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Question: Was this draft very tight in terms of rankings in the top 10? I’m trying to figure out how The Islanders get the 40th pick and and conditional 2nd and 3rd to drop from the fifth to ninth pick whereas the Ducks get the 35th and 39th picks for dropping from 12 to 17.

Answer: Actually the Ducks got No. 17 and No. 28 in exchange for No. 12. They then traded No. 28 to get No. 35 and No. 39. But to answer your question, the drop from fifth to ninth was fairly significant. There was a clear top six and then after that it was fairly wide open. So if you think the Islanders got a lot for the No. 5 pick, that’s why.


Question: Curious to know if proposals and players materialized that they did not cover in their many hours of meetings heading up to the draft? Or did things go pretty much as planned? What happened during round 2 that got their draft central table in heated debate?

Answer: I can assure you, completely, that things came up that they didn’t anticipate. Nobody can anticipate what happens in a draft. If you’re in some type of fantasy league, think of it that way. Can you really predict whether or not you’re going to get a strong quarterback in the fourth round? You just prepare as much as possible and have information at your fingertips so you can make quick decisions. I’m really not sure which incident you’re referring to. Knowing the way those guys debate with each other, it could have been over what was for lunch.


Question: Why add Richardson when they are trying to clear spots for the kids?

Answer: It’s all about competition. Nobody is inked into a position in June. OK, not true. Kopitar, Brown, O’Sullivan and Frolov are. Beyond that, anyone has the potential to win any job. If you’re a coach or a GM, that’s the way you want it. Let the players sort it out in training camp based on how they play. Then it’s on the coaching staff to make the correct decisions about who to play.


Question: why do you think the Kings made the straight up trades with Chicago (a 6th rounder this year for their 6th rounder next year) and St. Louis (a 7th rounder this year for their 7th rounder next year)? Is it that perhaps the Kings have too many prospects right now? Otherwise, these are rather mystifying trades.

Answer: The Kings came into the draft with 15 picks. That’s a ton. They ended up drafting nine players and used another pick to get a 10th player, Brad Richardson. They lost Cammalleri so that’s a net gain of nine players. Again, that’s a lot. The late-round trades are just to push some picks into next year. When you’re trading sixth- and seventh-round picks, you’re really not going to get extra value in return, in the vast majority of cases. It does seem a little bit like rearranging the furniture, but that’s the path Lombardi chose.


Question: DL has historically avoided russians in the past, only ever drafting 1 russian as GM. Did he give you any insight into why now take 2 russians in this draft? Also, although he’s only 18, Voinov already played 2 years of pro hockey in russia’s top league- given his experience, he might be ready to make the jump to the nhl immediately, but if not, DL’s comments in the “Lombardi, on the Russian’s” post leads one to think these guys would then be sent to juniors. Unless I’m mistaken, since neither are CHL property, they can play in the AHL, which would seem to be preferrable for Voinov (not sure for Loktionov). Do you know if this is case?

Answer: I’m not aware that Lombardi has any “Russian philosophy” in general. I think he felt comfortable taking the two guys this year because they did a lot of homework and Jeff Solomon helped determine that both of these players were eager and willing to play in North America next season. Drafting Russians has become increasingly dicey, both because of the transfer agreement problems and the emergence of the Russian league as a power. Lombardi talked the other day about how the Russian league is trying to lock up the young talent with five-year contracts, and if they try to break the contracts they have to pay a ton of money back to the league. As for Voinov, I believe you’re correct about his ability to go to the AHL. It would then depend on what the Kings think is best for his development.


Question: Ray Emery – is he an absolute 100% no go?? Wouldn’t he be worth a one-year contract? When this year’s draft prospects were asked which team had the most intimidating interviewers it was LA and some other team. Has DL ever commented on that?? (re. is it cuz they have lots of guys doing the interviewing, is it the style they use to see how the prospect reacts, etc.) Has DL ever commented on the league contracting to make it a stronger league?

Answer: Yes, Ray Emery is an absolute 100 percent no go. Putting everything else aside, the Kings wouldn’t even see him as a significant upgrade to LaBarbera and Ersberg. If Lombardi and his crew come off as intimidating, it’s just the way they are. From my dealings with him, Lombardi doesn’t just take answers at face value. If he doesn’t get what he’s looking for, he will keep pushing until he’s satisfied. So I imagine some of the prospects might have gotten a little taste of that. I really don’t think Lombardi has an opinion on the league contracting. It’s a little beyond his scope.


Question: With all the talk about trading Vish during the draft, what happens now? The announcers made it clear that Dean was shopping him. Since there weren’t any takers, who will this play out now?

Answer: Well, as I said a bit earlier, I would disagree with the idea that the Kings were “shopping” Visnovsky. It’s not as though they couldn’t find a taker and now they’re stuck with him. His name came up as part of trades that the Kings thought would improve the roster. They’re perfectly fine with having him on the roster next season, likely as one of their top two defensemen.


Question: Could you explain the process of hiring a coach? Does Dean make the calls or are unemployed coaches send in their resume? Just want to know how the process works…

Answer: It works both ways. At last count, the Kings had received about 25 calls regarding the job. They’ll make a list of people who have shown interest, cross off the names they know they’re not interested in and, perhaps, add a few names of other people they would like to talk to. In this case in particular, I think the Kings are interested in guys who are really showing enthusiasm for the job. They don’t want to have to “sell” a prospective coach on taking this job. They want someone who is excited about the challenges they will face here. So that’s one reason this process could take a while.


Question: Did you get a feel or any insight from DL about any specific players he was targeting in the draft that he was disappointed he didn’t get?

Answer: Not really, and at this point there’s no motivation for him to tip his hand about who he targeted. I know that if the Kings had kept the No. 28 pick, they were targeting a center. I suspect it might have been Gustafsson but I’m not certain, and he went No. 21 anyway so it wouldn’t have mattered. As you know, once you get past the first round it’s har to “target” anyone. The exception this year might be Andrew Campbell. The Kings wanted him in the third round but were afraid someone might grab him, so they traded up seven spots.

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  • Hail Kings Fans:

    Some post-draft thoughts from an old Kings hockey buff:

    No more Crow/Cammy/Cloutier-Amazing!

    Next Steps:

    Play DD and CT this year!!

    Trade Vis for a second line RW; ala Afinogenov. Buffalo needs a replacement for Campbell and the Fro-Afin combo is great for the 2nd line.

    In free agency, add Stuart and Orpik or Vandermeer.

    Resign Blake for 1 year.

    Add Moulson, Boyle, and Purcell.

    Make Kop the captain!!

    The team then is:

    Bro/Kop/Sully: The captain and his court.
    Fro/Boyle/Afin: Irish borscht.
    Calder/Zus/Pur: Hustle, hustle, hustle.
    Moulson/Brad R/Simmonds: Energy, energy, energy.
    Extras: Ivanas & Army (for now)

    Orpik & DD: The blues brothers.
    JJ & Stuart: The young and the restless.
    CT & Blake: The hammer and the anvil.
    Preissing (for now)

    Jason & Erik: Rotate each for the first 40 games.

    That’s it, what do you guys think??

    Go Kings!!!


  • GMatsuda

    Hey Rich…I really suspect Lombardi had Tikhonov targeted. Remember when he had to jump off the conference call with us on Friday? I believe he thought Tikhonov would still be available at #32 on Saturday and was taken by surprise when Phoenix traded up to grab him.

    Just my guess, based on what we heard at that moment.

  • JDM

    The tv commentators thought DL was after Tikhonov as well, and I got the same vibe throughout the last week. I had hoped we could pick him up… shame we’ll have to play against him. Hockey royalty in the bloodline of a team never hurts. On this same note, to repeat myself, damn us not grabbing Staal!

    Wonder how the new Toews brother will turn out too…

  • anonymous lurker

    Thank you for the time you put into this site. It is especially interesting and important (as far as sports go) at this time seeing as this draft was a really important event in the Kings’ season/history.


  • Marc Nathan

    regarding Brad Richardson, and the question: Why add Richardson when they are trying to clear spots for the kids?

    Brad Richardson will be 23 for the majority of the upcoming season… (at which point he will turn 24…)

    define “kids”

    My definition: 25 and under… He had 40 points in 38 games for Lake Erie, and at age 21 scored 14 goals for the Avs… so there’s some offensive upside you won’t get from Matt Ellis and/or even Derek Armstrong. His faceoff percentage has sucked mightily (73 games in 06-07 and was 40%… that’s DREADFUL) so he might be better suited to the wing, but I’m not ready to throw him under the bus as fast as I did the Willsies and the Thorntons of the world. This is a “kid.”

  • I will also use my first and last name because I think I’m really important

    I don’t like the idea of trading VIS at all. Doughty and Teubert are NOT both going to be able to jump in as full-time status, so get that out of your heads.

    I just don’t understand Kings fans sometimes…

  • typicaljs

    Honestly, I think both Doughty and Teubert have a good chance to make the jump next season. Teubert is 6’3, right handed, mean, and loves to hit. He wants to make an impact next year, or at least try to. Doughty is well, Doughty. He’ll make the team next year just because management wants the team to get younger, or hopefully in my opinion challenge for Tavares/Hedman/Cowan(lottery hopefully won’t be able to screw us of all three). So I woulnd’t be surprised to see Doughty make it just to start learning in the league and Teubert I think will make it because he’s got nhl size and strength already and he’s right handed and will instantly be the nastiest player on our team I assume. If my assumption is true, I would not be surprised to see 3 rookies in our D core last season. Unrealistic or not, I don’t care. Lets see this team tank with Lubo gone at the deadline and get Hedman or tavares next year to add the final franchise piece to a dynasty for years to come. Our D with hedman added would be amazing for years to come, not to mention all the extra assets we would acquire when other defenseman pan out and we are able to trade them for whatever our pressing needs are at the time.

  • LB

    Let’s not get carried away with the “both Teubert and Doughty making the team next year” predictions. They’re 18 years old. In the last 10 years, since the 1998 draft, only ONE 18 year old defenseman had a spot as a regular in the NHL, that was Boumeester in Florida. All the other top Dmen waited until they were 20 or 21 years old, with rare cases of 19 year olds making it.
    So maybe there’s a chance one of our guys will make it, probably Doughty, but there’s almost no chance of both of them getting to the NHL next year.
    Sometimes, fans need to be more realistic.

  • Anonymous

    Teubert is better off in juniors next season. He will be the leader on his team, can develop other aspects of his game that might be lacking right now, and not hurt the Kings in the process. The reason why a guy like Doughty has a great shot at making the team next year, other than his skill, is his hockey smarts. As pretty much everybody has noted about him, his offensive acumen is off the charts, therefore the Kings would feel more confident about his decision making even though he is only 18. Teubert’s “hockey smarts” scored low from what scouting reports ive seen, and that is something very hard to teach, if at all. Teubert wasnt drafted for his smarts tho, and more development can only help him in the future.

    I can only imagine watching Johnson and Doughty, Hickey and Teubert and maybe Harrold and Martinez. I really love how this D is starting to shape up.

  • Deano

    We got 13 picks for 2009!!!!!!!!

  • JDM

    Random thing here –

    I noticed at, they had had JJ listed as being somewhere in the 4-8th top nhl prospect list throughout the season. Now he is not on there at all in the top 50. Did his season somehow lessen what people saw as his potential, or do they now consider him an nhl’er and not a prospect?… which would be cool, but Toews is on there still and he is an isn’t going to be sent down again, ever. Kane isn’t on their either. Yet it can’t be age, because Purcell is number 44, and he’s 22 years old. Anyone know what the criteria are for who is considered a prospect and who isn’t? I know it’s just a website, but it confuses me a little nonetheless.

    As to the Doughty/Tuebert deal. I say Doughty for sure and Tuebert maybe if he has the kind of camp Kopitar had two years ago. I’m fine either way though, because as much as I want to watch Tuebert play I love the way the D is shaping up, and I trust DL to bring them along properly.

  • paul

    Hey Rich, I cant tell you what a thrill it is to read your site everyday, Thanks you so much for being so informative. So my question is – have the kings taken any heat for once again letting another young up and coming player(cammi) walk because they are once again not willing to pony up? I have been a fan for a long time(bout thirty years) and it just seems like the same old story that we get every couple of years. What’s the point of developing young talent if, as soon as they get good and want more money we just let them go for nothing. Its become a tired old story over the years and i think that Lombardi has gotten off somewhat easy on this one. While I do think that Cammi would have wanted more money I also think that given the chance he would have had a hell of a year. this is one that I think many years from now we as kings fans will once again be kicking ourselves for the one that got away “again!”. Whats your feelings on this? And can we expect more of this when the future stars get into a groove of there own and want to get paid accordingly.

  • SuperSonic420

    When are some people going to figure out that not all your young players are going to stay with the team? Cammy was never going to resign in LA, it just was not going to happen. We ended up getting Colten Teubert and CAL’s 2nd round pick next year for him, so the Kings did not let him walk, as he would’ve done if he wasnt traded before next season’s trade deadline. The core players did not include Cammy, and the Kings biggest goal, right now is locking up Kopitar and Jack Johnson long term like they did with Brown. I would rather spend money on those players than a guy like Cammy who lately seems to have a one trick move. Hope he never suffers a knee injury or hes really in trouble. I am sure Cammy will find his game in Calgary, than sign a high priced contract somewhere, which the Kings would have never matched. If I was betting, i’d probably say he ends up in Toronto.

  • Tom in Denver


    Hockeysfuture has Jack Johnson in the “graduated” section of the ratings, below “other notables” on its list (other notables is underneath prospects). Hope that helps!

  • Bob Bobson

    LB, that is a good point about defensemen playing in the NHL at 18. I really hope Doughty gets a chance to develop at a lower level first but it is either juniors again or the NHL.

  • Tim

    I think with Cammi you have to take into acount his season this year. He missed 19 games with injury and put up most of his points prior to the injury. He was also a -16 (perhaps meaningless given the team last year). Add to that that the team trading for him only has him for 1 year and then might have to splash big cash to keep him and you can see why we couldn’t get huge value for him. It’s hard to see a player go that our system developed, but I would rather hang on to Kopitar, Brown and O’Sullivan than have to splash big money on Cammi. Given that we have Purcell, Boyle and Moulson fighting for a roster spot and longshots like Parse and Moller you have to have some roster turnover. Also, we probably need the depth in D more than we need more depth up front. A nasty D sure sounds nice to me. That being said, it is kind of hard to stomach trading a proven NHLer who might be about to really hit his stride for a prospect. Hope it pans out.

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