Lombardi, on the `cap’ and Stuart

I asked Lombardi about the salary-cap floor and how much of a problem — if at all — it might be getting to $40 million…

“No, it’s not a problem for us in terms of the cap. I’m more looking at cash. Even when we’re looking at the (defenseman) who can go across the line, I’m actually looking more at the cash, the next year and the year after. I think we’re certainly set up with the cap space then. As far as the strict legalities of hitting the floor, don’t forget that certain bonus money counts. So when Doughty signs — and we have a couple other kids there too, such as Purcell and Johnson — for purposes of the cap, their bonus money counts.”

I asked Lombardi about Brad Stuart, who signed in Detroit for four years at $3.75 million per year. I asked if he was concerned about giving Stuart a four-year contract…

“Certainly he was a guy we were very interested in. But that’s a situation where he really liked that team there. So I think that’s where he was leaning, and good for him. You want players who want to win. Obviously, Detroit, they’ve got it going. To be honest with you, the (four years) didn’t scare us off. In all honesty, he was one of the guys we were looking at when we talk about guys who fit across the board.”

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  • Bob Bobson

    It is a little surprising to hear that Dean would have signed Brad Stuart for four years even though he was pretty bad with us for the most part of last year. He won the Cup with DET so I guess Dean must figure he brings playoff experience and can step in more immediately than a FA that has not played here before. That and I guess since he drafted Stuart, he must really like him.

  • B.

    Gee, If Dean wanted Stuart long term, maybe he should have signed him to this type of a contract before the trade deadline instead of trading him for what turned out to be Brad Richardson.

  • Ru

    I don’t know, I think Stuart is way overated and I’m happy he is not a King! He only showed up at the end of the season. I have a feeling he is gonna be Detroit’s akilies heel in the next 4 years. Bring on Orpik!

  • Anon D

    I agree w/ you guys. Brad did nothing for us last year and took off most nights. Why would I want that locked up for four more years? I’m glad Brad stayed in detroit. That move saves Dean from looking like a fool by signing a mediocre at-best NHL defenseman to an overpriced, long-term contract.

  • JonG

    Not only did Lombardi draft Brad Stuart, he picked him third overall. He also picked Jeff Jillson fourteenth overall the following year.

    Just something to keep in mind while we all salivate over Hickey, Toubert et al. Just because a player is highly rated at age 18 doesn’t mean he will be a star in the NHL.

    Brad Stuart would have been fine as a #18 pick overall, but not at #3 overall.

  • DellaNooch

    Do we really have to go through DL’s picks again? Sure Brad Stuart could have been an 18, Zetterberg could have been a #1 overall instead of picked in the 6th round…hindsight is 20/20…like it’s been stated a million times on this blog by hockey fans that know what they’re talking about, we won’t know for sure until it’s 5 years out from that draft day if it was a good pick or a bust

    With that said, I’m glad we didn’t lock Stuart up for 4 years, I agree that he didn’t play well in the first half and I think he shined in DET with a great defensive system, let’s take a chance on a different guy this time. Orpik seems to be the only one left unless we make a trade

  • ralph berger

    I only saw a handful of Kings game in 2007/2008 and I’d say the most overrated D-men for the Kings were Rob Blake and Lubomir Vishnovsky – their best years are definitely behind them. I did see a lot of Wings’ games in the playoffs and this past season. The Wings are getting their money’s worth. He’s a clutch playoff performer – something the Kings don’t need right now – if ever.