Update later (hopefully)

I’ve been told to expect a call from Dean Lombardi at some point, so assuming that comes through, there will be an update later. Seems as though things have died down league-wide, but you never know, right?

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  • Anonymous

    Dear Rich,

    Don’t hold your breath.


    Lubomir Visnovsky

  • anthony

    Ask him if he’s aware of the signing frenzy that’s been going on in the NHL.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Great job as usual today Rich.

  • Anonymous

    Just take your time…hopefully just a long enough time to get the feeling back in your fingers after all these updates… You ARE the man…

  • Hec27

    Rich, can you ask him what the hell his problem is? and Why he hasn’t overpaid some over the hill, no name player to a huge, long term contract yet??

  • Cob

    Quite the day. Some of these contracts are questionable. Some player named Jeff Finger signs a 4year 14mil with the Maple Leafs. Again, who is Jeff Finger and why is he getting 3.5 a year?

  • Maverick

    Give him props for sticking to his guns and not signing ridiculous contracts on lengthy terms. Though I would like to see our young guns locked up in a reasonable amount of time and obviously there is some concern to be had with Sully. Also check up on the Ersberg situation, whether it is looking like we may be able to sign him or need to find a bridge goaltender.

  • AmaysnKingsfan

    Thanks Rich I have said it before I’ll say it again you are like the internet Bob Miller in my book I appericate all this great info and in sight you give us.

    Keep it up and you may get a star on the walk of fame šŸ™‚

  • Mark

    Hey Rich, thanks for the hard work, you rock! Would you be able to ask Dean if 1. Is Orpik is/was in his plans at all (not that we have a shot that he would come here). 2. If there is any way he would offer Jay Boumeester an offer sheet or consider trading for him? 3. How is he going to get to at least the cap floor of 40+ million?

    Thanks Rich


  • Tompa

    Honestly I don’t think I want any of the deals signed today.

    Campbell, 8y $7.1M cap
    Rozsival, 4y $5M cap
    Redden, 6y $6.5M cap
    Commodore, 5y $3.75M cap
    Finger, 4y $3.5M cap
    Streit, 4y $5.125M cap
    Rolston, 4y $5M cap
    Huet, 4y $5.6M cap
    Theodore, 2y $4.5M cap
    And so on…

    Does ANY of those seem like good deals to you in the long run? I don’t want any of them at that price and length. The only decent one is Brad Stuart at $3.75M for 4 years, but even that is a bit too long for my taste.

    Face it, the best option of today was to just let other teams blow their future for short term fixes.

  • OldKingsFan

    Rich, Read your colunms in the Whittier Daily News. I love the local news.

    The blog is great and the only real source of Kings news on the Web.

    Thanks and keep it coming to the news starved Kings Fans in LA and around the world.

  • TeamHasHoles

    ryder to BOS 3 yrs/ $12 mil.

  • Duane

    Hey Rich,
    I totaly agree with OldKingsFan…..This blog is the best place on the net for any real Kings news…I am now reading it all several times daily! Thanks for all your work in getting us the info. Thanks also to all the posters here. They post in a civil and intelligent manner that leads to great hockey discussions.

  • Sydor25

    Please ask Lombardi how he intends to reach the salary cap floor? When can we expect the “core” players to be signed to the long term (4+ years) contracts that he has promised with all of the Kings cap room?

  • Ryan


    Please make sure to ask about the bulin wall and what happened!! Thanks!!

  • ryan oliver

    Ryder gets 4 mil a year coming off a 31 point year. What a joke. Sully is going to get 5 mil a year. I’m afraid. I’m glad DL got Brownie locked up too, because this is ridiculous. Who wants to bet the Bruins buy out Ryder after this year?

  • Bob Bobson

    Rich, no questions, just a big THANK YOU !! I am sure today was not one of your slower days and you are so on top of stuff.

  • anthony

    Ryan Oliver,
    You are absolutely right.
    Every high price sign up will mean more money For Sully.

    Do you expect another team to make him an offer soon. Would Brown get pissed and feel cheated.
    Maybe want to re-negotiate.

  • JonG

    This is a good time to be way out of Cup contention. So many teams made terrible signings; it’s incredible.

  • petey

    Hey Rich, would you be able to ask Dean if any teams have contacted him about taking on players and adding in 1st & 2nd round picks for cap relief purposes? It looks like the Philly deal was done because of that, but have there been any other teams?


  • ryan oliver

    I doubt Brown would be pissed. Ya never know. He still signed a deal for close to 20 mil. If the Canucks don’t get any scoring help, I can see them putting in an offer for Sully.

  • DP

    Thank you so much. You do the best job of covering the Kings.

    One of the best blogs there is.

  • Crash Davis

    Something to consider with the enormous cap space DL has is what his financial position is going to be in late September/early October after training camp in order to reach the cap floor of $40 mil or so. If a few junior guys make the team (think Doughty, maybe Teubert) or AHL guys are on the roster (Boyle, Purcell) DL has to have room for the $800-$950K each of these guys will get with rookie contracts kicking in. It’s not much, and according to nhlnumbers.com DL has $29 mil in cap space…but 4-5 of those guys can equal $4-5 mil combined. Plus call-ups when veterans are injured. And he still only has one goalie under NHL contract – Labs.

    All that said, DL is in great financial shape. Which is what he was projecting last year when Tverdovsky’s contract came off the books in 2008, Blake wasn’t making $6 mil, etc. And he’s shed Visnofsky’s ridiculous $7 mil. He still has to sign Stoll and O’Sullivan…important contracts. JMFJ and Kopitar are gonna make $4-5 mil each too…and are worth it by NHL market rates these days. The previous contracts to Frolov ($3.5) and Brown ($2.6 mil) are INCREDIBLE bargains by current standards.

    But it still seems DL needs 1-2 more veteran players to reach the cap floor. Just saying.