Lombardi, on contracts

Here’s what Lombardi had to say in response to a question about whether the trade would make it easier to resign players such as Kopitar and Johnson…

“That’s a huge part of it. There’s two things that have to happen here. The business plan has to match the hockey plan. It has to match where we’re going to be this year. If we’re going to do it right, whether it’s keeping the pick and getting Doughty or whatever, what sense does it make if we can’t keep them here for the long haul? It’s looking at next year and the year after. This is a function of young guys getting enormous (contracts) early. We have to have this cash base, from a business plan, and a business plan that matches the hockey plan.”

Lombardi, on whether he had permission, in advance, to negotiate a contract extension with Jarret Stoll, who is a restricted free agent this summer…

“We didn’t get to that point. Obviously that is an issue, that we’re going to have to sign these two players. I think it’s reasonable that we’ll have a good opportunity. Sometimes the mechanics of the deal don’t always allow for (prior negotiation).”

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  • anthony

    If he knew JJ and Kopi were gonna demand huge amount of $, why did he then sign Lubo to that contract.
    If Lubo had a good season (and he stayed), what would DL have to do differently.

    DL must also undue the mistake he made with Handzus.
    As it stands right now, Handzus makes more $ than any other King.

    I also believe that Calder & Army must go too.
    With this new movement the org. is going through, those two players just don’t seem to fit into this system.

  • Anonymous

    Rich, just curious as to why someone like Orpik does’nt fit into the Kings plans long-term. Seems like he would be a great addition to the blueline for years to come.

  • Aaron


    With Lubo gone, do you expect the Kings to do anything different tomorrow with regard to free agency? I think most of us are prepared for the Kings not making a huge splash, but with Lubo off the books do you expect the Kings will be somewhat more active?


    the business plan has to match the hockey plan? good god AEG, i thought you bastards were staying out of this rebuilding plan?

    What good is it to buy into DL’s system if his hands are tied? Liewweke is staying quiet but that doesn’t mean he’s not playing lombardi as a puppet.

    i like the trade, i guess. but with all this “business plan” talk and DL having to present everything to ownership, i feel like we ar back at square one. this move was done to dump a high-priced player. and Cammy? for a draft pick (which was good to get teubert dont get me wrong) just doesnt add up. This organization is NOT going in the right direction. at least not for awhile. tighten your wallet Mr. Ansutch, there’s no need to spend money on a team with no fan base, right? WRONG! why do i still love this team……?

  • Bob Bobson

    This talk of hockey plan matching the business plan is giving me a familiarly irritating feeling.

  • http://www.then82blog.com Mike from Cypress

    @ bob and jeremy. I think by business plan he means being able to afford the younger players in the future when they are up for raises. did you guys read the article? @ jeremy, if you haven’t noticed Lombardi knows this team isn’t going to be contenders now, which is why he’s dumping the higher priced players that won’t help us win now. Pointless to have them here if we ain’t going past the first round of the playoffs, if that. In a year or two you will sit back and laugh at how all these other teams won’t be able to afford there younger players and we will.

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