on hiring Dale Robert Hunter for the vacant Kings job?

    Thank you for your time!


  • Wondering


    Sorry to post so late when you’re trying to get through all of these things…but someone asked me an interesting question I had to post. Any chance Lucky Luc could be a candidate for coach? Does he have any interest in the job?

  • I really like your article and look forward to your next posting. Thanks much keep up the superior writing.