Voinov bio


Vyacheslav Voinov, the Kings’ second-round pick (No. 32 overall) is an 18-year-old Russian defenseman who has spent the last two seasons with Traktor Chelyabinsk of the Russian Hockey League. Last season, Voinov had four points, a plus-3 rating and 20 penalty minutes in 36 games. He played in both the under-18s and the World Junior Championships for Russia.

Voinov was ranked 17th among skates by ISS in November but had slipped. He’s known as an offensive player who has some edge.

Here is Hockey Future’s report on Voinov:

Vyacheslav Voinov

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Round two, coming up

The second round of the draft is just about to begin in Ottawa. The Kings hold the second pick of the second round (32nd overall) and he final pick of the round (61st overall). I’ll immediately post the name of the player the Kings pick, and then, a few minutes later, whatever biographical information I have. As for the other picks, I’ll list them in groups of five or so.

The response yesterday to the blog was massive. A record number of terms of hits. Unbelievable. As always, thanks for the tremendous support.

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Nervous moment

Even though, by this afternoon, everyone was fairly certain the Kings would draft defenseman Drew Doughty with the No. 2 pick, there was a nervous moment for Doughty just before the draft started.

Sitting in the stands with his family, Doughty watched as Kings GM Dean Lombardi and Calgary GM Darryl Sutter had a long conversation and shook hands. Doughty thought the worst.

“I kind of buried my head in my hands,” Doughty said. “I said, `Oh, no.’ I really wanted to be a L.A. King.”

Doughty, who grew up as a fan of the Wayne Gretzky-era Kings, was concerned that the Kings had just traded their No. 2 pick to Calgary. Doughty was quite relieved to learn that while the Kings did trade a first-round draft pick, it was their No. 28 pick and had nothing to do with him or the No. 2 pick. A few minutes later, Doughty became a King.

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Anatomy of a draft pick

Here’s the path the Kings took to drafting defenseman Colten Teubert with the No. 13 pick tonight…

The Kings acquired a 2008 first-round pick from Dallas in the trade last season that sent Mattias Norstrom to the Stars. That pick ended up being the No. 28 overall pick.

The Kings sent that No. 28 pick, along with the No. 17 pick they acquired by trading Michael Cammalleri to Calgary, for the Ducks’ No. 12 pick, which the Ducks had acquired from Edmonton.

The Kings, eyeing defenseman Colten Teubert, thought they could move down from the No. 12 spot and still get Teubert. They had a deal in place, with an unnamed team, to move down two or three spots but Buffalo, which held the No. 13 pick, was nervous about missing out on its targeted player. The Kings and Sabres talked, and the Kings agreed to trade the No. 12 pick for Buffalo’s No. 13 pick, plus a third-round pick in 2009, UNLESS the Kings and Sabres coveted the same player.

How did they resolve this? Each GM got out pen and paper and wrote down which player he wanted to draft. They agreed to make the 12-13 swap if they coveted different players, so that the third, unamed team wouldn’t swoop in and steal Buffalo’s targeted player. They showed each other the papers. The Kings wanted Teubert; the Sabres wanted Tyler Myers.

The Kings and Sabres made the swap. Buffalo took Myers at No. 12 and the Kings took Teubert at No. 13.

And it’s just that simple…

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Lombardi quotes

Here are some quotes from Dean Lombardi after the first round of the draft. I didn’t get to ask him about Dan Cloutier because he had to cut the call short. I’ll get it tomorrow.

On his analysis of the two picks…
“Doughty’s hockey sense is off the charts. I think everyone has a handle of what type of player he is and the special player he could become. … I think we got (toughness) from Teubert and I think that element was lacking in our group.”

On the decision to trade back up in the first round…
“We set a target from (picks) 11 to 13. That’s where we had to be to assure ourselves that we had (Teubert). I was offered some good players (for Cammalleri) who could help us now but they didn’t help us in terms of this young core we have put together.”

On how the three-team trade came together…
“I couldn’t get anyone to trade with me outright. What was clear to me was that I couldn’t get into where I needed to be (to get Teubert). To give up Cammalleri, we had to be in that layer, where Teubert would be there. I couldn’t get there outright (trading with one team), so I had to work at sprucing it up a little. … (Pick No.) 17 was not enough for me to get what I wanted. I thought he was going in the 13-15 range so I was going to teams in the 11 to 14 range. I’m going to teams saying, `If I get 17, would you take 17 and 32?’ You start laying out your cards. We (Lombardi, Brian Burke and Darryl Sutter) were all upfront about what we wanted.”

On the decision to trade down from No. 12 to No. 13…
“There was a choice. I could have traded and moved down two spots if I wanted to get cute with it. There was an opportunity for me to move back two or three spots and take a chance that (Teubert) would be there. Finally I went to (Buffalo) and said I won’t trade with this other team if you tell me who you’re taking. So we wrote down who we both wanted and kind of turned the paper over. Sort of like blackjack, showing your cards. We didn’t have the same player written down, so we made the trade.”

On the idea that this is the most important draft in franchise history…
“I got pressure put on me by my owner (team governor Tim Leiweke), who said, `I want the best Kings draft in history.’ … That’s a little internal pressure, which is good. … I guess we won’t know unti we’re down the road a little ways, but I don’t know which draft isn’t important.”

On the decision to trade Michael Cammalleri…
“This kid is obviously a good player, but it became fairly clear to me that he was probably going to be a one-year asset, and it’s very clear that our ownership wants a young nucleus. … I think that arbitration process, people said the Kings won but you never win. Quite frankly it’s a lose-lose situation. That was certainly a factor going forward. OUr chances of losing him and not maximizing our value were pretty good.”

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It’s a wrap

That’s all from the draft party. By all accounts, the crowd reaction to everything the Kings did tonight was very positive. Quite a turnaround from last year’s booing of the Thomas Hickey pick. For those who haven’t been inside Nokia Theater yet…it’s a fantastic venue.

I’ll post the Lombardi quotes a bit later, when I get home. Sorry about the inability to comment for the latter part of the night. I’m extremely disappointed by that, and I’m hopeful that it will be resolved tonight.

Back at it bright and early tomorrow morning. Who will be joining me at 7 a.m.?

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Final first-round picks

23. Tyler Cuma to Minnesota (from New Jersey)
24. Mattias Tedenby to New Jersey (from Minnesota)
25. Greg Nemisz to Calgary
26. Tyler Ennis to Buffalo
27. John Carlson to Washington
28. Viktor Tikhonov to Phoenix (from Ducks)
29. Daultan Leveille to Atlanta
30. Thomas McCollum to Detroit

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Lombardi summary

I’ll have actual quotes from Dean Lombardi later, but I first have to write my actual newspaper story. Here’s a summary of what Lombardi had to say…

— Doughty’s hockey sense is “off the charts” and the Kings targeted Teubert from the beginning because of his great toughness, which he called “an element that’s missing in our group.”

— The Kings wanted to trade back into the 11-13 range in order to grab Teubert but were having a difficult time finding trade partners. He couldn’t find a team who would take Cammalleri for a pick in that range. That’s when he pulled both the Ducks and Flames into the discussion, because he was afraid that Teubert wouldn’t be available at No. 17.

— Both Doughty and Teubert will be given opportunities to earn a spot on the NHL roster this season.

— Lombardi expressed some disappointment at having to trade Cammalleri, but seemed to accept it as a reality. He noted that the Kings were unlikely to sign Cammalleri before he became an unrestricted free agent and that he wanted to trade Cammalleri while he still had value.

I’ll post actual quotes later tonight…

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