Forum answers III

Here’s the third set of answers, as the Kings work to see how California’s workers compensation laws might impact Dan Cloutier. Just joking…


Question: quick question – when is the development camp?

Answer: July 7-14, although I believe the on-ice activities are limited to July 8-13. I will post a full schedule when I get it from the Kings.


Question: 1) Vancouver papers are quoting the Vancouver GM saying he offered Lombardi the 10th pick for Cammalleri and a prospect. Do you have any idea who the prospect was? 2) Can you ask Lombardi about the trade for Richardson and the logic behind the trade instead of taking a prospect at 61. 3) It would be great if you or Don could line up an interview with Futa and Yanetti, and have them describe each of the players drafted and the logic behind each one. 4) Do you think there is still a strong likelihood that Visnovsky gets traded before July 1? 5) When you observed the Kings draft meeting I recall you said the talked about several forward prospects for the late rounds – Did the Kings get those players. 6) In an interview before the draft Lombardi talked about a player at the combine that blew him away in the interview – Can you ask him if the Kings ended up drafting that player.

Answer: 1) No, but you can bet it was a big one, one that Lombardi obviously isn’t willing to give up. You can bet it wasn’t…Davis Drewiske. Not picking on Davis, but you get the idea. 2) I will, yes. But the short answer is probably that he thought more of Richardson than he did of any of the center prospects available at that point. 3) That’s a fantastic idea. If Don is up for that, I think that would be great. Thanks for the suggestion. 4) No, I don’t think it’s very likely anymore. 5) No, the Kings did not end up taking any of the players they talked about that morning. 6) Sure, I can ask. Knowing Dean, I’m not sure he will remember who he referenced there. My guess would be Teubert but that’s just a guess.


Question: It seems to be accepted as gospel that Lombardi was shopping Visnovsky. Do you believe this is really the case or is it just rumour and internet babble? Do you believe that if Lombardi traded a player he had just signed to a extension just before his NTC kicked in, it would permanantly discredit him and the Kings in all future contract negotiations?

Answer: Well, I think it’s inaccurate to say Visnovsky was being “shopped,” but I do think it’s accurate to say that his name came up in trade negotiations. To say a GM is “shopping” a player generall indicates that he’s looking to dump the player, for whatever reason. That’s not accurate here. As far as whether it would discredit Lombardi, that’s a good question. I don’t think so. It’s a GM’s choice to do what he needs to do to improve the team. I think players understand that. But it’s certainly a fair question. Perhaps some players would be offended.


Question: I haven’t heard anything about the signing, or nonsigning of the following european prospects: Constantin Braun, Valtteri Tenkanen, Johan Fransson, and Niclas Andersen. Could you find out from the team whether they were signed or let go? I think the deadline was 6/15/08 to do so, but that may have changed with the lack of the exchange agreement with the eurpean leagues. Will we see these guys at prospects camP?

Answer: I’ll have to check on that date, but no, they have not been signed to this point. I’ll have to ask but I’d say it’s somewhat unlikely that they’ll be a part of the organization next season.


Question: One more: can you confirm what position Richardson plays? He’s listed as a center, but I understand he has been or was in the process of being converted to a right wing by the Avs.

Answer: Yes, it’s my understanding that he plays both center and right wing, which helps the Kings’ cause as well. Versatility is always good. Patrick O’Sullivan, for example, is extra valuable because he can play all three forward positions.


Question: There have been rumors of a possible avery return what do you think about this. We all know the history with him and the locker room, but DL has stated about the toughness area. What he brings to a team is some emotion, outside of brown I feel that he could bring that needed element to the team if he controlls himself a little more.

Answer: “…if he controls himself a little more.” You’re talking about Sean Avery, right? I’m not sure Avery has any intention of “controlling himself.” You really want to put Sean Avery in a dressing room with a bunch of impressionable young players? I really don’t think so. The negatives far outweigh the positives. Maybe sometime down the road, when the team has established an identity and has strong, clear leadership. But not now.


Question: The host (I think it was James Dolan) asked Lombardi some questions and Lombardi mentioned that one of the kids he interviewed blew him away during the interview process. Dolan(?) asked him who the kid was and Lombardi, of course, said he wouldn’t tell him and they both stared at each other and laughed awkwardly. My question: Who was that kid and/or did we get him and what set this kid apart during the interview process?

Answer: Yeah, again, I’m not sure. And like I said before, if I ask Lombardi about this he will probably say, “I said what?” But I’d have to think he was talking about Doughty or Teubert. Beyond the first-round guys, there really isn’t much of an interview process, and since Lombardi got the two guys he wanted in the first round, it’s fair to say it was one of those two.


Question: My question(s): With so many draft picks, and feeling so good about the draft: Why didn’t the Kings trade up, to not only get #12(13), but number 05 as well? FilAtov WAS available.. What happened? And, why did the NYI get PETROV one pick before the Kings? WTF.. what if.. #2 Doughty, #5 Filatov, #13 Teubert, #32 Voinov, #61, #63, Kirill Petrov. Relevant??

Answer: Well, what were you willing to give up? Jonathan Bernier? You’re not just going to get a No. 5 pick, in a deep first round, for nothing. So unless you were ready to give up the farm for Filatov, no, it’s not really that relevant.


Question: 1. with the drafting of doughty and teubert and the growth of our other d-prospects (i.e. hickey, martinez), where does that leave peter harrold? 2. it’s fairly assumed that if blake gets resigned it’ll be a 1-year deal but how much do you estimate he’d either WANT and/or he’ll GET? 3. any chance nagy get’s resigned for another 1-year?

Answer: 1) Harrold is still very much in the plans. It remains to be seen whether he will develop into a top-four defenseman, or something in that range, but he definitely has the potential to be an every-game defenseman and the Kings are planning that way. 2) It’s hard to estimate how much Blake would want. I think he understands the situation and his agent, Pat Brisson, is a fair guy who has a good relationship with the Kings. Maybe something in the $2-$2.5-million range? Just off the top of my head. 3) I really don’t think so, but I suppose it’s not out of the question.


Question: I do not completely agree with DL’s reason for delaying the search/hiring of a new head coach until after the FA signings. maybe he sees/knows something that we don’t, of course, but I think that he should offer us a much better, and easier to understand (please, do we need the buzzwords?), explanation in order to reassure us…

Answer: I guess I would need to know what, exactly, your concerns are. I guess the way to simplify it would be to say, 1) Lombardi knows that this hire is absolutely critical and he doesn’t want to rush it. He put a ton of time into the draft and now wants to be prepared for July 1. He wants to make sure he and his staff are on the same page about what they’re looking for. 2) There’s really no motivation to hire now. Tampa Bay is the only team left without a coach and they’ve already settled on Melrose. So it’s not as though another team is going to steal the coach the Kings want. And training camp is 2 1/2 months away. I guess that would be the two-pronged explanation.

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  • Curious George

    Is it possible that Rob Blake could be a candidate for the head coaching job?

  • Maverick

    The prospect Vancouver wanted with Cammy for the 10th was Oscar Moller.

  • No.

    Rich has already answered that question before. Rob Blake will not be the new Coach.

  • Sydor25

    I would guess that it was Doughty that impressed Lombardi during the interviews. Watching the post draft news conferences, Doughty was very composed and had very good answers. Teubert seemed much closer to his age with his answers.

  • wavesinair

    Good point Rich about Avery not rejoining the Kings. Very bad idea. And I sure love your optimism, “WHEN the team has established identity and has strong, clear leadership.” Boy, wouldn’t that be nice? It’s been sooo long. In reality though, its “IF the team establishes strong leadership. And I really do believe that is a very, very important part of how this team will develop. I look at the mighty ducks and see what they did down there and it makes me sick we haven’t been able to do that up here on a regular basis. Without that strong leadership presence, it wont happen. But we talked a little about leadership before, and that really is a very uncertain area on this team. I’ve always been a Blake fan, but I never considered him a strong leader. Hes nothing like Niedermayer or others of his ilk. So who will fill this role? Who will be the captain of the future? I believe that is the one intangible ingredient that we are sorely missing now. Maybe Jack Johnson in the future, but hes too young still. So my question is, who? And do you believe like I do that its a crucial element to this teams future success?

  • JDM

    I couldn’t agree more wavesinair, even about Blake. Always loved him, but not really a captain. As far as the players we have now, I could see Brown as a darkhose candidate for captain. I’d like Blake to return, and if he does, I still don’t like him as captain.

    I actually hope this happens. I’ve read and heard a lot about how he had taken it upon himself this last season to be outspoken in the locker room, and the team respects the hell out of him as far as I can tell. He is also in my opinion the most consistent player, which helps in a captain, someone who can play with the same enthusiasm every night. I think he would revel in the challenge as well if they gave him the responibility this season.

    Sully seems pretty outspoken on the bench, maybe an A one day.

    If we are really lucky, Doughty will be that guy in the not-too-distant future. 3 years maybe? If he is as competitive as he’s supposed to be, has as much hockey smarts as the consensus thinks he does, and is as positive in the locker room as he has been in interviews, then he very well could be a great captain someday. I know perhaps I’m reaching a little far here, and it’s certainly too soon to tell, but I don’t think it’s outside the realm of real possibility.

    Otherwise, I’d think maybe Kopi. He definately has a great energy about him off the ice that makes him stand out from most players aside from his skills. He might even be ready for it now.

    For some reason JJ doesn’t strike me as a captain really, not now or in the future. Though I have no impression of what he’s like in the locker room so I’m talking out of my ash on this one.

    If none of those players can step up then I’m just as worried as you about our lack of leadship, but I see the budding of it.

  • John

    “Maverick said:
    The prospect Vancouver wanted with Cammy for the 10th was Oscar Moller.”

    Would’ve been the worst trade since Zhitnik for Fuhr!!!

    My vote for captain is for Blake to hand the C off to Kopitar.

  • BBanzai

    Blake got his fat retirement contract for almost zero effort the last two seasons. We dont need him, and theres nothing left that he could teach these kids except how to cash a big check. Its time to let the kids play, we can get a better “younger” D man in free agency if we have to.

  • nykingfan

    I can’t belive someone was complaining that the Kings didn’t also move up to get Filatov at #5….While we’re at it, why didn’t we move up to get Stamkos as well. Stamkos, Doughty, Filatov, and Teubert….and then the tooth fairy showed up.

    Good move on DL’s part not parting with Moller. What he drafted is exactly what the Kings needed. Now these guys need to prove that they were worth the pick.

    I wouldn’t use age as a barometer for whether someone should be captain or not. Look at Sid the Kid.
    I think Brown could be the next captain. Either him or JJ would be my choice.

    I don’t think it’s that important that DL have a coach in place before F/A period begins. I don’t thnk the Kings are in the market for big name F/A anyway. Those are the guys that look at who the coach is and whether the team is ready to win now. The lower tier F/A isn’t as concerned about who the coach is.

  • OneTimer

    I can already see Doughty as a definite DEFINITE candidate for Kings Captain – sometime in the next 3 years. Poised, mad skilled, very calm under pressure even for a young kid – he’s always loved LA…

    In fact I’ll bank on it – Doughty is the future Cappy in LA.

  • Bob Bobson

    I can actually see JJ becoming the Kings captain after a while.

  • Eric K

    i agree that doughty will be a captain, but not within three years. i think it will definitely be dustin brown first; give doughty at least five years to move up there. DB is practically a veteran on this team, anyway…

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