One year ago…

This was the quote from Lubomir Visnovsky a year ago, after he signed his five-year, $28-million contract extension with the Kings…

“I’m very happy that I’ll be staying with this organization for a long time,” said Visnovsky from his offseason home in Slovakia. “I love Los Angeles and I want to play in the playoffs with the Kings.”

Just goes to show how quickly things can change in the NHL…

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  • Anonymous

    and wasn’t part of the idea behind getting Handzus and Nagy to convince Lubo to resign?……

  • anthony

    It also goes to show you that you shouldn’t play like garbage after being rewarded with a VERY GENEROUS contract.

    I have 2 questions.
    Is his no trade clause still in effect in Edmonton.
    Is Edm. stuck with him for 5 years.

    What’s the difference between no trade clause & no movement clause.

  • I post my first and last name because I think I’m really important.

    Lets hope that next trade with EDM involves Pitkanen.

    then your whole world is gonna be turned upside down.

  • Duckhunter

    Anthony, I’ve just read all the new post and your on every single one of them. If your going to post on them all, at least say something you haven’t said already.
    We understand you don’t like Lubo or Blake. Maybe their time has passed, but both were outstanding Kings in their own way. Give a little credit.

  • socalking

    It doesn’t matter whether or not Lubo becomes an all-star next year or not. It does not matter if Stoll and Greene pick-up their game or not. Band-aid on top of Band-aid on top of Band-aid. Just like the Modry trade and signing, we are icing a team that can just be considered NHL-caliber. We don’t even have a coach!!! See ya later Frolov, you are to old for this team, we are not going to try to compete for another two years.

    I do hope our players man-up and put together a winning season, but I’m sure DL is preparing a contract for Tavares instead of preparing for any play-off hockey in L.A. for next year

  • decker

    This is a classless trade. Unless you were getting an unbelievable deal you don’t make the trade on principle alone.
    For a guy that seems to value character, well…

  • Baumgartner22

    classless trade? are you suggesting DL not trade a player while he can still get return value just because said player has character? please clarify.

    also, as visnovsky gets older, his hit on salary cap would only get larger going toward 2012 while his point production is likely to go down. regardless of how much we as fans like him, simple math shows it was time to move him.

    we won’t know if DL “won” this deal for a few seasons. as much as i love visnovsky, i’m glad we cashed in on him while he was still an asset.

  • psycho

    classless trade? this is a business and the company that owns this business decided to “go young” and build a team that will compete for many, many years to come. Lubo was treated well – as evidenced by the big fat contract which he will still be earning in Edmonton. Don’t cry for Lubo and don’t blame the Kings for FINALLY trying to create a legitimate hockey franchise.

  • BringBackKingston

    Lubo’s cap hit is the same $5.6 for all five years. Cap hit = average yearly salary of the contract.

  • KingsFan19

    This is a good trade for both clubs…potentially.

    This gives Dean Lombardi some room to lock up the young core of this team for long term and still have some room to be active in other ways…The right FA signings.

    He almost had to make this trade for the long-term building process to continue. I don’t think Dean is done yet either.

  • Anonymous

    Good trade, makes sense. Team needed a phisical, young, defensive presence. Also Vish was not young and we are going that way. I also like the message, we will give you a big contract, but if you dont fullfill your end of the bargain and play like the played who earned the money….Your going to be traded.

  • Nick

    Rich, I’d like you to ask Lombardi if he isn’t worried that certain players that do fit (unlike Visnovsky) into our core won’t become alienated by these moves. I understand why Lombardi made these moves but I’m worried whether Kopitar, Johnson, O’Sullivan etc. are content with the direction the franchise has decided to take. I imagine some of them due to their competitive nature won’t put up with losing for much longer. In short, isn’t Lombardi worried that we may after all find ourselves in another black hole?

  • Anonymous

    My concern is the comment that “this exchange allows us to add two players who fit the long-term vision for this team”. Should not Lubo fit into that vision based on the fact that DL signed him to that long term contract approximately one year ago and that DL has been very adamant about sticking to his plan/vision since his arrival. (This is not withstanding this “ownership wants me to get even younger comment, which I still am not understanding as I thought they were supposed to be removed from the process). Remember the powerpoint slide where he discussed six defenseman with two older, two “middle-aged”, and two younger. If the entire philosophy/plan he spouted since he came is changing…we will fully see pending FA signings…then count me as very skeptical and count Lubo’s contract extension as another “bad idea” like some of his other FA signings. That being said, I do hope that this trade works out for the Kings. I am just getting to the point where I believe DL’s “grace period” is over, and he needs to be held accountable.

  • MrBrett

    I’m laughing just reading some of these comments after this trade.

    This is the reason why hockey doesn’t work in non-hockey markets. People just don’t get it.

    Make the playoffs next year? Did anyone actually have any delusions the Kings were going to with or without Lubo?

    For 40+ years, numerous management teams have floundered and cheated and crooked their way into trying to appease an idiotic fanbase who doesn’t get this game in the first place aside from a voracious 5,000 or so who actually do understand this game. The rest are just transplanted Laker fans who think you can buy a championship overnight by signing one high priced free agent. IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY IN HOCKEY.

    Lombardi is building this team the right way for the first time in this franchises history, the only problem for LA, is that takes time, and a long time to do. Why? You cannot throw 18/19/20 year olds to the wolves, and they take time to mature.

    18 and 19 year olds, unless they are from Europe, cannot play in Manchester, get your facts straight. So Doughty and Teubert MUST play for either the Kings or go back to Juniors. Doughty is probably ready, there is a 10% chance that Teubert makes the team, more like 5% now with Greene being added. Voinov has already been drafted by a Junior league team and has expressed great interest in coming over to.

    These things take time. We have waited 40+ years for someone to come along and actually build this team right. It’s not going to be next year, and if you think it will be, take a vacation all season long, because it’s not going to happen.


    For all of you saying that this is a trade that DL *HAD* to do….then why the hell did he give Vis this deal to begin with? So, a year ago it made total sense to lock the guy up, but now it doesn’t? I’m just not getting it…

  • MacSwede

    I guess the lines could look like this next season:

    Sully Kopi Brown
    Fro Stoll Purcell
    Calder Handzus Moulson
    Ellis Army/Richardson Ivanans

    Blake? Johnson
    UFA? Greene
    Preissing Harrold


    Do we need to sign another UFA now? Maybe we could replace UFA above with Doughty..


  • SS

    I hate this trade but Lombardi had to do it. He couldn’t take the chance that Lubo would play the rest of his career like 2007-2008 with Lombardi unable to move him.

    Lombardi put himself in this position due to the idiocy of giving Lubo a NMC, and Lubo’s in Edmonton instead of Manhattan Beach because he played like crap last year.

  • KingzzFan

    I am sad to see Lubo go, he will be missed. Yes he had a bad season last year, but lets remember MC put him on the other side last season where we all saw he was not as effective. All he did was free up cap space to sign all the kids to long term contracts.

    My take is that DL will play the kids this year; this will make us (the Kings fans) happy enough to put our butts in the seats. I think we will have a very similar season this year unless we have one of our goalies come out of nowhere and have an all star season (not likely). DL is looking for a couple high first round picks next year to put the frosting on the cake, only then will he bring up our goalies and say it’s time to give it a run.

    One more year, I’ve waited this long, I see what he’s doing and I can see a bright future.

  • Nick

    Sucks for Lubo.

    Dean messed up giving Lubo that huge contract.
    Oh and I hope Stoll doesn’t have a year like Handzus did last year or DL will look really bad.

  • Irish Pat

    With Hickey and now Doughty in the pipeline, Visnovsky eventually had to go. I’m sure Lombardi would have liked to trade him after his two young puck movers were ready for the NHL, but that no trade clause and huge contract would have been a huge albatross around his neck. Goodbye Lubo-cookie and hello Stoll and Greene.

  • KingsFan19

    The Vis contract mostly made sense at the time it was made. The plan was to be very competitive while building. That has changed to a full rebuild now.

    Given the aquisition and possibly better/faster than expected development of propects this is the right trade to make now. Also looking at contracts for players like Malone, it becomes apparent that the price for contracts is going up just like the price of gas. And finally Lombardi probably hates the NMC and wants to be rid of them.

  • tsaiguy


    Sorry, but since when did the first five-year plan turn into a different five-year plan three years later?…Chairman Lombardi has some serious questions to answer if this is true….

  • Dave

    I’m not crazy about losing Lubo. The guy takes a licking and just when you think he’s finished, he skates back out on to the ice for another shift…..Not easy to find guys like this, with skills!

    Does everyone see a pattern developing here. DL is freeing up $$$ to pay all the studs we do have, and to go after the free agents this year, next year and the year after. And they will come, once they see the finished product

  • Simon

    Anthony: I think a no trade is that a no trade. A no movement clause means he can’t be sent down to the AHL or be traded.

    I agree with most of the things Anthony has said this last week. Except I do want Blake back. We needed to make this trade to sign all our young players. We may not have gotten value for the player, but we certainly got value for his contract and age.

  • Dan H.

    Mr. Brett –

    Would you care to explain why hockey didn’t work in that non hockey market of Winnipeg since we’re all so clueless?

    I don’t like the trade personally. I understand the youth movement but just trading for youth doesn’t get it done. I do hope that this gets JMFJ some power play time this year though.

  • decker

    just to clarify, my classless comment was in relation to the No Movement Clause Lombardi signed him to. I don’t like the way it looks, smells, whatever you want to call it. You don’t sign a guy to a no trade clause then turn around and trade him.

  • nykingfan

    Mr Brett…You’re right but a lot of us fans do understand whats going on. I really think the people who are against DL are in the minority, but the minority is always the loudest

    …it’s pretty said that fans do not have the patience to sit tight and let DL’s plan play out to the end. Why the rush? Like you said, we’ve waited 40 years and have no cups and for most of the 40 years, no shot at a cup. So along comes Lombardi and starts rebuilding the entire organization from the ground up. He took over an organization with no direction and very few assets. He has made great strides in rebuilding the infrastructure of the organization and getting young assets in the pipeline. Naturally we struggled last year and probably will again. So these so called fans want everything broken up and sign the biggest name free agents out there.
    heck..we even have one person who thinks the Kings should package Doughty for an established player.

  • KingsFan19

    tsaiguy said:

    I never said it was a”new” 5 year plan. What I am alluding to in the management going from a Hybrid-rebuiding plan to an all-out rebuild. I think a combo of the failures last season combined with the better than expected prospects and a committment from management (AEG) to go with a full-blown youth movement is what drives the modification of the original plan.

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