Lombardi, on the team’s direction…

Here’s what Dean Lombardi had to say about the direction the organization is taking this summer…

“As far as the direction, we’ve been very clear, and even more so in the last month. The idea of putting together a group of players that don’t just have a chance for the playoffs, but to be a bona-fide contender. The only way we were going to do that was by going to the draft table. When I got here there were no young defensemen and goaltending was an issue, but I think we’ve made tremendous progress. That’s where Greene also fits with that group. He’s a guy with size. He obviously fits with us right now but I’m seeing a nice mix of what he brings with our other defensemen coming through the pipeline. This is what I talk about, when you’re a GM and when you have to go out and get six free agents. That’s not always exciting for a GM because that means he’s got so many holes to fill. You’ve got to get bridge players to bring your young guys along. We don’t have to carpet bomb the free-agent market this year because we have some young players who I didn’t want to force through last year. We’ve got a chance with a young defenseman (Thomas Hickey) we sent back last year and now we have two first-round picks who can challenge (for roster spots). Now we have homegrown Kings who can challenge for the lineup. If you try to force them, you’re just spinning your wheels.

“I’ve never traded a young player and I’ve never traded a (high) draft pick. We had 15 picks this year and we have 12 for next year. The path hasn’t changed and we will continue on that path next year. I told ownership, `This is going to be hard if you want to be a contender.’ It’s not unusual for owners to say, `Let’s go on a hybrid plan.’ It’s very clear to me that it’s, `Let’s stay with it and not build it piecemeal.’ Have we ever traded a young player or a draft pick? As we continue to build and become contenders, there will be a time when we move young assets, but it hasn’t happened yet.”

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  • Quisp

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: I think DL secretly thinks Teubert might be ready. I know he said all the right things about how he needs some more time to grow and so forth, but here he is saying TWO first rounders who will challenge for spots, which he compares to last year when he didn’t want to push Hickey and the others through when they weren’t ready.

    Also, he seems to think Hickey might be ready. That’s the first time I’ve heard him say that, I think.

    I know I’m just reading tea leaves, but what else do we have to do until he signs Orpik?

  • decker

    Teubert will not be ready. He is a physical player and at 6′ 4″ 180 pounds he’s just a toothpick. He will need some time to become a man and fill in a little bit.

    Hickey on the other hand plays and offensive style game and his size is not as big an issue. I can see him making the team.

  • Bob Bobson

    Jesus, we have 12 picks already for next year’s draft. I am sure they are all lower picks but still. The man sure does love him his draft picks.

  • Anonymous

    No young defenseman? Has Lombardi already forgotten about Gleason, who was the centerpiece in the JJ deal?

  • PSP

    “I’ve never traded a young player and I’ve never traded a (high) draft pick.”

    Liar liar, pants on fire!

    DL just traded Cammalleri – certainly not an old player.

    Lombardi traded the 12th round pick just a few days ago! (OK, so he got #13 back, but he DID trade a high draft pick)

  • anthony

    Call me observant, but DL is gonna have more players than to know what to do with.

  • petey

    PSP, I would call a high 1st round pick to be somewhere in the 1-5 range. The 12th is more a mid round pick.

  • petey

    Anonymous, He dealt an older Gleason for a younger Johnson.

  • Anonymous

    Petey, I have the same comment to PSP. Older cammeleri for a younger Teubert.

  • Mark

    Anthony he’s stock piling the young players to fill the spots in Los Angeles, Manchester, Ontario and Reading. Why else would he spend so much time with all of these draft picks? At least the next goalie won’t have to worry about flying from Reading to Los Angeles back to Reading every other night. Sorry Dan Taylor you won’t be able to get that many frequent flyer miles anymore.

  • andre norway

    To PSP – cammy was gone the day he filed for arbitration showing he had no interest to be a long time king like brownie. The 12th pick was aquired through the cammy deal and he traded down to 13th to get Teubert. We have a team in manchester who needs players with some experience and Richardson is that type of player, Zeiler is going to play in manchester and maybe moulson and gauthier also. Everyone here is also bashing army – I hope and believe he will stay because we need his leadership and experience. And Anthony! I cant wait until Blake is resigned – then you are gone from this site – remember you said that. With 2 rookie d men in the lineup we need blakie to guide them and teach them. Both Hickey and Doughty will take a spot and I think they will alternate playing with blake.

  • Anonymous

    The two 1st-round picks that DL is referring to about challenging for spots would be Hickey and Doughty….NOT Teubert.

  • Jim

    I like the direction DL is going with the Kings!

    Never thought the FULL rebuild would ever happen!

    There’s going to be some serious competition for jobs at training camp. The cream will rise to the top… and I think this is what DL wants.

    I think if he grabs a goalie, it would do wonders for the team’s morale (it will show that expectations are higher than last years flush job) and it buys Bernier the year (or two) he really needs in Manchester for proper development.

    Too bad FA goalie picking are so slim! No way Huet comes back. He’s the only decent one about to go UFA.

    I’m looking forward to next season!!!

  • Anonymous


    The issue is not whether the Kings got younger in the Gleason-Johnson trade. The issue was Lombardi stated the Kings had no young defensemen. With Gleason only being 22 at the time, that statement is at best misleading and at worst an outright lie.

  • 24diving

    What a spin master! The holes that he keeps harping on were in most part created by the trades and signings that he made. Complaints about the goalie situation are pathetic. He created the problem and didn’t take a deal that would have helped; see Phoenix for proof of that one. Ugh! This guy makes me want to puke.

  • metalmaster

    24 diving
    He does talk out of both ends of his ass as do most GMs. He traded a 1st round pick to Colorado in the
    Mike Ricci deal when he was with San Jose. He must be an idiot to think that no one would remember that or
    maybe he just misremembered. At this point it almost
    looks like he is trying to clean out all the Taylor
    era Kings to create his own Frankenstein. He better
    show some improvement in the standings real soon or
    else AEG is going to show him the door too.

  • Maverick

    …He is talking about young prospects (ages 18-21/22), top 1-15 picks and getting only a player in exchange (not downgrading and upgrading a already high pick), and he is talking about his work with the Kings… Not the Sharks…