More Cloutier drama?


It just never ends. According to a report on, Dan Cloutier’s buyout might not go as planned. Just as a follow to this, if this story is true and the Kings are not able to actually buy out Cloutier, they could list him as a long-term injury and get cap relief that way.

Report: Medical to determine Cloutier’s free agent status

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  • Jonny

    wow Rich.. you are on the ball. I was just going to ask you about this.

  • Matt George


    this story makes me sick

    you know how the doctor is going to come down on this.

    it’s a million dollar decision on the docs part ..


    free loadin punk

  • Chuck

    Cloutier: The Gift that Keep on Giving! Headache’s that is…

  • Josh

    What a loser !!

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