The Cloutier situation

Here’s the deal, according to the Kings…

Before Cloutier was placed on waivers, he was examined by Dr. Ronald Kvitne, a highly respected orthopedic surgeon, who determined that Cloutier was healthy enough to play. Cloutier sought a second opinion, and that doctor also deemed him healthy enough to play.

So the Kings went ahead, put Cloutier on waivers and bought out his contract.

Now, Cloutier wants to seek a third opinion. If that doctor says Cloutier is unable to play, the buyout might be nullified and Cloutier might get his $3.1 million, but the Kings would be able to get salary-cap relief through a long-term injury situation. But first, we’ll have to see what this third doctor says. What a mess.

In unrelated news, Barry Melrose will be announced as Tampa Bay’s new coach tomorrow. That leaves the Kings as the only NHL team without a coach at the moment.

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  • signOrpik


  • Bob Bobson

    So shady….I bet Dean and Hextall must have a big headache from this seemingly neverending Cloutier situation.

  • anthony

    You said it Bob.
    Shady is too good of a word here.
    If you look at it from Beach-Balls perspective, that extra $1.1 Million gets you a lot rooms at the Super 8.

    BTW, Is Super 8 a hotel or motel.

  • Mark

    How were we able to buy out McCauley’s contract when he was injured?

  • Anonymous

    This guy is like the plague. How many opinions will be be allowed?? If we’re forced to keep him, he’d better not be in our net again EVER!

    And, I heartily agree, sign Orpik!

  • Matt R

    So all he has to do is keep going from doctor to doctor until he hears what he wants? I think it should have to be a majority. Two doctors have already said he’s healthy so he should be required to find three to say he’s not to over rule the other two. Good luck with that. Or he could just keep quiet and take his $2mil over two years and quit whining.

  • Anonymous

    what a little bitch.

  • jack handy

    a third opinion… really?

    and even though 2/3rds of the doctors say he’s clear, it could still be nullified.

    DESPERATE times for Clouts i guess.

  • kingskicka$$

    What a douche… With that attitude, I guess he never wants to play in the NHL again.

  • RBaker94

    I guess the grudge he has with us is worht burning the bridge that he has with the rest of the NHL. You know that every GM in the NHL is seeing this. Who wants this guy after this. Cloutier, I giess that 1.1 Million Extra that you want can be you retirment fund. Please go away so that we can go win a cup.

    You dont need Orpik. That is NOT the answer. We already have Blake and Lubo and Preising. Let the kids play. The worst that will happen is that we build for another year, get another year of Exp under us and get another GREAT Draft Pick. Look at Pittsbugh. They played the KIDS. They are now contending. LET THE KIDS PLAY.


  • Beachball dans sucks harder now

    Can’t say I’m surprised here w/ the beachball. I never saw any credability w/ him, and if anyone esle ever did, it should be gone by now. Shame on Dan for being such a cheat. What a great example for his little girl. I’m sure some quack w/ an internet medical degree from Mongolia will say that he’s hurt….for $500,000 since he won’t accept insurance.

  • Anonymous

    The Beachball makes Cechmanek look good by comparison… I want him off the roster at ANY means even if we have to BUY HIM A MOTORCYCLE!!!!!!

  • I post my first and last name because I think I’m really important.

    Kings are not signing Orpik.

    The plans to get anyone other than stuart or blake flew out the door when Norstrom retired; yes there was a serious thought on bringing him back.

    Hey, Dan…I hope you socked away enough money to go back to school. Your career in hockey in any way, shape, or form just ended. Unless you’re looking for that lucrative sales rep job for northern quebec with RBK or Vaughn.


  • Ross

    I wonder which situation would be better for the Kings as a franchise, buying him out or putting him on the LTI list for the final year of his contract? Buying him out means a small number on the check that AEG has to write, but putting him on the LTI list would make his cap hit smaller, if not nothing if I am not mistaken. So, I wonder which might be the better scenario for the Kings?

  • KingFan4ever

    My son’s squirt Roller Hockey team needs a goalie coach. Maybe I’ll give Cloutier a call? He’ll have to interview first though…

  • Jonny

    It sounded to me that this guy wanted to be bought out, so he can “try” to find another team. Way to blow it douche bag!!!

  • Anonymous

    “Mark asked:

    How were we able to buy out McCauley’s contract when he was injured?”

    McCauley wasn’t a P.O.S. about it.

  • anonymous

    Why is everybody so upset over this? By him going on Long Term Injury, the Kings will not have any cap hit by his absence. I we buy him out, the $1.1 million is counted against us. This is better for the Kings to have him seek a third opinion.

  • taz42

    Clutz continues to be a pain in the ass.
    Will that guy ever go away?

  • Anonymous

    I hate Cloutier, I hate Cloutier, I hate Cloutier.

    Did I mention I hate Cloutier?

    Should he and Crawford be on the beach laughing about how they’ve BEEN getting paid to suck, and now they are going to get paid to do NOTHING!


    So many curse words, so little time.

  • Anonymous

    May he rot in Siberia…

  • Pat McGroyn


    Are you out here? Last friday, you were pretty harsh on some of the bloggers here for poking fun at Dan Cloutier. After seeing this latest episode regarding Inspector Cloutier, I am curious to know if you are still such an ardent Cloutier supporter, and why you may think that Dan is an upstanding character player?

  • JDM

    For the record, I posted “I hate cloutier, I hate cloutier, I hate cloutier”, etc…

    And anonymous… I definately see the logic behind it being better for the Kings to clear the $1.02 mill cap hit for the buyout, but consider this:

    First for the logical point – The Kings never really have, nor will they likely get anywhere near the ($58 or $56 mill – someone clear me up please) cap REGARDLESS of Cloutier’s situation. From my understanding, AEG has been setting their own cap of about $46-48 on the Kings, even before the Salary Cap came to being in the NHL. So sure, we’d have an extra $1.02 mill to spend, but does that even really amount to anything in terms of signing players? In Pittsburg’s case, yes, in our case, I don’t believe so.
    Also, AEG still has to pay for the insurance, which would aggrivate their money-grubbing minds I assume, so it might even be an extra advantage for DL and how he is seen by ownership to simply buy him out.

    Now for the emotional reason – Cloutier has been a plague. A sore. The infection that won’t allow a wound to heal. If we buy him out, sure he is still going to get a paycheck, but nothing else. He will have no affiliation with the King’s organization. If he is on LT-IR, then he is technically still a King, and for me, this in some karmic way let’s his bad energy feed in to the organization. I know this is not ‘logical’ and really just an opinion, but come on, we are all hockey fans and in my experience nearly every hockey fan/player/GM/Coach buys into some level of supersticion. So from a supersticious POV, having him on the team in ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM is going to hurt us somewhere, sometime, in some way or another.

    Anyone feel me on this karmic reasoning of BBD (beach ball disease)?

  • Josh

    This guy is like herpes

  • Kenneth

    To all the people in the world that I hate… you will forever be referred to as Cloutier’s.

  • Cob

    I know I’m stating the obvious here but I can’t help it – Cloutier is a CANCER to this organization. Never once have I hated a player more.

  • BallPointHammer

    I agree with JDM – get rid of Cloutier ASAP. I never want to see or hear his name again. He was one of the worst Kings ever.

    There is one bit of lingering stench from this person that we’ll have to wait out though. As part of the trade for and subsequent re-signing of this person we owe Vancouver our third round pick next year. But after that, full Karma will have been restored.

  • lakingzfan

    feeling you here about the karma!
    Does anybody know what happens to him if he does eventually get bought out? can he then sign with another team (that is probably never going to happen) and make more money on top of what he is freeloading?
    I dont see the advantage to cloutier being deemed injured, he gets his money all the same, but cant play anywhere else! This whole thing doesnt make sense to me…someone please clarify what he is trying to do (if thats possible)!
    BTW- agree that he is the worst king ever – will never forgive him for throwing the club under the bus like he did! and we still gave him a another chance after that? God this guy has no scruples!

  • beingbobbyorr

    Are you out here? Last friday, you were pretty harsh on some of the bloggers here for poking fun at Dan Cloutier. After seeing this latest episode regarding Inspector Cloutier, I am curious to know if you are still such an ardent Cloutier supporter, and why you may think that Dan is an upstanding character player?

    I’m not the person you’re refering to, but I’ll respond, anyway.

    Anybody who thinks professional sports is about character, teamwork, and honor is a dunce and deserves all the frustration this episode is giving them.

    This is a business, for the players as much as it is for the owners, and Cloutier is jobbing the system to extract as much coin as he’s entitled to, just like the owners job it to maximize their profits …. go ask Dave Andreychuk, Alex Mogilny, Vladimir Orszagh, or Teppo Numminen.

    He lost a year of his career due to Gary Bettman’s lockout, and now he’s supposed to be a swell fellow and fade away into the woodwork so that your piece of laundry can forget about him & the contract that they signed in good faith? On another planet …. maybe.

  • Cloultier is like a piece of gum at the bottom of your shoe…….annoying and even when you peel it off there’s still a little sticky residue that bothers you when you walk.

  • nykingfan

    I understand about Karma, but as long as I never see Cloutier between the pipes wearing a Kings uniform, I’m ok with that. If it ends up costing AEG more $…too bad. They’ve been ripping off Kings fans for years.
    As far as the salary cap hit goes, it doesn’t matter right now whether he’s on the books for $1.5 mil or not, but when it comes time to open the books for Kopitar, Frolov, JJ, Sully…..they’re going to need as much space as possible. Those guys will not be cheap. I wouldn’t expect those guys to be giving the Kings a hometown discount…at least I wouldn’t.

  • brianguy

    “Should he and Crawford be on the beach laughing about how they’ve BEEN getting paid to suck, and now they are going to get paid to do NOTHING!”

    this begs for a Photoshop… Craw oiling up Danny’s back as he lies there on his stomach, chin perched up on a beachball. money flowing out both their pockets, ears glued to cell phones, agents on the line trying to line up new work.

  • Dutch

    Dan “Super 8” Cloutier was just another in a string of ridiculously bad pickups by the Kings the past couple of years, Roenick and Blake can be added for sure! What’s with this 3rd opinion crap? Offer the Doc a 15% commission Danny Boy you might get the answer you want by the 7th try! Finally you knew Cloutier was on the outs when he got sent to Denver to see a Doctor sometime last year and he got put up at the Super 8 Hotel, which of course he b!tched about…Apparently a shortage of hotel rooms at the time, but gives pretty clear indication the Kings didn’t care much for Cloutier’s ego….

  • Anonymous

    If the Kings get a contract back when DC is bought out, the tin foil sort I am thinks he could be spiting the Org. because he thinks he was treated badly.

  • Eric K

    yep, cloutier is now succeeding in driving away any NHL teams who might have had the SMALLEST interest in his services. nice move!

  • DellaNooch

    Two things – Dan Cloutier won 8 games for the Kings but will probably pocket 9.3 million, that’s right, more than a million a win.

    This is not Dan’s fault, he knows his hockey career is over, so he’s simplying applying for an Executive Position at an oil company and they want to see an example of how he can blantantly gouge someone and be completely unaccountable for it. He fits right in.

  • paul

    kvitney says he is fit team doctor. second doctor says in not fit so cloutier needs a third oppinion.