Lombardi, on the no-trade clause

This is what Lombardi had to say about Visnovsky’s no-movement clause, and how he felt about trading a guy who was 48 hours away from the clause…

“That certainly wasn’t easy. I talked to his representatives at the draft. That (clause) put us under the gun, in terms of being able to do a deal that made sense. It did heighten it a little bit. I don’t know why we do it like this, but it seems like nothing gets done without a deadline, whether it’s a draft deadline or a trade deadline or a no-trade thing.”

As a follow-up, I asked if that meant Visnovsky’s representatives were aware that a deal was possible…

“I think it was pretty evident. Like I said, I had met with his agent at the draft. Let’s get real. Before I even got to the draft it was evident that we were looking to move these two players (Cammalleri and Visnovsky).”

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  • anthony

    Is Edm. still bound by the NTC

  • Anonymous

    Rich, ask Lombardi straight out if he talked to Visnovsky and Visnovsky was OK with being traded to Edmonton. If Lombardi did not do that, his credibility takes a hit with new deals for Kopitar, Johnson, O’Sullivan, etc.

  • Anonymous

    I just read that today is the last day to buy-out contracts. Is this true? Has Clouts had his third exam yet? If we don’t hear anything by the end of today does that mean we are stuck with him for another year!?!?!?!

  • Deelo

    The NTC and NMC do not transfer to Edmonton according to the CBA.

  • Isaac

    Visnovksy is still getting his millions of dollars. I’m sure he is crying all the way to the bank.