Lombardi, on Blake

Here’s what Lombardi had to say about the possibility of Rob Blake returning next season…

“I’ve had a number of meetings with Blakey. The first one was probably a month ago. With a player of Blakey’s stature and pedigree and the incredible influence he has on young players, it’s important he understands the direction we’re heading. One thing that happens with older players, they want to go to a contender, and that’s certainly reasonable. However, if you want to take on the job of being a part of this job and nurturing young players and leaving your legacy through those young players… this is the spot for you. We met three times, because I need him to come in with an enthusiasm and an understanding. I think it’s great if he wants to come back but it’s important that we’re on the same page. You’re talking about a Hall of Fame player; his influence is going to be important. How the players see his enthusiasm at the rink is critical. If he understands that and wants to be a part of it, we will welcome him back with open arms.”

As a follow-up question, Lombardi was asked whether he thought a deal with Blake would get done soon…

“I talked with his agent last night. I don’t want to speak for him but I went over that situation and I think there’s a chance we’re going to be a match.”

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  • anthony

    Absolutely Terrible.
    I hope he doesn’t teach the younger players how to play with Zero passion. Or let opposing players camp in front of your goaltender while you watch and do nothing.

    I know you guys are gonna bash me. But before you do, view the OT scored by Ryan Kessler on 03/10/08.
    And watch Blake do what he does best. NOTHING.

    And be prepared to watch other teams, score these types of goals all season – when Blake is on the ice.

    It’ll make you feel good to see him earn millions of dollars to play this way.

  • Deelo


    Blake didn’t have the proper attitude last season of mentoring young players.

  • http://www.then82blog.com Mike from Cypress

    i’d say blake will get 3.5 million. Blake showed some good sides of him last year when he was feeling better, hopefully he comes back in the best shape possible.

  • the voice of reason

    Anthony, you talk like Blake stood there and did nothing on that ONE PARTICULAR PLAY. He was moving his feet and he got beat. It happens from time to time.

    Regardless of what you think one thing is certain: Rob Blake is going to the Hall of Fame. The same cannot be said (with certainty) of a single other play on the King’s roster.

    He isn’t captain by accident or default; he’s had a letter on his chest for years; the players and coaches (ya know, the people whose opinions actually matter) love the guy; he has won a Cup and been to the finals more than once.

    And yet you don’t want him on the team? Brilliant.

  • Anonymous

    Bring back Blake for $2 mill for 1 year. That’s fair. Give him incentives for scoring more than 40 points and for being a PLUS player by the end of the year. Put him on second pairing.

    Anthony, I’m surprised by you a little. I know you hate Blake, but you seem to LOOOOVE Tuebert, and Blake is Tuebert’s idol. I think it’s good for the young guys in general, especially for Tuebert (who I hope sees a few games with the Kings atleast at the start of the season) to have Blake on the team… just not relied upon to be the King’s top Dman. It seems that a big part of Tuebert liking the King’s is because of Blake… why screw that tie up between a hall of famer and a future great King?

  • anthony

    Mr. Voice of Reason,

    I respect your position.
    And you’re right, bad plays happen from time to time.
    But last season it happened almost all the time with Rob Blake.
    That screw up he had in OT against the Canucks is only a glimpse of how he performed all season. But for one reason, that play sticks out more than the other screw ups.
    I just don’t have the time or patience to go through the amount of times he screwed up (which happens to be every other shift).

    BTW, this terrible excuse of a Captain (a word I use loosely with him) isn’t worth any more of my time.

  • andre norway

    I hope that Blake comes back with that entusiasm that DL is talking about and that he knows what we all expect from him. Beeing a rolemodel for the young kids. I can see Doughty in a couple of years delivering hipchecks and skating up the ice like Blake did in his prime. Thats why I want DL to sign Modry and let him be a leader in Manchester like Klemm was last season. The young kids had nothing but good words to say about the job Klemm did in Manchester.And Blake was not the only kingsplayer that was not moving his feet , I remember Stuart in the beginning of the season – he was not GREAT. He got outmuscled and outskated a lot- he played great in Detroit because he had better players around him.

  • JGSmall

    Bringing back Blake is a lot like bringing back Larry Robinson. He (Robinson) was past his prime but still able to play competitively. The Kings were hoping his name would fill seats and he would tutor the young D.

  • John

    Thank God Anthony, finally!!! Never speak his name again pleeeaase

  • Chuck

    Regardless of what others think of him, we NEED to bring him back. He’s a HOF, and as such, as earned the right to go out on his terms. It’s going to be a young D next year, and he WILL CONTINUE (notice I didn’t say that he was a bad influnce, and NEVER was) to be a great mentor for the younger players. He plays with plenty of passion, and wants to see the Kings improve. IMHO he’s a great captain who has the respect of the entire locker room. I guess I’m just tired of the Blake-bashing….

  • Irish Pat

    I can recall only two times last season seeing Blake fired up:

    1.) The game against Vancouver when he tried to fight Matt Cooke only to have Cooke hang on to Blake’s ankles to keep from getting pummeled;

    2.) Teddy Purcell’s first or second game where Blake threw 3 or 4 classic hip checks, one of which caught Purcell along with the opposing player Blake nailed.

    … and that’s pretty much it. Uninspired hockey from a guy who appears to be here for the golf and sunshine instead of the game. He used to be an awesome King. Then he got traded and resigned for a retirement contract. Awesome. Blake and Handzus should both be fully healed this year and both should start playing like they deserve the contracts they have or will be getting.

  • BBanzai

    We don’t Need Blake, he got his 10 mil+ for almost zero effort. I say let him walk. If he wants to teach the kids somthing, how about getting out when you know you are DONE! Give him a suit job if you want for the Kings but on the ice, no-no!

  • Chuck

    BBanzai, that would be $6 million, get your numbers right…. 🙂

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