• anthony

    It’s a no Brainer.

    One word for Kevin Lowe-life – SUCKER

    Yeah DL signed Lubo to that terrible contract.
    But that was after Lubo had an all star season.
    But things change and people adapt.
    When management decided to go younger, moves had to be made.
    Last year Lubo had a terrible season.
    He’s 32 years old with a rediculous 5 year contract.
    DL realized his mistake and moved like crazy to unload him.
    To be honest, with this new youth movement, Lubo was no longer the right player for this system.
    Mike Greene is a kick-ass D-Man who will punish players like Ryan Smyth, Bertuzzi, or Holmstrom if they dare hang out in the crease. Lubo wasn’t able to do that. He’s just effective on the power play.
    But now that we have Doughty, we no longer need Lubo.
    Let him be Edmontons problem.

    On another note.
    -Russian player
    -hopefully Stuart or Orpik
    Do we really need to waste any more money and roster space for that useless Rob Blake.
    He’s really awful and plays with ZERO passion.
    He’d set a bad example for the youngsters.

    I hope DL doesn’t ruin things by signing that worthless has-been.
    Tell him to go back to surfing. Hockey is no longer his thing.

  • MstrB

    Where’s the option for, lets see how it plays out?

  • anthony

    I forgot to mention Colton Tuebert.

    Now I’m real certain that we should no longer F_ck around with this Rob BLake character.
    I hate him.

    Let the Kids play!!!

  • anthony

    I forgot to mention Colton Tuebert.

    Now I’m real certain that we should no longer F_ck around with this Rob BLake character.
    I hate him.

    Let the Kids play!!!

  • Quattro

    I can’t believe the Yes’ are winning this poll. Unbelievable.

  • Josh

    is tuebert ready for the nhl ?

  • Eric K

    Josh: i say no. gotta give the guy a year in manchester, at the very least. but we’re looking at a future defensive corp of JMFJ, doughty, hickey, teubert, greene, harrold, dallman, martinez, voinov… is anyone else drooling over this?

    and i say stuart over orpik. with our youth on D right now, we need at least one more veteran type in addition to preissing and blake– whom we absolutely should bring back next year.

  • Anonymous

    Are you people just stupid?

    Kings traded an ELITE level talent for two DEPTH players. Okay, maybe not depth players. But Stoll is nothing more than a decent 3rd liner and Greene is only a 5-6 defenseman. Sure they both have upside, but the fact is, right now, the Kings were HOSED!

  • 24diving

    I can’t wait to see all the comments a few months into the season when the defense is even worse than it was last season and those people happy that Lubo was traded finally realize what an asset he was. Those who think that his year was terrible should realize that even his lowered level of play was still better than most defensemen in the league. As far as his playing abilities decreasing over the life of the contract, it not a foregone conclusion. I have been hearing that about Chelios for a decade but he’s was still playing at a pretty high level until after the age Lubo will be at the end of this contract.

    I, too, cannot believe that so many people are happy with this stupid trade. Also, I don’t know why they should bother to have a team in Manchester since some of you are putting junior and AHL level players into next season’s lineup.

  • JDM

    While I don’t hate this trade as vehemently as you 24, I agree that I’m very surprised by how many people are so happy about this trade (sans anthony). At best, I’m optimistic about the strong depth players we added, but damn am I going to miss Lubo. It would have been ideal to have Lubo mentor Doughty for atleast a season, though in the long run, Doughty shapes up to be a very efficient replacement for Lubo.

    I definately think our defense is getting better overall in terms of the future of the team, which gives DL a lot of credit considering what a blow losing Lubo is, regardless of his poor outing last year.

  • Paul

    On the face of it, I LOVE this trade! We get a talented young forward and a big, young defenseman for a guy who proved last year he is already on the downside of his career and who wasn’t interested in giving 100% effort once he got his big contract.

    I only have 1 concern. According to nhlscap.com, Stoll is an RFA this year who is eligible for arbitration this summer. If that’s true, and Edmonton or the Kings didn’t ink him to an extension, aren’t we just getting into another Camalleri situation here? Stoll made 2.2M last year, and although he didn’t have a great season, he’s certainly not going to be willing to take a pay cut.

  • Anonymous

    I’m just sad that lubo is leaving šŸ™