Forum answers VII

Wednesday? Well, it should be a Wednesday, shouldn’t it? By the way, anyone want to buy a hockey team? I understand there’s one in Anaheim with an empty owner’s office this afternoon. Yikes… Here’s the next set of answers…


Question: Having covered the Kings for a number of years, especially in the Dave Taylor era, what are the differences your see in the infrstructure of DL’s Kings’ organization? Specifically, how are areas like training staff, scouting, coaching and office staff different than DT’s days? In that regard, do you sense covering the team on a close basis that the Kings have moved from the “old boys” network to a more progressive one where, more and more, everyone is “on the same page.” It comes across from the scouting interviews that DL expects his guys to “burn the midnight oil” just like him. True?

Answer: That’s a good question, but a difficult one to answer, because I have much more access in the Lombardi Era than I did in the Taylor Era. I will say what I know, which is that almost every one of those areas you mentioned — training staff, scouting and coaching — have been completely reshaped under Lombardi. The scouting staff, in particular, is one that has undergone a huge overhaul, and just from my experiences, there seems to be a lot of energy within that group. I agree with your observation that Lombardi pushes them hard, but it seems to be something everyone enjoys.


Question: 1) Do you think there is concern from GM’s such as David Poile about the salary cap floor coming up? 2) The Hockey News thinks visors may be mandatory next year. Have you heard anything similar? 3) Any comments from the Kings goalies about the potential for new goalie equipment rules for the 09-10 season?

Answer: I think there’s a lot of concern, in general, about the salary cap. Not just the floor but the ceiling too. And I understand the concerns. How did it get back to this point already? The NHL is already starting to divide itself again, between the teams that can spend a lot and those that can’t/won’t. There’s still a lot of parity in the league but the numbers are starting to get a little scary. 2) No, I haven’t heard anything concrete, but I’m sure The Hockey News will be all over it. 3) I haven’t spoken to any of the Kings goalies since April. The prospects camp should be a chance to perhaps talk to Bernier and a couple others about this.


Question: How much do you think Fro is a part of this team? Knowing what Dean feels about Wingers and their importance (or lackthere of) in comparison to goaltenders, centers and defensemen, how much do you think Dean values Fro as a part of the core? … Finally, in your gut opinion, do you think Fro will be re-signed or traded before his contract runs out?

Answer: The first part of your question referenced being surprised about Frolov being “part of the team.” I guess it’s hard to answer the question unless I understand why you feel that way. Frolov is a personable guy with good English skills. I’m not sure why you think he would have “outcast” qualities. I think you’re correct to say that Lombardi puts a bigger value on goalies, defensemen and centers (at least the top two centers) but he knows what Frolov can do. I don’t think they’re thinking about a new contract him just yet, as he has two years left. Lots of other bridges to cross before that.


Question: – are the Kings pleased or disappointed that 85% or so of season ticket holders renewed after last season’s meltdown and subsequent price hike? – what is the contract situation of the current asst. coaches and wouldn’t they be looking for other jobs knowing the penchant of a new coach to bring in his own guys? – if Mike Johnston is promoted, wouldn’t he be faced with the same difficulties that Dave Lewis had in Boston in attempting to transition from good-guy asst. to bad-guy head coach? – have you tried to find out more about the murky legal/moral effects of AEG’s $7 million loan to Boots del Baggio to help his Nashville bid and probable franchise relocation to AEG’s KC arena?

Answer: 1) Of course they’ll see they’re pleased, because they’ll never say they’re displeased about anything. But yeah, 85 percent for a team that finished second-to-last and raised prices, they’re probably OK with that percentage. 2) Well certainly, if I was one of the assistant coaches, I wouldn’t feel real secure right now. The one thing I’ll say is that Lombardi has made it clear that two guys in particular, Jamie Kompon and Nelson Emerson, are important to what the Kings are doing this summer. That makes me believe that those guys, at least, will have some kind of future with the team. 3) Would he face the same difficulties? I really don’t know. Coaches aren’t carbon copies of each other, so Johnston wouldn’t necessarily face the same problems. He might, but he might not. It would depend entirely on how he approached the job. 4) To be perfectly honest, that’s a little beyond my scope. That’s a story for a business reporter and/or a courts reporter who has access to lawyers and court records and can go deep inside the corporate structure of AEG. I’m just trying to figure out who the Kings are going to hire as coach…


Question: I just wanted your opinion if you think management really believes we are going to be as bad as we were last year or do you think setting the bar low is a way to keep our expectations low

Answer: Last year, management thought the Kings would have around a .500 record and contend for the playoffs. You saw how that worked out. I don’t think anybody goes into a season expecting to finish with the second-worst record. If they’re being honest with themselves, they’ll expect a better finish but they won’t expect anything more than a spirited run for the eighth playoff spot. Perhaps something similar to what Chicago did last season.


Question: Lombardi seems to be going to ownership more lately or at least mentioning that he is doing so. Knowing that means involving Anschutz and Leiweke’s obvious lack of hockey acumen, I am understandably wary. Or is this the same it has been for 2 years and DL is just getting assurances from above that his way is the correct way (not that Phil and Tim would know anyway)?

Answer: You’re right to be concerned any time AEG pokes its nose into hockey decisions, but to answer your question, I think it’s more of the latter than the former. My instincts are that since this is such a crucial summer, in terms of hiring a new coach, having so many draft picks, etc., the meetings have been about making sure everyone is on the same page. I still have my concerns — as every fan should, also — about AEG trying to get too involved and influencing things. I’ll always keeping my eyes and ears about about that.


Question: You think Gillis will put his money where his mouth is and sign his former client, Mike Cammalleri, to a multi-year $6 million contract this time next year?

Answer: That will certainly be interesting now, won’t it? And I wonder why, since Gillis presumably thinks Cammalleri is such a valued, underpaid performer, he didn’t make a better offer for him. Hmmm…


Question: What’s the deal with Parse lately? I remember him being close to NHL ready, but I haven’t heard or read much about him since? You have any info on where he’s at in his development?

Answer: Parse went through a rough year because of a pretty serious back injury. He ended up playing only 14 games in Manchester and 18 games in Reading. The prospects camp will be a good time to get an update on him, as I haven’t heard anything about his recovery since the end of the season.


Question: I don’t understand the rush to bring back Stuart, he turns the puck over constantly and is prone to being out of position – granted he just gained valuable experience with the Wings, but his shortcomings were masked by being on an excellent defensive team – on top of the fact that he’s bounced around the league – what’s with the huge interest in bringing back Stuart?

Answer: Lombardi has always liked him, he’s familiar with him and he’s one of the few free-agent defensemen who fits into the Kings’ salary structure. So those are the three reasons it would happen, if it did happen. The particulars of Stuart’s game can be debated, but Lombardi likes him and always has, so that’s pretty much the bottom line, right?


Question: Is it me or is Dan Cloutier the second coming of Jason Vorhees??? No matter how we get rid of him…he always seems to come back… OR is that comparison insulting to poor Jason???

Answer: Maybe if Cloutier started wearing the old-school goalie mask…

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  • Captain Material

    I’ve recently heard a wild rumor a former Ducks advertising employee is spreading that there is talk within the organization of NHL expansion within the next 2-3 years. Have you heard anything along those lines within the Kings organization?

  • Maverick

    I hope the Ducks lose their ownership and get shipped off to Vegas or Kansas. Of course that is just a bitter King’s fan talking…

  • anthony

    Couldn’t have happen to a more deserving organization.
    I hope the Anaheim team, as a whole, folds.
    Then we get Ryan Getzlaf in a default draft.

  • Paul

    Regarding Brad Stuart, the talk shows on XM radio Home Ice this morning were talking about Stuart possibly having a previously un-diagnosed shoulder injury, and that it might impact his free agency.

    Regarding NHL expansion, I’ve listened to Gary Bettman’s weekly show on XM radio all season. Every week he’s asked about expansion and every time someone asks, he says the NHL isn’t expanding anytime soon. He says the only possibility would be for a team to relocate, but he never goes into which teams could be moving. With the sale of Nashville & Tampa being finalized, I’d say the chances are remote now that a team would move anytime soon.

  • Big Rob in Dallas

    How would you grade this years draft?

  • afx114

    Rich, thanks again for the great coverage and interaction with us fans. You are a godsend!

    That aside, I have a question for you. One far more important than any Free Agent Signing. When are the Kings going to lock up Bob Miller long-term? I know he has a contract through 2008-09 plus an option for 2009-10. If anyone deserves to see the Kings win the cup it is Bob Miller, but it appears his contract may expire right when the young Kings start to hit their stride. Any word on getting Bob locked up after 2009-10, and if so, would he want to keep at it?

  • 28 KINGS

    Maybe Anthony can buy the Ducks and show us all how it’s REALLY done. He can then fire Burke and become owner/GM.

  • bruce fox

    Actually Do it Luc! That is business side.

  • Pat McGroyn


    The sale of the Nashville Predators might have been finalized, but I would say that is anything but safe & secure. Please see:

  • kyle

    Re: Frolov and his value to the team–
    Alexander was one of three current players to come down to the draft party and sit for questions and autographs (Fro, Bernier and JJ). Maybe I’m wrong, but you don’t send him out to an event like that if he’s not in the long term plan. You’ve got an organization pushing “youth/long term commitment/core players”…you don’t stick someone who doesn’t fit all those criteria out there just to have a warm body on the couch. By having Alexander there, I think management was sending a message that it wants Fro around for the long haul. PS he said his recent surgery went fine and he expects to be ready and healthy by camp.

  • Crash Davis

    Actually, the signing of Bob Miller to a longer contract would probably come from the business side of the Kings, headed by Luc Robitaille, not Dean Lombardi. Ironic that it would be a former player who Bob has travelled with, interviewed and described in scores of play by play accounts since the mid 80s who ultimately decides Bob’s contract size and length. Although Mike Altieri or another Kings leader might do the actual heavy lifting on any proposed contract, then pass it up the chain of command.

    But you just can’t get any better than Miller. We in L.A. have been incredibly blessed by great, one-of-a-kind hall of fame announcers who have been (were) with their teams for decades (Scully, Miller, Hearn).

  • Ryan


    Please comment on the following rumor:

    Former Grand Rapids Head Coach Mike Stothers name has surfaced as a possible next Head Coach of the LA Kings.

    Can you do any time of story on him? Possible? Heard of him before? Know anything about him?

  • Rich, I’ve seen an interesting post over at HF Boards. What do you think of Igor Larianov as a head coach or as a consultant for the younger players. He has a great head on his shoulders and is a great student of the game. I’m not sure if he would make a good head coach or not but just wondering others thoughts…

  • Marc Nathan

    just a point of clarification: Bob Miller and Jim Fox are not employed by the Kings… right, Rich? Nick and Daryl actually are, but Bob and Jim work for Fox Sports Network.

  • Anonymous

    Maverick…better make that Kansas City… It would lower property values in Vegas if the Ducks relocated here…

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rich,

    I just want to begin by thanking you for wealth of information that you have given us the fans. Please continue on doing a fantastic job. You deserve a raise.

    DL made a huge judgment error in hiring Crawford. Crawford was coming off of Bertuzy and Moore incident. I dont think DL did his homework on this one. He missed the bus completely or his lamp was not burning. Crawford was damaged goods. And recommending that DL trade for Cloutier was the icing on the cake. Crawford knew that Cloutier was damaged goods and yet he still wanted him to be his number one goalie. And continued on that downward spiral, where any thing he did not work. Actually Crawford made things even worse. Crawford probably knew that his job was on the line. So he tried to make up for his poor coaching by trying to win the remaining meaningless games of the season, which ended up costing the kings a #1 pick. Dont you think DL could have gotten a key player by trading this pick and moving down a slot or two to grab either Doughty or Bogosian? There for Crawford betrayed DL and the organization knowing full well that his days as the kings coach was over. So he made sure that the kings did not get the first pick. Crawford is a work of art and I can say he was one of the worst coaches that this team had. And I hold DL completely responsible for this huge blunder. I am beginning to think that DL is a better talker than someone that gets the job done. Having success with one organization does not necessarily mean that you will be successful with another.
    I think the clock has begun to tick on DL. So he needs to turn things around for this organization by hiring the right coach that can teach, instill confidence and inspire.
    The time for talking a good game is over. Its time for action.


  • Tito Jackson

    Sometimes when I was at the games, I got that perfect Toll House giant cookie. Like it was nice and soft but not firm enough to be solid. Goodtimes.

  • Quattro

    LMAO Tito

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t there something years ago about a “lifetime contract” for Bob Miller?

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    A few short minutes after the opening of the game, in minute 5, the Meringues opened the score. A foul gave a free kick to Esteban Granero, who crossed a pass that was headed by Sergio Ramos, putting the scoreboard at 1-0. [url=]ricardo kaka[/url] Real Madrid also boasted a great game the next day against Villareal, winning 2-0. Villareals players and coach were not especially happy with decisions by the referee during the game, but the team stood together. They are still seeking their first victory of the season.

  • The second half was a completely different story; the French team started on fire, producing great opportunities. The first came at minute 52 when Lisandro made a 25-yard shot that tested Madrids goalkeeper, Iker Casillas. Casillas was clearly starting to feel the pressure produced by the French team. [url=]real madrid football club[/url] At the end of this match, Kak stated his satisfaction with scoring for Real again in a tough match after having been injured for some time. He hopes his team will keep fighting for theiruntil the end.
    “It’s a tremendous joy to score; I’ve been waiting for a game like this for a long time. I think I’ve given a clear answer on the field to all of those who have criticized me,” said Kak.
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    At the end of the game, Kaka expressed his satisfaction at his teams performance, happy to have helped his team by adding a point. [url=]ronaldo goals[/url] The second goal of the night came after Xabi sent a pass to the edge of the box, from which Messi drove a precise, angled left-footed shot into the far corner of the net. Then, left alone in the penalty area, Gerard Picque took a pass from Ibrahimovic and finished the play with an easy throw that passed the goalkeeper and moved the score to 3-0.

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