Free-agent day

Happy July 1 to everyone. It’s not expected to be a huge day for the Kings, obviously, but I’ll still stay on top of all the signings and trades and, of course, give any Kings updates as necessary.

So far, we have three re-signings:

Mike Green to Washington, four years, $21 million
Bryce Salvador to New Jersey, four years, $11.6 million
Jay Pandolfo to New Jersey, three years, $7.5 million
Edmonton trades forward Raffi Torres to Columbus for forward Gilbert Brule.

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  • Pat McGroyn

    Thanks for all the great work, Rich!! I hope your blog is as successful and popular today as it was on Draft Day! I know I will be doing my part to boost webpage hits here today…

  • Mark

    Good pick up for Columbus. I wouldn’t mind having Raffi Torres in a Kings uniform.

  • Aaron

    I’m expecting a huge day for the Kings! Lol.

  • Anonymous


  • Kyle

    another commenter linked to a site (thefourthperiod) suggesting Sully might not sign with the Kings…knowing how unreliable some rumor mills are I’m inclined to disregard it, but Rich, can you shed any additional light on the subject? Thanks!

  • -J

    TSN has it that Stuart (not surprisingly) is signing a 4 year, 15 mil, contract with Detroit.

  • Anonymous

    Pitkanen to the Canes for Erik Cole

  • Quisp

    To Kyle re O’Sullivan rumor/article:

    The quote in the article is from O’Sullivan’s agent. It says that Patrick is at the top of the list of RFAs. That’s all. O’Sullivan is negotiating right now. The quote from the agent is nothing more than a shot across the bow of Lombardi. It’s part of the negotiation. And of course the article sensationalizes the quote, because that’s the job of the newspaper/website/etc..

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