Cloutier update

Here’s the situation with Dan Cloutier, with a bit of a refresher. The Kings sought to buy out the final year of Cloutier’s contract. This came after two doctors examined Cloutier and determined him healthy enough to play. Cloutier challenged this, and sought to have the buyout nullified so that he could receive his full salary next season.

So here’s the update. Cloutier found a (third) doctor who said he was NOT healthy enough to play. The process has been “suspended” because the two sides have completely different opinions, and the process is likely headed to an arbitrator. I don’t know who or when that would be, because frankly I’m not sure if there’s any type of precedent for this. That will probably require talking to someone at the league at a later date.

UPDATE: I should make the correct amendment that the Kings would only get salary-cap relief from a long-term injury if they’re in danger of being above the salary-cap limit. As we know, that’s a highly unlikely scenario.

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  • JDM

    oy vey…

  • Anonymous

    There was a time when some Kings fans wanted to see this guy get healthy and succeed.

    His choices have changed that for good. I hope the paperchase is worth ruining whatever good was left of his reputation.

    The bus has crashed.

  • I hate Cloutier

    Can you tell us what will happen of Clouts “wins” and is found to be not healthy enough to play?

  • Rich Hammond

    If Cloutier “wins,” he would be due his $3.1 million but the Kings could seek long-term injury relief in terms of the salary cap. It remains to be seen exactly how the numbers would work in that situation.

  • Beachball 6

    If Cloutier was a horse…he would have been shot three years ago and saved US all the trouble…

  • Just go

    If I were DL, I’d just pay him the $3.1, because he needs the salary to count against the minimum. He isn’t signing any UFAs.

  • Jonny

    F Cloutier. I hope he reads this. he is definitely a scumbag. His own doctor said he’s not healthy. Rich, I’m sure you can pull plenty of quotes from Cloutier where he states he is healthy and wants to play. Will those come in useful??

  • TeamHasHoles

    Rich, LTIR can only help the Kings if the replacement player for Cloutier takes the Kings OVER the cap (as I understand it). The Kings don’t look to be getting that high up the cap anyway… (please, check me on that).

    If that’s the case, I don’t see how they can get injury relief. Best I think they could do is send him down to Manchester so it won’t hit the cap. At least they’d be done with him completely that way after this season.

  • F@&# Cloutier

    Typical SOB trying to take advantage of a system when they don’t deserve a dime of that money.

  • F@&# Cloutier

    Typical SOB trying to take advantage of a system when they don’t deserve a dime of that money.

  • F@&# Cloutier

    Typical SOB trying to take advantage of a system when they don’t deserve a dime of that money.

  • JDM

    Clouts has to know that even without all this debacle no one in the league is going to want him. Otherwise he could have had $1.02 mill AND been a UFA. Guess he’s as aware as we are that he’s U-S-E-L-E-S-S

  • Damen

    Did this third doctor go to Hollywood Upstairs Medical School?

  • paul

    damen get your story right cloutier saw 2 doctors one said he can play the other one said he can not play so the team and player agree for another doctor and he said he can not play.

  • Quisp
  • anjae11eden

    I don’t want to see him in Manchester. I’m afraid his stench could rub off on the kids.
    Man he’s like a crazy girl that won’t leave you alone!

  • Chuck

    Cloutier, just go away. I’ll I’ve heard for the last few years is that you’re an outstanding citizen, and a good team mate. Really? You blasted the team a few months ago, and now you’re trying to milk an extra million out of a team you’ve already ripped off $8 million from (at least, pending the outcome). I guess your scared in that you won’t even get an AHL contract this year. It’s time to face your worst fears “The Real World”. Seeing as you have no professional experience or skills, I guess we’ll see you pumping gas on Manchester…

  • Anon D

    Beachball (aka Scam Dan) must have went to a psychiatrist to get that reading because the guy is fruit loopy coo coo. I wouldn’t be surprised to see his future job description as Ambulance Chaser. Jerk.

  • JDM


    As I heard it, the Kings’ doc said he was OK. Then Clouts asked for a 2nd opinion, who said he was OK. So on that basis the Kings waived him. Then, before clearing waivers, Clout demanded a 3rd opinion… this last, and as far I have read, ONLY doctor to say he is NOT OK.

  • -J

    That’s the way I heard it as well JDM.

    I can’t really imagine why the Kings would take him to arbitration though- doesn’t him ending up on LTIR mean insurance, not AEG directly, are on the hook for his salary?

  • JDM

    Not sure J,

    All I am sure of for myself is that I don’t want his presence anywhere near our players or prospects, for fear of him rubbing off on them. I can’t really blame him as a man for trying to get the most money, clearly he knows its over for him. However as a Kings fan he is a cancer.

  • AmaysnKingsfan

    I heard a couple of times last year where Beachball said if the Kings don’t plan on using him they should buy him out. Well here’s what you asked for now you don’t want it. and not that he had a chance of a NHL team signing him but saying you are unhealthy takes a way any chane he might have had. Why didn’t he fess up to his health before he lost us 30 games in a row 2 years ago now he wants to be honest oh wait he is lying now just like he was then. Dean should do what ever it takes to get this guy a way from our team even if it is just pay him and where is this 3rd doctor from mexico or india. The NHL should hire a doctor and examine him and we should go with their findings. I blame beachball on MC so even after he is fired MC is still pissing me off.

  • Anonymous

    They should hire Dr. Jack Kevorkian for the next physical…

  • high stick

    When Cloutier played his few games at the end of last season, he played very good in a few (and he of course sucked in others).

    His side-to-side movement looked fine. He actually impressed me in a few games. I seem to remember him saying things like “I’m feeling fine and just want to play and help out the team in any way possible.”

    So now he’s saying “I’m hurt and I deserve my full salary.” ?? (before I leave the hockey world forever and go back to my farm/hospitality management program.)

    I wonder how much of a factor Cloutier was in DL letting MC go? Most of it? not much? none?

  • Crash Davis

    “They should hire Dr. Jack Kevorkian for the next physical…” was enough to make my morning. LMAO.

    I concur with other posters that Clouts is trying to stick it to the Kings for what he perceives is the team’s terrible treatment of him in Manchester last season (living in a motel, didn’t play him, no road trips, etc). His position is that he wants every dollar of that contract he can as it’s probably the last he’ll have as a professional. We have now entered into what the lawyers call “bad faith” where sides dig in and take the worst case scenario option.

    To be fair to the Kings, they did exactly what Clouts asked for – a buyout. Aren’t two doctors’ opinions enough? Especially when one is Dr. Kvitne, a very respected orthopedic doctor. If Clouts had taken the high road of going away gracefully, he’d probably get one last contract from a team, even if it’s in Germany (which pays a good salary with car + housing).

  • Anonymous

    Let’s not forget that Clouts got paid to sit on his a$$ in Manchester at his full salary. Nobody here wants to see him again, especially since he’ll be taking the place of one of the goalies that the Kings actually want to develop and keep.

  • Eric K

    yikes. just give the guy his cash to help get us to the salary floor, then have a pregame ceremony to DIShonor cloutier. that work?

  • stop hating

    I dont know what your issues are with him but I too would rang the kings org. out and about saying ITS OKAY TO PLAY.
    Makes me believe they forced him to play when really injuried and also makes me wonder about what reallly did indeed happen behind the scenes (sounds like something fishy going on with the king org.)….

    The few games he played this pass season he played better then any of them other so hyped up lame goalies. special LA-BaTWEEN the legs

  • paul

    Damen vancouver radio said cloutier saw dr filler the team pick him he said not fit to play and Dan saw his dr he said not fit to play so LA f##K up again trying to blame Cloutier again good on DL

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