A non-update update

Seems as though another day has come and gone without any movement from the Kings. Perhaps I shouldn’t say “another day.” After all, yesterday brought the magical trade for Denis Gauthier…

It’s not too hard to figure out what happened today. The Kings made a play for Brooks Orpik and it didn’t work out. Now the attention, most likely, turns to another tier of defensemen and the Kings will look to grab a guy on a short-term contract, either via trade or signing.

The more interesting thing is that Rob Blake remains unsigned. I did not anticipate that, and perhaps if his agent would return calls I might get a little insight. But when there’s mutual interest people a player and team and there’s no deal, you have to follow the money, right?

Obviously, I’ll stay on top of all this…

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  • TeamHasHoles

    Dean will do whatever he wants with a defenseman… I mean, whatever… My only concern at this point is the locking up of O’Sully and possibly Kopitar to long term deals.

    Nothing else really matters to me personally until Prospect Camp and Training Camp.

  • anthony

    This Sully thing should have been resolved months ago.
    If he’d offered him a Brown like contract at the end of the season, he wouldn’t have this trouble now.

    Instead, the idiot just sent his lawyer Solomon (solly) just recently to try to sign him.
    That’s after Sully’s ageny hinted that other teams are showing interest.
    I’m sorry, DL made his own bed on this one.
    If another team makes an offer or he overpays Sully, thats all his doing.

    He made his bed, now let him lie in it.

  • Mama let your babies grow up to be hockey players!

    Rich: My take is that players probably don’t want to sign with the Kings unless they know who their coach will be. Wouldn’t you agree with this, and isn’t this the fault of our Mr. Lombardi?

  • anthony

    And one other thing.
    Serious GM’s like Holmgren, Burke, and Mcphee did it the right way.
    They new that their best players were vulnerable and might be offered contracts.
    That’s why players like Corey Perry, Mike Green, and Jeff Carter were wrapped up before other teams had a chance to make offers.

    Sully, Bouwmeester, and Piere Marc Bouchard are looking very pretty now.

  • Moondoggie

    Interesting about Blake…My guess is, based upon what we observed the last two days is that he won’t come as cheap as originally thought which would mean he’s probably negotiating with other teams. It’s not a given we’re going to get Blake….tough UFA signing period for LA….

  • Kevco

    The other thing that is missing is the Sully signing. I hate to think about it but I won’t be shocked if we goes away. Thinking back to some of DL’s comments about the youth he left Sully’s name out a few times. I’m pissed if he goes away but not surprised, the kid has a good game that is improving and seems to want to be part of our team. I hope I’m wrong but I just don’t trust DL with Sully šŸ™

  • petey

    Anthony, you overreact waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much.

  • anthony

    You’re absolutely right Kevco.
    I also would not be surprised if Sully goes.
    In a couple of years, he’ll be over the hill (age doesn’t apply to Rob Blake though).
    DL’s big ego would be crushed and he’ll be more than happy to take the draft picks.

    I don’t know what he loves more.
    Draft picks or his wife.
    Well, maybe that’s going too far.
    You guys know what I mean.

  • BS!


    I understand your concern and I do feel the same exact way. The only reason I believe that Sully will be re-signed is because since, we traded Cammy, we need him for the top line. I also believe that part of the reason that we traded him to begin with is because Sully took his spot along with the fact we all knew he would test free agency next year. In addition, DL brought him on board and I believe that DL hasn’t traded any of his young players away yet (I’m not totally sure on this one). Yet though, DL’s nonchalance about re-signing any of the RFAs is disturbing.

  • Big Perm

    “Serious GM’s like Holmgren, Burke, and Mcphee did it the right way. They new that their best players were vulnerable and might be offered contracts.”
    Really? McPhee-Huet, Burke-Penner, Holmgren-Umberger. You have a short attention span Anthony. Apparently your memory lasts about as long as your previous asinine post. If Sully is so highly sought after, how come we haven’t heard of any offer sheets yet? Stop panicking. Even if Sully does get an offer sheet and DL is forced to match at a high price, I’d much rather overpay for him as opposed to some of these mediocre free agents getting huge salaries from desperate GMs (Michael Ryder @ $4 mil a year, Vrbata @ $3 mil a year…wow). Stay the course and be patient here. This team is finally on the right track.

  • Deader

    Im pretty sure a lot of RFAs and such are handled by a lawer or a legal person at least.

    Contracts are legel matters after all. And even if he gets an RFA offer sheet its not like hes just gone. Still have a right to match it.

    Its a sad day when we are actually stressing over an RFA that cant go anywhere unless we let him. Usually you just wait on your RFAs and work on whatever UFAs you are going after. After all UFAs you really want are off the market then you can start to take care of your own RFAs.

    A least DL sent someone to keep in contact with Sully and just leave him hanging.

  • Crash Davis

    What’s not talked about enough in this whole process is that the Kings can match any offer from another team for Sully, who is a RFA not a UFA. They will. Sully has had a good breakout season and the bar ABOVE him has been set with Carter and Perry with their contracts. Fine.

    In the grand scheme of things…you are all worrying about nothing. Sully will be signed within days. Counteroffer or not. I’m a Scot. They’re just haggling for now.

  • FrolovFan

    Anthony, with as much insides knowledge you have on the Kings, you must work for the organization. You seem to through rumors around as complete fact. I cant stand guys like you!

  • kyle

    Dan Boyle perhaps?? TSN reports he’s back in play. He’s 31, but he’s got a whole bunch of years left on his contract…probably too many for us to take him as a “bridge” defenseman, though. Right handed shot
    Who the heck knows, but it’s as good a wild guess as anything else right now, and it’ll give Anthony something to reply to and to insult DL in the process.

  • BS!

    Point taken Deader.

  • Blakes Big Arse


    The Blake situation probably revolves around a couple of issues,

    1). Blake’s contract demand exceed his value.
    2). Blake is a RIGHT shot, and DL is looking for a lefty.
    3). DL’s memory is longer than Blakes, meaning he remembers Blake not waving his NTC at the deadline because he is soooo attached to LA. Blake conveniently forgets this at the negotiating table.

    I think Blake is a negative to the vast majority of fans, but somehow apparently has some cache in the locker room.

    Just have to chip in on this Anthony character… This self-proclaimed sucessful *cough* lawyer and season ticket holder *cough* DISH subscriber is a real trip.

    Thanks for everything you do. You and this Blog have been a godsend to us pasionate Kings fans.

  • Bob Bobson


    Boyle will be in the first year of a 6 yr, $6.67MM/yr contract. The term does not fit Dean’s idea of a bridge player. We had a cheaper version of him in Visnovsky.

  • Quisp

    A few comments on the comments…

    Re Blake:

    If we don’t sign him it’s not because we couldn’t “get” him and it doesn’t signal a “tough UFA” market for the Kings. If the Kings don’t sign Blake it’s virtually meaningless for the actual team that will be on the ice this fall. It’s a PR move and a gesture to Kings history, to Blake’s loyalty (such as it is), and a nod to the fact that the “kids” need some veteran presence.

    It may well be the DL doesn’t want to overpay Blake, or promise him PP/PK time and big minutes. It may be that he doesn’t want to give him more than one year. It may be that Blake doesn’t see himself stepping into the background the way veterans on the Kings MUST if the kids are going to take control, just as certain vets on SJ became a problem (e.g. Nolan, Ricci, I believe).

    Now, as far as veteran presence, there are other options. Schneider? Anyway, it’s not like Blake is the be-all-end-all in this regard.

    Last point re Blake: the fact that he’s not signed yet means that DL is playing hardball with him as well he should be.

    Re O’Sullivan:

    You guys are like a watched pot. He’s an RFA. We can match any offer and WILL. There’s a cloud of free-floating anxiety that’s hovering from topic to topic on this board. I don’t think other teams even have him on their radar. That is, they don’t think as highly of him as we do. I happen to think we’re right in this case. But look what happened with Lubo. Many people here are freaking out that we traded this “all-star,” and it turns out DL couldn’t give the guy away to any of the teams he wanted to go to.

    What I keep coming back to is, DL told all of you/us that he wasn’t going to build from free agency. So what did you expect?

    I’m still laughing about the guy who said, “Rich get DL on the phone and find out what the hell happened!?” Who needs ownership breathing down your neck?

  • JDM

    It was a slow day all around the league people.

    Anaheim has only signed Perry and some guy named Bickel far as I have seen… anyone think they aren’t trying to build a winner?

    San Jose hasn’t really done anything, anyone think they are content to get knocked out of the playoffs early?

    Point is, signing huge UFA’s does not necessitate success. DL (and numerous other people in the hockey world) have maintained that you don’t go after big UFA’s until you only gave one or two holes to fill before being a true cup contender. That is not us.

    Sully will get signed, just watch. DL wouldn’t trade for him, watch him emerge as an bona fide NHL talent, then just let him walk away.

    Believe it or not people, Dean is smarter than us. Burke should be paranoid to sign Perry because he lost Penner. Holgrem knew that Carter wasn’t intent on staying with the team.

    If anything, the fact that Sully HASN’T recieved an offer sheet, strengthen’s DL’s bargaining power.

    Why is everyone so upset that DL isn’t throwing the kitchen sink at him?

  • kevin e.

    Could the Kings be in the running for Dan Boyle? Maybe, that’s why they haven’t signed Blake.

  • Eric K

    i don’t understand why anyone is surprised over what happened today. Deano didn’t promise anything. Rich didn’t promise anything. We should know by now that the big signings won’t come until we’re ready to compete, and guess what? that’s probably not this year. sorry if i burst anyone’s bubble…

  • JDM

    Ew, no Boyle except the one we already have please. Talk about bloated contracts.

  • Anonymous

    My two cents:

    I’ve been a BIG supporter of DL since he arrived here two years ago, but as the last two seasons have proved, DL isn’t a very effective overall GM.

    His only strenght has been the draft, while he lacks tremondously in all other aspects of being an effective and strong GM (trades, free-agency, handling of personel, etc…)

    This off-season has really brought to light many of his weaknesses, hence his trades of Cammi & Lubo, inability to sign a top tier D man or veteran forward to bring on much needed leadership for this group.

    My overall prospective of the makeup of our team:

    Goaltending – Don’t understand the strong desire to keep JLB as out #1. Bulin would be a much needed upgrade back there for a year, someone for our young goalies to learn from

    Defense – Great draft this year, picked up great POTENTIAL with a couple of our picks. Borderline pick ups with Greene & Gauthier. Much needed veteran leadership on the back-end, and Blakey is not the answer.

    Forwards – Great core, lock them up already! Sick of hearing all this BS about clearing cap-space to sign our core. DO IT ALREADY!!! Aside form that, our young talent upfront would greatly benefit form proved winners (ex: Shanny)

    Coaching – It ws evident Crow wasn’t the answer behind the bench a long time ago. As with everything else since DL got here, we pulled the trigger on that decision way to late.

    Trades – Should have traded Cammi at the deadline two seasons ago when his value was the highest. DL knew he wasn’t going to be able to lock Cammi long-term back then. Not complaining about the draft pick this year, but could have gotten more back then.

    Regarding Lubo, I agree it was time to move on, but again DL put his back against the wall and limited his options with a trade. Should have been visiting the trade regarding Lubo immediately after the SC. We might have been able to land someone like a Cole instead of Stoll.

    I will continue to support this team, good or bad, why because they are our team. My opinion of this team is that DL is not the answer as a GM. He would make a great director of scouting (Philly days) but thats the extent of his talents.

  • Christa

    As I sit here eating my delicious Cinnamon Twists from Taco Bell, I am compelled to once again thank Rich Hammond for his neverending work for us on this blog.

    I snuck over to the Laker blog, as I occasionally do, and was not the least bit suprised at the lack of fan interaction. We may not always agree with eachothers points of view, but I think our activity alone should show any naysayers that the Los Angeles Kings do indeed have a knowledgeable and passionate group of fans! Oh, and Lakers fans are bandwagon riding hippies who all ran for the hills once Ramona posted that pic of Kevin Garnett on the Wheaties box!

    A toast to you, Rich. Keep up the good work!

  • can you say #1 draft pick

    Folks, we are already playing for the number 1 draft pick.
    How are the kings going to improve the penalty kill?
    Are we going to have 6 top forwards or just 4 like last year?
    You know it was bad when Dallman and Klemm were playing forward last year?
    Oh well, no matter how ugly your child may be, you will still love it with all of your heart!
    Go KINGS! GO!
    C_U_@ staples.

  • Eric K

    Anonymous (9:42): I don’t think anyone foresaw cammo’s value dropping that much that soon. Lombardi would have been nuts to deal him that early; i don’t think i was alone in expecting cammo to be our top goal scorer for many years to come. can’t blame him for that.

    and it’s killing me seeing how many people have suddenly found a way to criticize lombardi for the lubo and cammo trades after complaining about those two so much last year. this isn’t directed at a single person, just correct me if i’m wrong.

    christa: i second that. no matter what arguments come up, i think we all get the fact that everyone here cares about this team. a lot more than any fair-weather Lakers fan can understand.

  • Ed

    Christa are those organic Cinnamon Twists?

    Anthony gets a thought in his head and starts to believe it is true.

  • JDM

    can u say…

    I think we have 4 solid top six forwards, and three players who have the potential to fill out the other 2. Those being Hanzus, Stoll and Purcell. I know there are serious doubts as to all three, but all signs in the AHL and in the organization point to Purcell stepping it up (especially if he meshes with Fruit Loop, oh please oh please hockey gods let Fro and Teddy gel!), and the other two are due to bounce back. We have a deeper team, albeit maybe with less high talent in individuals, than we did year. Either way, scoring was on the low tier of the totem poll in our disasters last year. Who knows, Moulson could come out and surprise, he has the touch, it just remains to be seen whether he can use it consistently.

    The PK has two things going for it. First, Sully has another year under his belt (yes I’m assuming he’s staying) and Ellis will most likely have a larger role. Both are extremely solid PK’ers. Stoll aint too shabby either. I think we have good PK potential in the players being my point. The other thing is a new coach! Crawford had no real system, or atleast not a functioning one. With the right coach and the rigt system, the PK should be better as well.

    The only thing I’m worried about for this year is the one you didn’t mention. Goaltending. The only alarming thing I’ve heard from DL lately is how confidence he is in Labs being # 1, because I have no faith in his as a starter. If they go with Ersberg, I’d be stoked and then I’d add another plus to the PK!

    I do agree with you wholeheartedly on one thing though…

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  • Anonymous

    Most of the UFA’s this year are second tier players at best with some handful of exceptions like Hossa. Some of these teams like the Chicago’s and alike that signed these expensive UFA’s are going to probably regret that they made such a move. And also keep in mind that some of these second tier players that got tons of money are not going to all of a sudden score 100 points in a season. These UFA’s have painted them selves into a corner, where they have to elevate their game to another level to live up to all the hype. And more times than none they are going to flop. Also there are going to be a lot of disappointed fans around the league as well. The right approach is to build from with in and allow the players in the organization to develop and grow and make this team a contender again. Also we must not forget about the salary cap. We need the cap room in order to sign Sully, Kopitar and Johnson to a long term contracts. I think DL is on the right track and finally he does not need to plug so many holes in the lineup like last year. Where almost all the UFAs he signed did not pan out. We have the talent in the organization that can step in and make this team better.


  • Anonymous

    I prefer that the kings do not bring back Rob Blake for next season. But if they do, he should come in as the 7th defenseman. Just to have his veteran presence in the locker room and teach the younger players the game. Last year more than 80% of the games he played in, he was a no factor. He turned over the puck on a regular basis. He was out of position almost all the time. His plus/minus was horrible and he showed no veteran leadership on the ice. He made more mistakes than the rookies out there. If he is being brought back to teach the rookies and set an example, I think he is the wrong person for the job. Let me know what you think Rich. Because, I really would like to know.


  • andre norway

    For god sake and the 1000 times I have said this before. Cammy didnt want to be a king, thats why he went for arbitration. He thought after 1 good season he was the next brett hull and wanted the big money. He did not have a kings logo tattoed on his butt like brownie has. If cammy wanted to be a king for life or long time he would have got a contract similar to brownie. He wanted to play for a canadian team and now his wishes went through. Now he can rot in ucking cold calgary and sit in Keanans doghouse and rot. Sully will be a kings player for years to come, we can match any offer who comes along, the most importing thing is to get a deal who pays him what he is worth now and in the future. And we must se sullys contract,brownies contract in perspective to what we are going to give jj and kopi. those sallaries must work together.

  • Anonymous

    I think the answer is to trade for Bouwmeester. An offer sheet would be too costly. If he is refusing to sign like rumors say they would most likely ship him out west. Our first pick in 2009 plus prospect(s) would probably get it done. I know some will say no to the 1st pick but I rather have a NHL proven and young blueliner than Tavaras or Headman that may or may not pan out. How crazy would our Blueline be with Bouwmeester as an addition?

    Oh yeah, DL please forget about Blake.

  • christa


    Nope. Im was naughty. So much for going in-cog-neato over here. LOL Who are you?

    thawts and prairs,