• Anonymous

    Do it..It is a no lose situation, one yr left on his contract. If he is washed up, if it doesn’t work out, they can trade him at the trade deadline or let him go after the year. I’m sure to dump salary, they would take maybe a 3rd rd pick

  • Kevin Allen

    Thanks Rich. Glad to get a response about this.

  • anthony

    Don’t do it Dean.
    Give the job to Ersberg.
    Khabibulin’s contract is shameless.

  • Tompa

    Holy crap! I hope we don’t give up any real assets to make it happen, that’s a mighty big salary.

  • Kenneth

    Not good when my only memory of ol’ Nikolai is the New Year’s killing we put on him last season. I hope it’s nothing drastic. What’s his cap hit?

  • Mark

    I thought we renovated the retirement home into a frat house?

  • Anonymous

    Take a third round pick?

    They need to dump his salary, especially after they just signed Huet. It’s very possible that they are giving the Kings a draft pick just to take him off their hands for some of our lower tier prospects.

  • Christa

    The talk is of a trade, not a flat signing.

    This potentially could be a VERY lose situation depending on who would be going to Chi-town for the pleasure of Khabibulin becoming a King.

    The Kings are already backloaded with upcoming talent in the crease. Even with positive moves in the D-corps, the bulk of them are still unproven kids who wont even get a sniff at Staples Center this season. Is Khabibulin supposed to be the ‘bridge’ goalie who gets handed the number one while everything else gets sorted out? Who should go there to bring a 35 year old goalie with numbers only slightly better than what we had here already?

  • Anonymous


  • Derek

    Handzus for bulin wall..

    now that would be a good trade

  • BoltThrower

    I’m not sure about this unless 1. We got him for next to nothing and 2. LaBarbera goes away in the deal. Somehow management’s love affair with LaBarbera, who is a minor league star and career NHL backup at best, has to end.

  • anthony – do you not realize the kings need to get to the floor level of the salary cap.

    tompa – they did the same thing to ryan miller, would you not take ryan miller?

  • Anonymous

    Did I say 3rd pick..I meant a 6th

  • 28 KINGS

    Bulin signed a 4 yr 27 mil contract w/chicago in 2005. I don’t know if it was a front loaded contract.

  • Anonymous

    Why not?

    at 35 he posted good numers: winning record on a mediocre team (23-20-6), .264 GAA .909 save%

    that’s a more than reputable “Bridge” right?

    Ersberg’s numbers were better but in a small sample size, so Khabi would be a good fit, with either Ersberg or Lab backing him up.

  • Anonymous

    Last year of his deal, salary drive motivation, tons of cap room in LA — naahhhh, it makes way too much sense for the Kings to do it.

  • dominic lavoie

    2009 1st round pick or 2nd round pick is probably the only thing holding this up. Gotta get it done before Campbell goes somewhere else or it might all fall through. That is unless Chicago get a deal done with Campbell and then agree to give us the 1st round pick. Also wouldn’t be surprised if a roster player is involved…

  • EJ

    Rich, as long as those strong rumblings aren’t coming from your bowels or Eklund (some thing really), I’ll consider your post a real possibility. I’d be surprised though if it happens.

  • Jet

    We need to receive at least get a second in 09 to take that load.

  • Dean

    Lets pray they are sending Hadzus back the other way!!

  • CiscoC

    Nice one Mark!

    I agree that if we get Khabibulin, we better get a pick along with it (2nd or 3rd) for nothing. Kinda like the JR deal.

  • Brian

    Who cares about his salary this year? It’s the last year of his contract. We have so much extra money to play with this year and an owner willing to spend to the cap so his salary makes no difference. When we start needing the money (next year), he will be off the books.

    His contract should not factor into this at all from the Kings’ standpoint.

  • Anonymous

    I say we sign Jacques Le Cocque!!

  • Eric K

    hm? not so sure about this one…

  • Quisp

    That would explain DL talking about Labs like he’s a starter for the last couple of weeks. Makes sense if he’s trading him to CHI. Salary dump for Chicago. Labs and a pick from us. No lose. I hope it’s true.

  • Mark

    I went to NHLSCAP.com but when I clicked the cap by team it sent me to hockeybuzz so I’m not sure how reliable it is…I say it’s close to a Stuart e4. Well it shows Bulin at $6,750,000 for 08-09. This is too much for a washed up player who made us look good on New Years. I don’t know why AEG would allow such a waste of money unless we can unload Cloutier as the player going back.

  • YoungGuns2

    Don’t do it Deano.

    let Ersberg/Labs/and 1 of the kids battle it out.

    remember, Tavares 09. STAY THE COURSE!

  • Andre

    What, Roman Checkmanek isn’t available?

  • Ciccarelli

    As long as we don’t give much up in return. I really don’t think we need him.

  • Hemorrhage

    If they do this maybe Ersberg is headed back to Europe and it allows us not to rush Bernier.

  • Moondoggie

    BoltThrower & Quisp….agreed, looks like a pretty good deal, particularly if they give up nothing in return for the salary dump or they toss in Lababs, then Khabibulin backs up Ersberg with help on the way in Manchester…..

  • Tim

    Stick with Ersberg and Labarbera, unless Chicago is willing to give up there 1st round pick or someone like Cam Barker……….why should we help them out and take on his contract

  • Anonymous

    He is in the last yr of a deal which will pay him 6.75 mill. The cap hit might be a bit severe but its only for one yr. Unless DL does something stupid like giving him a 2 yr extension before he plays a single season game. But for either JLB or a mid rd pick..its not a bad trade. The Cap is not an issue for next yr. They will be barely at the floor once the Kings sign all their guys

  • hraf

    If this trade happens,
    A. Salary dump for the Hawks
    B. Picks/prospect coming back

    Deano isn’t doing this cause of a yearning for Bullin.

  • Duracell

    Waste of money?

    Do you people realize that the Kings are in danger of not reaching the Cap Floor? They need to add salary this summer. Sure they have to sign another Dman (Blake?) After they sign Sully, Stoll, etc. they’ll still have plenty of Cap room this season to take on The Bulin Wall for 1 year. The Hawks are as of this moment spending something like 11-12 million of two goalies. They have to clear cap space to sign another Dman. They’ll pay the Kings a draft pick to take Nulin off their books. The Kings could turn around at the trade deadline and trade him to a team in need of a vet goalie for a playoff run. Geez, think about the possibilities before you post.

  • Mark

    It’s not out job to help CHI save cap room so they can sign high priced players. Bulin isn’t going to be that much of an upgrade to Labs/Ersberg. If we’re going to throw money away why not just front load a new contract with Sully and get someone who can help us become a better team…….unless they’re willing to take Cloutier and a pick.

  • anthony

    Ian Monsta,
    We still have O’Sullivan & Stoll to resign.
    Don’t waste $5 Milliom Plus on this has been.

  • Anonymous

    Duracell…Couldn’t agree with you more. People have to realize the floor is about 40.6 million. The Kings are about 14 million below the floor (of course they would get closer to the floor once Blake gets his deal and Sully gets his deal)..With those two guys signed, they probably will still be about 5-6 mill under the floor

  • Christa

    For the record, Khabibulin is slated to make 6.75 million per year for the next two seasons and become a UFA 10/11.

    Personally, I understand that the Kings have to add salary in order to reach the Cap floor this summer. However, I dont know how I feel about committing almost 7 million to a goalie who is already 35 years old and is an upgrade through experience and not necessarily numbers. Do his stats the last two years justify his potential paycheck?

  • mrbrett7

    Do it Deano…this move makes absolute sense.

  • Pat McGroyn

    Keep Ersberg. Sign Wade Redden and Robert Esche….

  • Anonymous

    We have to realize free agents who are actually good, do not want to come to LA.So pretty much we would have to take on some salary to get to the floor. The only way free agents are coming here if the guys overpay for 3rd and 4th tier Free agents a la the Handzus deal. Therefore I rather take on a deal for a proven Stanley cup winner, then more Handzus’ like contracts

  • afx114

    Clouts v2.0?

  • Anonymous

    Christa..per nhlnumbers.com will be in his last yr of his deal this coming year. More Incentive for Chicago to trade the Bulin Wall..Chi is expected to sign Campbell to a huge deal per TSN

  • Anonymous

    It’s not just about free agents not wanting to come here. DL is NOT looking to sign expensive free agents to multi-year deals. Not yet anyway, down the road maybe, but certainly not this summer. They have cap room this summer, but you don’t want to be saddled with the cap hit for multiple years, especially when you have some major RFA’s (Kopitar, Johnson, etc.) coming the the pipe.

  • Christa

    Youre right, Anonymous. I miscounted my columns.

    All this suspense I forgot my glasses! 🙂

    I still maintain that 6.75 Million is overkill for this particular goalie. Hasnt DL learned his lesson when it comes to goalies who have had successful PAST seasons??

  • Anonymous

    Campbell will be making 7.1 mill a yr.

  • Duracell

    Chicago signs Brian Campbell to an 8 year deal worth $56.8-million!!

    Look for them to dump Bulin wall’s salary now.

  • Anonymous

    Khabibulin has only 1 yr left. Trade him at the deadline, if he doesn’t work out this year. His contract will not affect JJ’s and Kopi’s contracts.

  • Anonymous

    With Campbell signing a huge deal, 8 yrs, 7.1 per yr..Maybe the Kings can trade for Seabrook, currently Chicago is like 5 mill over the cap

  • Josh

    6.75 mill for a guy at the end of his career? I would pass on this unless we give up a 5th or 6th round pick and the hawks have to pay some of his salary.

  • mrbrett7

    Christa…once you learn that Lombardi and the Kings have no interest in making the playoffs THIS season, and are only taking in players to bridge the gaps until they can get their prospects ready to play, the better off you will be when understanding these moves.

    Bringing in Bulin is brilliant. Stockpile even more picks, doesn’t force Bernier to rush, frees up a roster spot for a kid who is ready, and gets us to the cap floor. His contract comes off the books next season, and that is just in time to resign Kopitar and Johnson.

  • mrbrett7

    Christa…once you learn that Lombardi and the Kings have no interest in making the playoffs THIS season, and are only taking in players to bridge the gaps until they can get their prospects ready to play, the better off you will be when understanding these moves.

    Bringing in Bulin is brilliant. Stockpile even more picks, doesn’t force Bernier to rush, frees up a roster spot for a kid who is ready, and gets us to the cap floor. His contract comes off the books next season, and that is just in time to resign Kopitar and Johnson.

  • Jimmy Crack Corn

    As someone else already noted, I’d be OK with taking him on if we could get rid of Handzus as part of the deal maybe toss in Priesing as well.

  • JDM

    I like it, but I’ll wait to see what Dean gives up if it happens before commenting on how much sense it makes.

  • Duracell

    If the Hawks trade Khabibulin, it will be a salary dump. There is no way they are taking back Handzus and his $4million per year contract.


  • Eric K

    No. don’t get rid of handzus, don’t get rid of preissing. to second mr brett, lombardi’s not trying to go for anything this year. handzus could potentially turn it around next year, as it normally takes longer than just a year to recover from knee surgery. there’s no harm in keeping them around even if you don’t like them; if there’s the slightest chance these guys can turn it around (and i think there definitely is), why not? we’re way below the salary floor as it is.

  • PowrrrPlay

    Now that Campbell has signed with Chicago and Lalime with Buffalo I think the Hawks are ready to make a run at the cup this coming season. I think the Khabibulin trade rumour should be officially dead.


  • christa

    I understand the bridge thing and not looking to make the playoffs this season perfectly well.

    What I dont understand is how it’s a better choice to dump that much money into a bridge “just because they have it” rather than taking that money and front-loading new (milestone bonus filled) contracts for the core players that will be Kings for the long term.

    I like Khabibulin, Im just not convinced he is worth that amount of money and is ALL that much of an improvement over what is already here. I know the arguments, he has had a wonderful career and has shown flashes of brilliance during the last two seasons behind a young Chicago team.

    LaBarbera 2007-2008 Kings 45 2,421 17 23 – 2 121 1,341 1 3.00 .910
    Khabibulin 2007-2008 50 2,891 23 20 6 127 1,389 2 2.63 .909

  • Christa

    Dear MrBrett (con’t)

    So, show me why Khabibulin is a better choice than what’s already here if either way the goal is to wait for the kids and the playoffs are a non-issue.

  • lunchboxap

    if we did this i would want

    bulin, havlat


    labarbera, calder

    zues played well with havlat for thos few games
    and maybe chicagot throws in a pick i dunno just a thought

  • Duracell

    Powrrrplay that makes no sense, please explain.

  • ryan oliver

    Christa, I think he is an improvement over Labarbera. And the only player you could frontload would be O’sullivan. That is a good idea, but it is the cap hit you have to realize. They take the average of the contract over the length of the deal. They could frontload Kopitar and JMFJ, but that wouldnt come into effect until 09/10, when their current contract expires. This deal makes perfect sense, if the asking price is miniscule. It will be something like the Roenick trade. And hey, look how great that deal turned out for the Kings.

  • Duracell

    Christa I don’t think you are fully grasping what it is the Kings would be doing by making this deal with Chicago.


    To the Kings: Khabibulin and a high draft pick
    To the Hawls: A bag of pucks.

    Deal helps both teams. Hawks shed some money off their Cap and the Kings get a bridge goalie, but the most important aspect is that they pick up an addition asset (draft pick/prospect) for taking the salary off the Hawks hands.

    The Kings are in a unique position to do something like this this summer. Why not pick up another high draft pick in the deep 2009 draft. Once again, the Kings need to get their cap up to the salary cap FLOOR otherwise they can’t play this season. Taking on Bulib for one year will help with that.

  • PRMan

    Can we send Cloutier the other way?

    If so, then do it Dean!

  • Duracell

    Funny thing is that as we sit here debating this realize that the deal won’t happen. It just makes too much sense.

  • PowrrrPlay

    I made three comments there so I am not sure what comment does not make sense to you. So I will just expand on my complete thought.

    Chicago needs a goalie to win the cup. I believe DT is not going to though the baby out with the bath water now that Lalime has been traded to Buffalo. That leaves only “the Bulin Wall” to hold the fort. There is no other legitimate goalie left in Chicago seasoned enough to win the cup. Hopefully this part explains itself.

    By signing Campbell Chicago’s defense is that much better offensively – now that they have a legitimate puck rusher. The Chicago offense is that much more experienced and if Havlat can play a whole season and be almost injury free… well look out

    I think after these trades DT sits pat and is ready to make a run for the cup with what he has in place.

    Did that make more sense?


  • Christa

    Im not completely inept. I get it. The Kings have money to spend and they HAVE to spend it and the most obvious convenient way to do so is to dump it into the perceived weakest position for the time being.

    The speculation was Khabibulin. The addition of a pick for next year is something that is being assumed here and has not speculated or confirmed anywhere else. The addition of a pick or two would have me a bit more malleable about agreeing with the acquisition.

    What Im not agreeing with or at least seeing is why Khabibulin is the best fit when Ive watched every goalie since Potvin come in and be thrown to the wolves (fans) after a perceived sub-par performance. Why pay Khabibulin to be the next in line when the money can be put elsewhere?

    I need a copy of a DL Chart to pinpoint holes that can be filled with mid range free agents for the next two-three years while we wait for the kids to come up.

  • Duracell

    I’m not even sure if the Kings can trade Clouts with the arbitration thing pending.

  • PowrrrPlay


    I understand you would love to have a goalie like Khabibulin, and yes perhaps from a Kings perspective it makes sense.

    But from a Hawks GM perspective and a Hawks fan perspective, now that Lalime has been signed by Buffalo, it does not make sense unless their is another TIER one goalie coming Chicago’s way that can help them win the cup.


  • KingFan4ever

    Khabibulin is a head case and past his prime. Stay away DL!!!!

  • Jonny

    I don’t care how old or expensive this guy is. It’s a one year deal.. where else are we going to spend the money? Get smart. He was still effective last year… and he’s played in 4 allstar games, won a cup, 2 olympic medals. The guy is solid. I dont get you people… who do you want, Emery??

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind the deal if it involves PICKS ONLY and No First Round Picks.

    If we trade guys like Camalleri and Visnovsky and we can’t land a top tier player for them, then I see absolutely NO REASON why an over the hill and overpaid goaltender is going to attract a roster player, much less one of our top tier roster players, to get him.

  • Duracell


    You do realize that the Hawls signed Huet to a $5+ million a year contract just a few hours ago right? They are now sitting on two goalies that make over $5million a year. Again, what does Lalime have to do with this in anyway shape or form?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Rich for running a website with Kings info & comments that actually works! And thanks for not denying us access unless we pay you!

  • Brent

    Huet is their #1 goalie for the next 4 years. The Hawks also have a young guy named Corey Crawford that might have been ready to take the goalie reigns next year. The Hawks will probably send Bulin and a prospect (maybe Cam Barker, as he was rumored to be available late last year) or a #1 or #2 draft pick in 2009 for AHL-level returns.

    And remember, even though Bulin isn’t what he used to be he’s in a contract year. Last time he was in a contract year, he led the Lightning to the friggin’ Stanley Cup.

    Admittedly, I’m a Blackhawks fan, but this deal does make sense for both sides. Taking on Bulin’s 6.75 million for one year probably gets the Kings a nice prospect or high draft pick and the Hawks already have a stocked farm system, so it won’t kill them long term to give up prospects or picks.

  • PowrrrPlay

    I was out of the loop on the Huet deal. But good for DT.

    Even with that said, if you want to win a cup and your number one goalie goes down with an injury, a whole years efforts of building could be lost and the whole team is dissolutioned. Then you are frowned upon as a GM for not having a contingency.

    Yes, CC is the up and comer but I do not think DT is ready to put him in full time as a backup unless Huet or the wall goes down with injury. Still too early. DT has time he needs to pay two top notch goalies as kane/toews are only entering their second year of contract.

    Best we see how this shakes out. I can see DT carrying two number one’s but I am not so sure Huet is a “TIER 1” number one at the moment.

    Anyhow, time will tell. As well, DT can trade the wall at a later time when he feels more comfortable with CC doing full time backup and when some other team wants to make a run for the cup and wants to plug a hole with a TIER 1 goalie.

    Lots of options, I say DT sits pat. But then again as I write this a deal could be done for him.


  • Dman

    It may help the Kings with the Cap and if the Kings can get rid of some other dead weight as Clouts,Ivanans,Guiliano,Army.. Maybe at the trade deadline trade both The Wall and Calder for picks or prospects.But what the freak was that Gauthier trade about?..And what is DL waiting for with every other team signing free agents?

  • Mike

    I can’t beleive how dumb this board is. LA has to hit 40mil or pay the NHL any Salary they dont reach. League min! Currently they are under 30mil… If as dean says they are not going after UFA’s and only want to lock up Kopi and Brown on long larger contracts they are still what magical number short…. 6mil. WAKE up… They have to take this deal to even play next season. Habby wont go to Phoinex and look what he did in long beach for unknown goalie Manny Legacy when he came down to play after a mangement dispute with Phoneix. WAKE UP!! Brener needs a guy that has been there and unless there are other rings in the system I dont know about I think habby would bring a much needed ring to the kings.

  • Mike

    Dman PLEASE OH PLEASE… Send Guiliano to Chi-town… He is gone anyway Im pretty sure they let his contract lapse. Also everyone please read more the Kings bought out ol’ Danny boy when they fired Crawford (The only reason he had a contract). Ivanans I would take, Calder is gone Hen-Zues is gone, Dumping Labarbra wouldn’t be a bad thing…Another guy still floating is Bertuzzi but I think he may end up on the east coast. If you went to the kings season ticket seat picking every Jersey of guys that were soon to be traded or not resigned were out on sale. I have been screaming for months that Habby is the perfect fit for what LA needs in net. (How can kings fans hate after what he did to the ducks)
    Also Habby has beat LA almost everytime he has faced them and he was the only goalie in the league to go 3 and 1 v. redwings last season. The route you remember was a chicago team with 15 guys on the IR including every 1st and 2nd line guy less 2.

  • Anonymous

    Why NOT Ray Emery?


    He’s got the LALA land myopia, and a heavy right hand.

  • Maverick

    @everyone calling for Ersberg to have the job.

    Don’t you think if DL can sign him he would and give him the job? Nobody knows what is happening, for all we know Ersberg isn’t signing and the Kings need to an a veteran as insurance so they aren’t forced to play one of their promising young goaltenders earlier than they anticipated. This also helps them get near the cap which is something they have to do by the season’s start.

  • Brent

    I also forgot to mention that the Blackhawks acquired a 2nd Round pick in 2009 for Rene Bourque today. They now have one 1st Rd and 2 2nd Rd picks in a supposedly deep draft next year. So, the Bourque move might have been a precursor to shipping that pick or the 1st Rounder to the Kings with Bulin. Just a thought…

  • Chuck

    At Habby’s $6.75m salary for next year, a 2009 #1 pick better be comming back to LA, and Chicago gets future considerations (i.e. LA will take that 1 Yr $6.75m salary).

  • Goon Squad


    Cloutier’s buyout hit a snag when Dapper Dan got a third opinion doctor to say that he’s not healthy.

    The whole thing is still UNRESOLVED. Take your own advice and read more.

    PS. They can still reach the league minimum by the fall. They don’t have to do it today.

  • Mike

    Tallon is saying he want to run with the tandum… worked for the Red Wings… Havlat would be an easier sell…

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