Trade details

From Edmonton, to the Kings…

Jarret Stoll, center… Stoll, 26, made $2.2 million last season, when he totaled 14 goals and 22 assists in 81 games. Stoll is a restricted free agent this summer. His best season, statistically, was his second full season, 2005-06, when he had 22 goals and 46 assists in 82 games. He had concussion issues in 2006-07 that limited him to 51 games.

Matt Greene, defenseman… Greene, 25, is due $1.15 million next season and will be a restricted free agent in the summer of 2009. Greene had zero goals and one assist in 46 games last season. His season was limited because of a broken ankle. In 2006-07, his first full NHL season, Greene had one goal, nine assists and 109 penalty minutes in 78 games.

Lubomir Visnovsky is due $5.6 million next season in the first year of his contract extension.

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  • anthony

    Kevin Lowe-life is a SUCKER.
    Any other GM being offered Lubo-crap for two quality players, would have hung up the phone on DL.

    Tonight, I drink to you DL.

  • KingFan4ever

    Adios Lubo. Personally I wish him well but I hope he doesn’t come back and score a hat trick against the Kings….

    I’m not familiar with Greene but I Stoll is a good pick-up. He seems to be pretty mature and has real grit.

  • Anonymous

    Call Stoll a second liner, but since that concussion which cost him the last 30 games of 07, he hasn’t been the same player. Granted he is more suited as the second line center than ‘Zus, who shouldn’t be expected to be more than a shut down 3rd liner. Stoll’s ability to bounce back makes or breaks this deal.

    Greene, whose style is pre-lockout, skated less than the other kids Grebeshkov, Gilbert and Smid. It’s not like Greene was the 7th on a team packed with solid vets, he got beat out by two rookies and a second year guy. But despite his lack of polish and experiance he will come in and help the PK (he tripled Preissings per game average on the PK) and he will block shots (1.7 a game) better than Stuart’s weak 1.3 a game. (Lubo blocked 1.4 a game, for someone who barely skates on the PK, that’s a really respectable number).

    DL did dump salary and get younger, not to mention bigger on the back end.